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A 'Hip' Tribute

Millions watched the Tragically Hip perform live on CBC this weekend, and for most of us, it was a tearful goodbye. The show allowed people to watch and listen to the last concert of the iconic Canadian band's Man Machine Poem tour, from the group's hometown in Kingston, Ont. The tour was announced after lead singer Gord Downie revealed he has terminal brain cancer. The concert had more than four million viewers tuned-in. Cheer on the band and keep their memory alive with this collection of treasures including rock band t-shirts, posters, memorabilia, and more.

Huge Savings!

Every little bit counts and for any serious shopper, a little bit of savings can turn into a lot! Whether you're on the hunt for tech, accessories, home decor or back-to-school essentials - this collection contains a wide variety of items that are all up to 60% off. With savings such as these, it's quite possible that these items won't be around for long. So grab them soon, before they're gone for good!

Free Shipping Deals

Isn't it the worst feeling when you fall in love with an item, and then find out that it costs a hefty amount to ship it to your door? Well, get ready to rejoice - because every single item within this collection has Free Shipping. That's right....we said, FREE! On top of that, these items have slashed prices that are up to 60% off. Enjoy!

A+ Deals

Backpack? Check. Lunch box? Check. Everything else? Still a work in progress. If you're on the hunt for your back-to-school essentials, look no further. This collection contains a variety of items, for students of all ages. Grab a portable and lightening fast laptop for your first lecture, or a racing bike to commute to campus. Supplies for pre-school are also included - and every single item is up to 60% off!

You Sly Dog...

A special day dedicated to man's best friend? It does exist! In honour of National Dog day on August 26th, this collection contains smart gadgets and tech-related accessories for your furry friend. Forget about throwing your dog a bone, instead, give him a self-cooling memory foam dog bed, a Bluetooth GPS tracker, or an inflatable dog raft for the lake. No matter which item you choose, expect lots of snuggles, and a big kiss for being the best dog owner - ever!

Stay Connected

As a student, you're always on the go - and it's essential to stay up-to-date with your classmates. Keep in touch by relying on the latest pieces of technology. Whether you choose an all-new laptop, a high-tech smartphone. or a Bluetooth fitness band, one thing is for sure: these innovative gadgets will give you the results you need. Grab these essentials, and many more, all up to 50% off until September 6th.

Rustic & Refined

Friends and family gather around, as you bring delicious, hearty meals to the tabletop. A burlap tablecloth sets the perfect tone, as your guests admire the bold design and simple accents that surround them. Rustic farmhouse is a versatile style of home decor that is quite simple - and best of all, you'll quickly fall in love with it! Your recipe for success? Distressed pine, oak and maple are some great wood options to rely on. Bring the perfect dose of charm, warmth and style to your Fall dinner parties by using any of the items below.

Campus Cruisin'

Moving from one class to the next across campus is no easy task - especially when you're under a serious time crunch. And if you live off campus and need to get anywhere on time - that's a whole other story. Forget about the city bus. Instead, travel in style by relying on a whirlwind unicycle scooter, a smart and intuitive segway, or a shiny titanium skateboard. So, what are you waiting for? Channel these environmentally-friendly, resourceful, cheap and enjoyable options below.

Into the Night

All-nighters are an obligatory part of the university or college experience. Consider them a rite of passage - and even if you are the most organized student imaginable - sometimes, a late night cramming session is hard to avoid. The next time you're burning the midnight oil, make sure you have these awesome essentials on hand. Browse study notes with a portable and adjustable laptop stand, and drink caffeine into the wee-morning hours with a adorable Mr. Tea silicone tea filter. Even though you'll be exhausted, you'll at least be grateful for these cool items below!

Phys-Ed Psyched

Even if you absolutely detest gym class and don't have one athletic bone in your body, you can still dress the part. Work up a sweat in a beautiful high-line spandex sport top or a ballet wrap long sleeve training shirt. We all know that when it comes to working out, motivation plays a big part in your success. So think of this as a win-win: by choosing any of the items below, you'll look great, plus you'll be motivated to do your best this semester. Work hard in Phys-Ed class and start living a balanced lifestyle!

Fall Forward

A new season means a whole new sense of style. Whether you are looking to be ultra-fashionable or super-sophisticated, this collection has it all. Make your way to the boardroom with a sleek leather briefcase and gorgeous vintage Chanel suspenders. Or, dash to class and make a bold-statement with a quilted fitted jacket and slim fit chinos. Browse below, discover fashionable finds and see what's trending for Fall 2016​​!

Totally Chic

Your home is where your heart is, and if your heart races for feminine florals, blush pink, and gold accents - then, this collection is for you. Whether you live alone or share your pad with a significant other, there is always room for a little romantic, feminine style. Classy and elegant, this style is perfectly suitable for any room inside your humble abode. You don't need to go overboard with pink, fluffy details. Simple and subtle is your recipe for success!

Homework Haven

Have your kids get ahead of their school work with these cute, stylish and smart home decor essentials. A contemporary and adorable space will make your little one feel relaxed and focused. Minimal distractions are important - but at the same time, motivational artwork and trinkets will be good for the mind and soul. A cozy little nook is all the space they'll need. Browse the essentials below, and make this space a reality inside your home!

A Lecture on Style

Ladies and gentlemen, make sure you head back to school in style, with the latest fashion trends. Sleek grey and classic black pieces will give you top marks for style this term. Bring the cool to campus with leather accessories, comfortable footwear and layered ensembles to combat the cooler temperatures throughout the upcoming Fall season. By wearing any of the items below, one thing is for sure: that first day outfit struggle will be SO much easier!

All Work & Some Play

There’s nothing like the start of a new semester. It’s the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and to set new goals. But hey, every student needs a break every now and then - it's only natural. This collection is specifically dedicated to students and their free time. Need a break from studying? What about some down-time before a long lecture? These innovative gadgets will keep your mind at ease - not to mention, they're a great addition to any dorm room! Talk about a win-win...

The Hungry Student

Generally when you're in college, cooking isn't at the top of your to-do list. But when you have cool gadgets, quirky kitchen tools, and awesome conversational pieces, this can quickly change. For those that will be leaving home for the first time this September, saying goodbye to mom’s special home-cooked meals will likely be tough. But hey, think of this as a new challenge in the wake of your new-found independence! Go to school prepared for eating and snacking in your dorm room, by using all of the essentials found below.

Wash, Fold, Repeat

Did you know, the average family spends more than eight hours a week doing laundry? It's true. A beautiful, serene space will make you feel focused and relaxed as you battle even the toughest of laundry battles! Feel organized and prepared with modern essentials, including a metal vintage laundry basket, quirky canvas wall art, and a sleek wall-mounted clothesline. Hey, by using any of the items below, you may even look forward to doing the laundry for a change! Crazier things have happened...

Dorm Room Ready

Living in a tiny dorm room (and being on a even tinier budget) shouldn't mean you can't have a stylish space you're proud to call your own. Freshen up your dorm room with neutral accents, a serene colour scheme, and dorm-friendly gadgets -- all of which will make everyone envious on your entire floor! Transform your new space into a fun place to live, study and hangout, by grabbing these stylish essentials below.