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Today's Featured Collections

Make It Yours

Long conversations, curled up on your dorm room’s twin bed. Studying until dawn by the light of a beloved lamp. And keeping the chill away beneath a gorgeous blanket—a find from your year abroad. College is an opportunity for discovery. For trying new things. And establishing a unique sense of style for your space. Maybe that means a brightly hued record player. Or a hand-spun wall hanging. Bring personality to your room with this collection of unique décor.

Free Shipping Deals

Isn't it the worst feeling when you fall in love with an item, and then find out that it costs a hefty amount to ship it to your door? Well, get ready to rejoice - because every single item within this collection has Free Shipping. That's right....we said, FREE! On top of that, these items have slashed prices that are up to 60% off. Enjoy.

A Class Act

For all of you college or university students going back to school, you might think that you’re a bit too ‘old’ to prepare with school supplies and much-needed tech and accessories. But the truth is, all of these items will definitely lend a helping hand! They will make your classes that much more enjoyable, too. Choose from amazing tech, gadgets, office-related accessories, clothing and much more.

Wedding Blues

We’re in our final stretch of summer – and do you know what that means? We’re also in middle of wedding season. A blue and white colour palette (which is appropriate for ‘him’ or ‘her’) will offer you the perfect dose of sophistication and glam that you require. Whichever you prefer – light or dark blue – will look soft and beautiful and it’s perfectly suited for nearly any season of weddings. Use this collection to find everything and anything to look your very best – including watches, jewellery, accessories, cosmetics, cologne and perfume and much more.

Apartment Small Wonders

Working with a small space doesn’t mean you need to neglect style. From one-room studios to bachelor pads, all of these items will fit perfectly and look charming in any teeny-tiny space. So go ahead and decorate your home, transforming the way it looks AND feels. Use this collection and choose from fabulous items that include: indoor and outdoor furniture, décor and accessories, kitchen appliances, wall art, appliances, and antiques.

Paradise Found

Ah – the sweet island life. Whether you are going on vacation and vising a tropical destination, or you’re looking to bring a little bit of island flair to your everyday life here at home, this collection has everything you could possibly need to get into the ‘tropical’ spirit. A collection for ‘him’ and ‘her’, you can choose from unque travel accessories, clothing, jewellery and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Take a peek at this summer inspired tropical fashion right now!

Hotel Comfort at Home

Everyone loves feel pampered at home – and this collection will do just that. By using any of these items, you can bring amenities of a high-end hotel into your humble abode. Sit back and relax while you massage your feet in an at-home spa foot tub, or curl up in a luxurious cotton robe while you surround yourself with scented candles. Life is hectic, so why not take some time to relax? Choose from gorgeous bedding, bathroom accessories, stunning décor and much more.

Gold Rush

Whether it’s golden accents for the garden, shiny serving ware, or one-of-a-kind wall art, you can rest assured knowing that where there is gold, there is a major WOW factor. There are many versions of this style you can choose from; including bright gold, demure bronze, or specs of gold here and there. No matter which one you choose, one thing is for sure: this style of home décor offers the perfect dose of glamour into your home. If you're stuck in a style rut, but have your heart set on a makeover, this solution can also be the perfect remedy and offer a breath of fresh air.

Picnic Perfection

A day in the outdoors enjoying great food and great company…it doesn’t get much better than that! Who doesn’t love a picnic? Coolers, containers, lemonade... these are just a few of the things that a good picnic needs – and this collection has it all. Whether you are looking to prepare a simple picnic, or a stylish one (with lavish details), you can choose from a wide variety of items below including: home and garden items, serving ware, outdoor games, gadgets and more. Now all you need to do, is add the wine and cheese and you’re set!

Rainforest Runway

Lush leafy prints and decadent floral designs are bound to turn heads everywhere you go. A collection exclusively for ‘her’, all of the items below have one thing in common: they are vibrant, eye-catching pieces that are 100% inspired by the tropical charm of the rainforest. Sleek neutrals, bright green hues and bamboo or rattan jewellery will make this style come alive. So, what are you waiting for? Get down with nature and explore your wild side today!

