Today's Featured Collections

Frightfully Fun

Who says Halloween is only for kids? Sure, you might have outgrown going door to door and begging for candy, but that doesn't mean you can't get into the Halloween spirit! Here's your solution: gather your friends, family or neighbors and host an adults-only Halloween bash. All you need are the items within this collection, and you're set! Here are some simple and spooky ideas your guests will love...

Must-Have Pet Supplies

Looking to give your best friend some TLC? This collection has everything you could possibly need to ensure your dog or cat is the happiest that he or she could possibly be. Choose from a wide range of pet supplies including: beds, dishes, carriers, toys, collars, harnesses, and much more. All of these items are up to 60% off - act quickly before this sale ends on October 4th!

Free Shipping Deals

Isn't it the worst feeling when you fall in love with an item, and then find out that it costs a hefty amount to ship it to your door? Well, get ready to rejoice - because every single item within this collection has Free Shipping. That's right....we said, FREE! On top of that, these items have slashed prices that are up to 60% off. Enjoy.

Come One, Come All

Gathering over delicious food and rich conversation is one of the many reasons why Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday. Is it your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner this year? This collection quite simply has everything you would possibly need - including seasonal home décor, kitchen gadgets, kitchen appliances, cookbooks, and much more. By using any of these items, rest assured: your dinner party will run smooth - like gravy!

Wild at Heart

Ladies, do feel like taking a walk on the wild side? Pick your poison; whether you prefer snakeskin, leopard or python, this season is all about having an animal instinct. Not only is this a popular style for Fall, but it’s also a unique way to add a dose of fun into your wardrobe. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and browse the fashionable items below. You know you want to!

Falling for Leaves

Forget about the goblins, vampires and ceiling-suspended rubber bats. This Fall, stick to a natural, seasonal inspired look by bringing a sense of autumn into your home. By using Fall textures and colours, your home will have a new sense of warmth and comfort. From simple wreaths and serving-ware to bed linens and candles - this collection has an abundance of items to choose from.

The Curated Look

Imagine a home full of treasures that are carefully selected and artfully displayed. With this collection, get ready to re-imagine once-loved objects, and see them as new one-of-a-kind statements in home decor. That's what a 'curated' look is all about! Whether it's an artifact or an antique with a sense of history attached to it, the items in this collection will give plenty of warmth and curiosity to your home. Browse below and choose from indoor furniture, antiques, collectibles, trinkets, and much more.

Halloween Finds

Are you looking for a spooky array of costumes, home decor and accessories? This collection has everything you could possibly need to make this year's Halloween a great one. Choose from a wide variety of costumes - for men, women, couples, and even pets! You can also stock up on costume accessories, home decor items, and much more.

Haute Harvest

Crisp breezes, changing leaves & pumpkin spice everything! Fall home décor is blooming and this collection has everything and anything to make your home feel cozy, warm and inviting. With autumn being just around the corner, now is a good a time as any to refresh your home and prepare it for the season ahead. It’s easy to add seasonal decorating touches - just take a look below, and see!

An Apple a Day...

Nothing says ‘Fall is Here’ quite like apples. Apple pie, apple spiced lattes, apple decor - the list can literally go on and on. An icon for cooler temperatures here in Canada, apples are literally everywhere and anywhere at this special time of year. Are you looking to celebrate autumn and get into the Fall spirit? This collection is bound to do the trick. Choose from apple-related kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, garland, table centerpieces, home decor, and much more.

Raving about Rattan

Rattan, a bamboo-like substance, offers a natural and neutral colour scheme into your home. Originating from Asia, Africa and Australia - this home decor trend is growing in popularity, season after season. Whether you want to incorporate rattan by using accents and trinkets, or you want furniture made entirely out of this material - anything is possible, and this collection contains it all.

Power Players

Are you looking for tech that is geared for greatness and gadgets that are life changing? If so, this collection was made for you! Whether you are looking for bluetooth speakers, a bluetooth chip to find a lost smartphone, or a media share platform - you will be blown away by some of the technology added to this collection. All of these have recently hit the market, so get them now while they're hot, hot, hot!

Land That Job

Update your resume? Check. Do your research on the company that's interviewing you? Check. Still planning an impressive outfit? No problem. While job interviews can be intimidating, it always helps when you feel your absolute best. Looking professional and sophisticated is the way to go - in fact, you can't go wrong! No matter what, make sure you wear something you feel comfortable in. Browse the items below and choose from amazing clothing and accessories, jewellery, footwear, tech and gadgets, briefcases, portfolio covers, and much more. Just remember to be yourself. Good luck!

Cookies and Cream

There's nothing boring or fussy about one of the most classic colour combos: black and beige. Top it off with frosted silver accents and you've got a beautiful look that will make you instantly feel polished and sophisticated. Browse the items below and choose from: cosmetics, jewellery, footwear, clothing, handbags, and much more. Ultra chic, all of these items are classic staples in your wardrobe.

At Your Service

Let's be honest: nothing can compare to a night full of delicious appetizers, games, and great company. Whether you're brainstorming for Thanksgiving hosting essentials, or you're prepping for an intimate gathering with family or friends before-hand, this collection has everything you could possibly need to host a a gorgeous and delicious dinner party. Here are a wide variety of items that you can display, serve and use, including: kitchen gadgets, table decor accents, cookbooks, serving ware and much more. Bon appetit!

Mad About Plaid

Are you looking to introduce plaid or tartan into your home? A popular style for the upcoming fall season, this Scottish classic is stealing the spotlight from runway to tabletop. This is the perfect way to add some rustic, old-country charm into your humble abode. Feel free to add an item here or there, or to go full-out ‘mad about plaid’. The choice is entirely yours! Browse the items below and choose from fabulous pieces of furniture, accessories, one-of-a-kind antiques, collectibles, bedding, and much more.

Hey Big Spender!

Gentlemen, if you consider yourself to be a ‘high roller’ or, you simply want to bask in a luxurious lifestyle, this collection is for you! From luxury accessories and gadgets to exquisite high fashion, the items below will allow you to feel and look your absolute best. Just a warning: all of these items will definitely attract attention, and you’ll most likely get envious stares from all directions. My advice? Enjoy every second!

Scandinavian Appeal

Warm, pretty and inviting…could you ask for anything more? Scandinavian home décor offers a unique sense of impeccable Finnish style. Think light and neutral colours, soft greys, and hint of colour here and there. Bring this beautiful trend into your home today by choosing from any of the items below, which include: indoor furniture, one-of-a kind accent pieces, tables, lamps, and much more.