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Today's Featured Collections

Labour Day Essentials

With the final long weekend of the summer in Canada only 2 weeks away, this collection will inspire you to be perfectly prepared for a relaxing weekend full of entertainment, fun, and relaxation. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ, taking a road trip to the cottage, hitting the beach, or doing a stay-cation – here is everything you need. Choose from tech and gadgets, clothing, outdoor gear, home and garden items, and much more.

Treat Yourself Deals

Sometimes, the best gifts of all are the ones that you buy yourself. And if you feel guilty about buying yourself something nice, this should help ease your conscious: all of these items are up 60% off! So go easy on your wallet, and choose from any of the items below.

Canadian Deals, Eh?

When it comes to being Canadian, there are a long list of reasons why 'Canucks' love this country. A devoted love for hockey, a strong love for poutine and maple syrup (yum..), are just a few that come to mind. But here is one more reason to be excited about living in Canada: great deals from local eBay sellers! Save up to 60% on all of the deals below - shipped straight from 'our home and native land'.

Black Magic

Ladies, want to take on a playful approach to fall’s punk trend? Well, here is your chance to flaunt some serious attitude! This collection is full of studs, sparkle and black-on-black everything. Silver or gold accessories will be your best friend when you wear this trend. Have a preference of one over the other? No problem – the choice is entirely yours. Browse the items below and choose from some amazing items, which include clothing and accessories, such as shoes, handbags and wallets.

Flight Path

When it comes to flying – whether it’s short-haul or long-haul - everyone has different priorities when it comes to feeling comfortable. Are you leaving on a jet plane any time soon? This collection has everything and anything you could possibly need in order to make your experience a little bit more enjoyable. From basics like water and snacks to beauty helpers like your favourite travel-sized perfume, here are seventeen travel essentials you won’t want to leave home without.

A Class Act

For all of you college or university students going back to school, you might think that you’re a bit too ‘old’ to prepare with school supplies and much-needed tech and accessories. But the truth is, all of these items will definitely lend a helping hand! They will make your classes that much more enjoyable, too. Choose from amazing tech, gadgets, office-related accessories, clothing and much more.

Summer Days Drifting Away

With only a few weeks left of the summer, this collection will inspire you to start thinking about what you need for the upcoming Fall season. Neutral colour tones – full of greys, blacks and khakis - will offer you a versatile and flattering colour palette that will be your best friend. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed ensemble, or an outfit that is more on the dressier side, this collection will have everything and anything you could possibly need.

Pencil These In

With September right around the corner, it’s only normal to have a long list of essentials that you need for the school year ahead. If you’re heading off to College or University, these items will be your saving grace! Here is everything and anything for your school studies, and for your living quarters. With a large assortment of bedding, bathroom necessities, storage solutions, and decorating accessories, you’ll be all set for the Fall in no time!

Wedding Blues

We’re in our final stretch of summer – and do you know what that means? We’re also in middle of wedding season. A blue and white colour palette (which is appropriate for ‘him’ or ‘her’) will offer you the perfect dose of sophistication and glam that you require. Whichever you prefer – light or dark blue – will look soft and beautiful and it’s perfectly suited for nearly any season of weddings. Use this collection to find everything and anything to look your very best – including watches, jewellery, accessories, cosmetics, cologne and perfume and much more.

Man Cave Perfection

It’s only normal for the man of the house to want a ‘special’ space to call his own. Big screen TV’s, surround sound, gaming consoles and trendy masculine furniture can transform any space into the ultimate man cave. Use this collection to browse through fun and entertaining items that are the perfect fit for this area of your home, including tech and gadgets, electronics, home décor, antiques, glassware, serving ware, etc.

Pretty & Luxe

If you're thinking about doing some redecorating and in desperate need of a little home decor inspiration, here is everything you need to get moving in the right direction. Shimmery décor, jewellery-like accents, and industrial finishes make this collection entirely swoon-worthy. Choose from gorgeous and unique pieces of furniture, accents, décor, mirrors, area rugs, lamps, and much more. If you’re humble abode is in need of a face-lift, these items are bound to do the trick.

Country Gal

Whether you're out on the farm or walking the city streets, western fashion is casual, comfortable and quite honestly, adorable. Not to mention, it’s the perfect style for Fall. Think: traditional fabrics, comfortable clothing in neutral colours and classic shapes you'll love forever. Here is everything you need to feel and look your best.

Marbled Marvels

Marble has seen its fair share of creativity over the years. Classy, elegant and chic, this is one style of home décor that will never go out of style – and it’s a favourite in many upscale residences. By using the items below, you can subtly add a hint of marble into your home – whether it’s in the bedroom, office, living area or kitchen. And if you want to up the ante even further by adding an extra dose of luxury, gold accessories will instantly do the trick. Known for giving a beautiful sparkle, get ready to fall in love with marble and gold - all within an instant!

Old Meets New

Restored and revived, these refinished pieces of furniture and home décor will inspire you to think twice about buying pre-loved, instead of buying new. Many of these items have been reupholstered, made from scrap metal, or made from reclaimed wood. Not only are they unique and one-of-a-kind, but all of these items also have a history behind them. Don’t you think that makes them even better than new? I do!

Make It Yours

Long conversations, curled up on your dorm room’s twin bed. Studying until dawn by the light of a beloved lamp. And keeping the chill away beneath a gorgeous blanket—a find from your year abroad. College is an opportunity for discovery. For trying new things. And establishing a unique sense of style for your space. Maybe that means a brightly hued record player. Or a hand-spun wall hanging. Bring personality to your room with this collection of unique décor.

Purple Reign

A popular and versatile colour for the upcoming Fall season, or for the remainder of summer, purple is the perfect choice for him or her. Did you know that historically, purple was only worn by an elite few? It represented royalty and status. Not sure if you love this colour? No problem! If you don’t feel confident wearing it from head-to-toe, then feel free to offset your look by wearing a hint of purple and pairing it with dark accessories (hint, hint: black works perfectly!). You'll look chic, sophisticated and glamorous - all at the same time.

Sugar Rush

Those who love to bake know that having the right tools will make your delicious goodies that much better. Oven mitts, spatulas, and measuring cups are only the beginning. Fun, sweet and adorable, here are some amazing and one-of-a-kind kitchen gadgets and accessories that will make your baking experience even sweeter. Add some eclectic flair with these items below and get ready to make your next experience in the kitchen one to remember.

Rise & Shine!

A warm and fuzzy bathrobe, breakfast fit for a king or queen and an extra-large cup of coffee to start your morning off with a boost. Use the items in this collection as an inspiration to start every morning off right. Here is everything and anything you could possibly need to wake up in a blissful state and to feel your absolute best, including kitchen appliances, home décor, robes and pajamas, tech and gadgets and much more. Just think: you can say goodbye to waking up on the wrong side of the bed forever and ever. How amazing is that?