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Looking for affordable items that won't break the bank? We know it sounds like a dream that never really becomes a reality, but get ready to pinch yourself. This is real life: all of the items within this collection have slashed prices up to 60% off! From tech and gadgets to fashion and beauty - this collection has everything you need.

Have you always wanted a personal shopper to choose items for you, but never had the budget to make those dreams become a reality? Well, you’re not alone...that's everyone's dream! But here's the good news: it's your lucky day because we've gathered up an entire collection of items that will be fabulous additions to any wardrobe! To top it off, all of these items are up to 60%'s that for icing on the cake?

We know you wanna blow that paycheck on the shiniest, and simply the newest mobile gadget on the market! So...what are you waiting for? These mobile-friendly deals are fast, efficient and don't worry...they're shiny too! The best part of all is that everything is up to 60% off. Hurry before they're all gone!

“Like everyone we get frustrated by products that don’t work properly. As design engineers we do something about it. We’re all about invention and improvement.” - James Dyson, Inventor of cyclonic vacuum technology

This style of home decor is all about combining raw surfaces with clean, flat surfaces. Your chosen colours, you ask? Keep them simple and opt for neutral tones, including grey, white and ivory. This trend seems to becoming more and more popular because most people don't want to live in a home that looks like a time capsule. And whether you're in need of new wall art, a modern mirror, or up-to-date lighting, this collection has everything you'll need.

Even though summer is almost over, you should get excited because it's almost time for trendy classroom-ready bags, shoes, and extras. Pulling out a good outfit for school is a common problem, especially among college students. But no need to worry...this collection has the perfect fashion formula to help you make the grade this semester!

With this collection, get ready to elevate your audio with this uniquely inspired collection. Looking to freshen up your interior and go for a look that looks oh-so-natural? Try wooden audio equipment, which enhances the warmth of the sounds we love and adds a unique vibe to any home.

Whether you're in college, high school, or middle school, these tech accessories will help any student achieve high-marks. In the past, owning a laptop or desktop computer was thought of as plus. Meanwhile, at the present time, owning a computer is mandatory for almost any student (oh, how the times have changed!). Get back to school ready by using some of the items within this collection - ready...set...go!

It's difficult to remember a time before tablets, but it's been four short years since the original Apple iPad hit the scene. Hard to be believe, isn't it? Choosing the right tablet isn't necessarily as easy as it looks; whether you opt for an Apple iPad, or one of many Androids or Windows devices, you want to make sure the product you choose will suit your needs. Do as much research as possible and read reviews...this will ensure you are happy with your purchase in the end. Good luck!

Get a leg up on dog ownership! It's time to bring your new dog home...are you ready? The big day is here. You've probably made a list - and checked it twice. But more likely than not, a couple of must-have items might have slipped your mind. After you have had your new pet for a few days you will have a better idea of what types of things you absolutely need and what types of things you do not feel you will use. Some things are optional and some should be considered necessities. Explore this collection for items that could be useful to you and your pooch. Have fun with the newest addition to your family!

Bringing home a new puppy is always an exciting and overwhelming occasion! With an endless amount of products that are available on the market, it can be a little overwhelming prepping for your new pooch. It will also be tempting to splurge on your new dog. My advice? Take it one step at a time! To begin with...pick up these items to make your pup’s homecoming a smooth one.

Sunglasses are much more than a fashion accessory - they can give you instant Audrey Hepburn glamour! Proper fitting sunglasses are an important factor when you're shopping for the right pair; if they are too wide or too long, it can ruin the look your going for. To be safe, it's always a good ideal to determine your face size and shape because it will help you find a better fitting, more functional pair of sunglasses.

Personally, I love jewelry of all kinds! So picking one metal over another seems a little silly and quite frankly, its a tough decision to make - no matter how you look at it. But there's something about yellow gold that's glamorous and vintage. It's rarer than rose gold and more eye-catching than silver and other common metals. Simply put, yellow gold makes a lasting impression!

These bird-inspired home decor pieces prove nature is an enchanting source of inspiration! If you happen to have a soft spot for this animal (just like I do), then this collection will suit you perfectly - no matter what age you are! Feathered flocks are alighting on home furnishings and fabrics alike. If you are looking to bring Mother Nature into your dwelling, than this collection is certainly for you.

If you're attending a baby shower, welcoming a newborn home from the hospital, or helping to celebrate a first birthday, the good news is that with today's market, you'll have a wide array of gift options to choose from! Purchasing gifts for a newborn (and new mom) entails a little creativity and also some fun as well. To make your life a little easier, this collection provides a wide array of choices that can certainly make a perfect gift. Now keep in mind: these gifts are not necessarily for when the baby is first born but can be used at a later date or treasured for a lifetime.

Every man needs a room to himself and the items in this collection are the perfect way to fill up those macho rec-rooms! This And for those of you that believe the notion of a 'mancave'...just an FYI: the Webster dictionary just recently added the word "man-cave" as a new addition into the English language....and let's be serious; if it's in a dictionary, it has to be legitimate!

Sleek, minimalistic and beautiful - to it's loyal fan base, those three words summarize what Apple is all about. In the wake of fierce competition, Apple still has a user base all over the world. Founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created Apple Computer on April 1, 1976 and to this day, the company is still going strong. Apple's core product lines are the iPhone smart phone, iPad tablet computer, iPod portable media players, and Macintosh computer line. This collection contains some of the company' most popular gadgets you can use on a daily basis - at home or at the office, the choice is up to you.

Just a warning to all parents out there: this collection is bound to cause hallway traffic! From polka dots and stripes to corduroy and colored denim, back-to-school shopping is easy if you nail the basics! Your little fashionista will look great in any of the outfits below, which feature a variety of colors and contrasting patterns.

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