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Today's Featured Collections

Hop to Spring

Delicate pastel shades fill your conscience. Washed out teal combined with freshly laundered white cotton bedecks the Easter table. Porcelain rabbits are dotted about the house, suggesting the promise of sweet treats. Embrace cute, rustic décor for a happy Easter.

Gardening & DIY

A little manual labour never hurt anyone! Nothing feels better than when you complete a task yourself - it's a complete sense of personal satisfaction! With the spring weather right around the corner, grab the essentials you'll need for your next DIY project. All of these items and many more are up to 30% off, and some items have Free Shipping as well. The sale ends Wednesday April 8th, so act quickly before your time runs out!

Up To 60% Off!

Why pay the regular price when you can get an item on sale? All of the items in this collection have slashed prices up to 60% off! From tech and gadgets to fashion and beauty - this collection has everything you need. Buy an item for yourself or as a gift for a loved one...the possibilities are endless.

Canadian at Heart

It's great to be Canadian, eh? We can think of a long list of reasons why it's great to be a Canuck...for starters, we have beautiful landscapes and overall an amazing quality of life. But here is one more reason to be excited about living in Canada: great deals from local eBay sellers! Save 60% on all of the deals below - shipped straight from 'our home and native land'.

Easter Essentials

Are you doing Easter brunch or a full-fledged dinner? Either way, this collection contains everything and anything you will need to impress your guests and pull off a meal that you're proud of. Even though it can be a daunting task to cook for a large crowd, try not to get too stressed out. Stick to simple recipes and be sure to plan everything well in advance. Good luck and have fun!

Hello Sunshine!

It’s fair to say that we have had quite the winter here in Canada. With bitter cold temperatures lasting on weeks and months on end, the good news is that (hopefully) the worst is behind us. We are moving onto clear skies, humidity and a whole new season of fashion choices. It’s never too early to think ahead – so start shopping for skirts, flats, sandals and sunglasses right NOW. Not only will you look fabulous but your wardrobe will look picture-perfect too.

Manicure Madness

Believe it or not, your nails say a lot about you. Do you have attention to detail, or do you let things just slip on by? If you’re in need of spa day at home to pamper your fingers and toes...this collection is for you. Choose from travel-sized or professional manicure sets – the choice is entirely yours. Better yet, make it into a social affair by throwing a manicure party. It dosen’t get any better than that!

Wooden Wonders

Get ready to elevate your audio with this uniquely inspired collection. Looking to freshen up your interior and go for a look that looks oh-so-natural? Try wooden audio equipment, which enhances the warmth of the sounds we love and adds a unique vibe to any home.

Hittin' the Road

Whether you need help finding your destination, talking over a speakerphone, or diagnosing problems with your vehicle, their is always a gadget to help you out. The best part of all? Not all of these have a high price tag attached - in fact, the majority of them won't break your bank and are quite cost efficient. Make the most of your motor by investing in the items within this collection.

Tech Accessories

Are you looking to make your everyday gadgets truly useful? Well, that's precisely why we've compiled a wide-ranging list of high-tech accessories that you will use on everyday basis! The items in this collection are meant to be practical, affordable, and fun. OH any by the way, they are also meant to be great deals. In fact, they are up to 60% off! Enjoy.

Hello Gorgeous!

Picking the right makeup palette to complement your complexion is not hard - especially if you know what to look for. Not sure which colour make-up you'd best be using? Don't panic! There are plenty of articles and beauty expert advice that can be found online. If necessary, visit your closest shopping centre to get in-person advice from a professional.

Travel in Style

Are you a professional jet setter? If not, you will certainly fool anyone and everyone with the items inside this collection. Choose from practical or trendy bags, all of which will definitely come in handy when in comes to travelling from Point A, to Point B. This collection also contains organizers that go inside your favourite bag as well - how great is that? Bon voyage.

Picture Perfect

When it comes to shopping for electronics, digital cameras can be a little bit overwhelming. With an abundance of choices and specs to choose from, it can take some time to do your research and understand what exactly you're looking for. If you're in the market for a new camera or camera accessories, you're in luck. This collection is for you!

The Spring of Things

Have you been searching high and low for the latest spring fashion trends for 2015? Look no further. This collection contains fabulous accessories, handbags, and blouses, to ensure you look and feel your best. All you need now are the temperatures to rise a little but more, and you'll be well on your way to flaunting your style for spring!

Spring Style Crush

Spring is the best time of year for all of the dedicated fashion lovers out there. This season has so much to offer - whether you're longing for accessories, shoes or clothing, there are plenty of option to choose from that are bound to catch your eye. This year, bright colours are everywhere and anywhere, in addition to bold statement accessory pieces.

Tablets Galore

Our generation loves staying connected and this collection has everything you could possibly need in order to do so. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, you can be connected to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. It's hard to image a time where this wasn't possible...don't ya think?

Timeless & Classy Decor

This look is completely unstructured and lacking in formal rules. It involves a timeless and simple aesthetic that has the power to add an effortless elegance to your home. Be sure to keep an eye out for neutral colours, handicrafts, salvaged furniture and vintage textiles. Here are some ways to achieve this look in your home...