Dapper Details

Alright gentlemen, listen up: your sense of style doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. You can look ultra-cool, laid-back and casual with a very minimal amount of effort. How is this possible? It’s all about the details! Neutral colours, staple clothing pieces and sleek accents will make all the difference. Not to mention, you will be bound to turn heads wherever you go – whether it’s at the office, a night on the town or while you’re on vacation. So what are you waiting for? Change your sense of style today – and never look back!

Road Trippin'

Looking to hit the open road and embark on an adventure you’ll remember forever and ever? Maybe you know your destination ahead of time, or maybe you prefer to literally see where the road takes you; either way, any road trip means a long car ride where essentials are mandatory. This collection contains a variety of items that will offer you and your fellow passengers much needed comfort, relaxation and entertainment. Choose from various health and beauty items, tech and gadgets, clothing, accessories and much more. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

City Slicker Style

Living in a busy city as a long list of advantages – but having a social calendar loaded with events where trendy ensembles are required can be more than daunting. From the catwalk to the sidewalk, this collection contains items for both him and her. Get ready to marvel in sleek and polished style options, which offer a modern twist on a fail-safe summer look. Choose from gorgeous accessories, statement-making tops and bottoms, or shoes that you’ll want to show off around town, as soon as possible!

Pretty as a Peach

Hey pretty lady. Soft, romantic and feminine, a soft peach colour palette is eye-catching and oh-so-popular for the summer. The best part about this colour choice is that it’s extremely adaptable; you can combine it with neutrals, silver or gold accents…the possibilities are endless. When you choose this sense of style, here is a small piece of advice, though: don’t overdo it. Even though this colour has a "sweet" manner that is adorable and tempting, wearing it from head-to-toe can be a bit much. Don’t be afraid to mix pastel colors with neutral ones. Nude tones will help you balance the girly nature of this colour. Enjoy!

Retro Rewind

Peace, love and so much more. Retro inspired interiors from the 60’s and 70’s offer a unique sense of style to any room in your home. To pull off this look, bold colours (such as purple, violet and sage) will be your best friend. Gold and silver accents will also help any modern homeowner make their ‘blast from the past’ a reality. Going retro doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with bright colours and vibrant patterns though; you can opt for minimalism and favour one piece of décor that will instantly become a focal point. For example: choose a mid-century chair, or outfit an accent wall with retro-themed wallpaper. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the transformation can occur.

Cubicle Cuteness

For any nine-to-fiver, there are very few things that can make the day go by faster. But decorating your cubicle and being surrounded by unique items can certainly make all the difference. Feel like you can’t focus throughout the day? Take a short break by basking in inspirational accents and décor – it can offer you the relief you need! So what are you waiting for? Transform your workplace from drab to inspirational by surrounding yourself with things you love: whether it’s plants, photographs, books, or fun accessories. Anything goes!

A Commuter's Dream

After a long hard day’s work, sometimes it can feel like forever when you’re taking that long journey home. Whether you bike to work or hop on a bus or train, this collection will make your morning or evening commute go by that much faster! From bags and tech, to rain gear and accessories, this collection won’t just make your life easier – it will allow you to have a serious sense of style, too. Choose from clothing (for him and her), personal items, tech and accessories and more.

Blue, White, Everything Nice

Staring up a clear blue sky or watching the ocean subtly move as the wind changes gears can be one of the most relaxing and serene experiences imaginable. By using a blue-and-white colour palette inside your home, you can bring these feelings of comfort and style into any room inside your humble abode. The best part of all? On an everyday basis, you can feel cool, calm, and collected. Within this collection, choose from gorgeous items such as indoor and outdoor furniture, home décor, accents, antiques, and much more. Explore your creative side and polish your decorating skills today.