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Today's Featured Collections

Luggage Check

A sleek bag, fastened snug against your back. Calfskin strap across your chest. You may not always be on time, but you make sure your luggage is on point. And you make sprinting through the train station look good. Canvas totes with intricate detailing. Backpacks with clever pockets for all your transit needs. And carry-ons that are carried on with ease. So make every trip a stylish one with a collection that makes living out of a suitcase enviable.

Deals Under $15

It’s time to celebrate! This week we are celebrating our very own birthday here at eBay! It’s been a wonderful 15 years – and we have people just like YOU to thank for that. In honour of this exciting occasion, it’s time to pay it forward: we have a wide range of deals that are $15 or under – and some of them have Free Shipping as well.So act quickly because before you know it, this opportunity might pass you by!

Birthday Sale: At Least 15% off!

It’s time for eBay’s Birthday Giveback! In honour of turning 15 years young, you can save at least 15% off on hot brands and amazing items that you’re bound to love. Choose from top technology, home and garden essentials, clothing and accessories, health and beauty items and much more. Happy shopping!

Up To 60% Off!

Why pay the regular price when you can get an item on sale? All of the items in this collection have slashed prices up to 60% off! From tech and gadgets to fashion and beauty - this collection has everything you need. Buy an item for yourself or as a gift for a loved one...the possibilities are endless.

Mellow Yellow

This year, yellow is without a doubt Spring’s colour of choice! All things bright and lemony-yellow are everywhere and anywhere – including accessories, tops, bottoms and dresses. When it comes to this fresh happy hue, feel free to wear it from head-to-toe or use it as a “pop” – if you think that’s the way to go. Even if this colour isn’t something you would normally choose – why not go outside of your comfort zone? Just think: by opting for a little sunshine to brighten your wardrobe, it might brighten your mood too! Give it a try – in the end, you’ll be glad you did.

Outdoor Bliss

Spring is officially here – and you know what that means: spending more time in the great outdoors! But here’s some food for thought: you don’t need to travel to a far off destination to get your dose of fresh air. Why not do it in the comfort of your own home? Spruce up your backyard with gorgeous décor, one-of-a-kind pieces and a serious sense of style. You’ll feel like you’re in your little private oasis – just wait and see!

Surf's Up Dude

Surfing is one of the oldest practiced sports on the planet and the art of wave riding is certainly a thrill – but at the same time, it takes some serious skill and lots of practice! First things first, before you start paddling out and hitting the open water, you need to make sure you’re prepared. Whether you're an expert at surfing or just a beginner, you'll be able to ‘Hang Ten’ and catch some big waves with the items from my collection. Enjoy and have fun.

Big Kid at Heart

Looking through this collection will most likely bring back some serious nostalgia. Remember when life felt so simple as a toddler or baby? Everything was exciting and a new experience! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect toy that is bound to bring joy to the baby or toddler in your life, then look no further. Choose from classic toys or new innovations – the choice is entirely yours.

Hello Sunshine!

It’s fair to say that we have had quite the winter here in Canada. With bitter cold temperatures lasting on weeks and months on end, the good news is that (hopefully) the worst is behind us. We are moving onto clear skies, humidity and a whole new season of fashion choices. It’s never too early to think ahead – so start shopping for skirts, flats, sandals and sunglasses right NOW. Not only will you look fabulous but your wardrobe will look picture-perfect too.

Manicure Madness

Believe it or not, your nails say a lot about you. Do you have attention to detail, or do you let things just slip on by? If you’re in need of spa day at home to pamper your fingers and toes...this collection is for you. Choose from travel-sized or professional manicure sets – the choice is entirely yours. Better yet, make it into a social affair by throwing a manicure party. It dosen’t get any better than that!

Wooden Wonders

Get ready to elevate your audio with this uniquely inspired collection. Looking to freshen up your interior and go for a look that looks oh-so-natural? Try wooden audio equipment, which enhances the warmth of the sounds we love and adds a unique vibe to any home.

Hittin' the Road

Whether you need help finding your destination, talking over a speakerphone, or diagnosing problems with your vehicle, their is always a gadget to help you out. The best part of all? Not all of these have a high price tag attached - in fact, the majority of them won't break your bank and are quite cost efficient. Make the most of your motor by investing in the items within this collection.

Hello Gorgeous!

Picking the right makeup palette to complement your complexion is not hard - especially if you know what to look for. Not sure which colour make-up you'd best be using? Don't panic! There are plenty of articles and beauty expert advice that can be found online. If necessary, visit your closest shopping centre to get in-person advice from a professional.

Travel in Style

Are you a professional jet setter? If not, you will certainly fool anyone and everyone with the items inside this collection. Choose from practical or trendy bags, all of which will definitely come in handy when in comes to travelling from Point A, to Point B. This collection also contains organizers that go inside your favourite bag as well - how great is that? Bon voyage.

Picture Perfect

When it comes to shopping for electronics, digital cameras can be a little bit overwhelming. With an abundance of choices and specs to choose from, it can take some time to do your research and understand what exactly you're looking for. If you're in the market for a new camera or camera accessories, you're in luck. This collection is for you!

The Spring of Things

Have you been searching high and low for the latest spring fashion trends for 2015? Look no further. This collection contains fabulous accessories, handbags, and blouses, to ensure you look and feel your best. All you need now are the temperatures to rise a little but more, and you'll be well on your way to flaunting your style for spring!

Spring Style Crush

Spring is the best time of year for all of the dedicated fashion lovers out there. This season has so much to offer - whether you're longing for accessories, shoes or clothing, there are plenty of option to choose from that are bound to catch your eye. This year, bright colours are everywhere and anywhere, in addition to bold statement accessory pieces.

Tablets Galore

Our generation loves staying connected and this collection has everything you could possibly need in order to do so. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, you can be connected to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. It's hard to image a time where this wasn't possible...don't ya think?