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Apple iPod classic 5th Generation White ...
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Product description:Full product description
Entertainment gets stylishly personal with the Apple iPod classic. With 2.5-inch (diagonal) color LCD with LED backlight, this Apple 5th generation iPod ensures ease of readab...Read more
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Store your life stories and more!
Apple's iPod Video has outstanding technologies: 30 GB or 60 GB (!!) storage, photo-quality display, the gret click-wheel interface. My favorite: the multimedia capability. ...Read more
A Real Entertainment In the Palm of My Hands.
When I first had an IPod it was the 2007 classic, I wasn't really getting adjusted to the product because it was too new and upgraded to a low standard. But when I gotten the ...Read more

Apple iPod classic 5th Generation White (60 GB)

60 GB
Apple iPod classic 5th Generation Black (60 GB)Apple iPod classic 5th Generation White (60 GB)
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128GB Apple iPod Flashpod 5th Generation Flash Memory - Thin Version Mp3 (White)
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Product description

Product Information
Entertainment gets stylishly personal with the Apple iPod classic. With 2.5-inch (diagonal) color LCD with LED backlight, this Apple 5th generation iPod ensures ease of readability and operations. With iTunes software (for Mac and Windows), this Apple media player allows you to easily transfer and manage your files. Cherish your memories with supporting Syncs iPod-viewable photos in JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD (Mac only) and PNG formats of this Apple 5th generation iPod. Load n-number of songs with the immensely large storage capacity of this Apple media player. The Apple iPod classic offers flexible connectivity options through its integrated Dock connector, stereo minijack, composite video and audio Ports. You can also record important sessions with the supported Voice recording feature of the Apple iPod classic.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
ModeliPod classic 5th Generation
MPN MA003FB/A, MA003LL/A, MA003S/A

Key Features
Storage Capacity60 GB
Audio Supported FormatsAAC, AIFF, MP3, MP3 VBR, Protected AAC, WAV
Video Supported FormatsAAC-LC, H.264, MPEG-4
Battery Run TimeUp to 20 Hours

Audio / Video Capabilities
MP3 Bit-Rate16 kbps - 320 kbps
Max Video Resolution320 x 240
Screen Size2.5 Inch

Width2.48 Inch
Depth0.43 Inch
Height4.07 Inch
Weight4.8 Oz

OutputsAnalog Audio x 1, Composite x 1, Headphone Jack, S-Video x 1
InterfacesUSB 2.0

Additional FeaturesGames, Sleep Timer, World Clock
Supported Power SupplyAC/DC Adapter, Internal Battery, Rechargeable via USB cable
Storage TypeHard Drive
Number Of Songs15000
Frequency Response20-20000 Hz

eBay Product ID: EPID82761173
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Product highlights

  • Watch videos on 2.5-inch LCD display
  • Stores up to 15,000 songs, 20,000 photos or 150 hours of video
  • Plays up to 20 hours of music
  • Use Click Wheel to browse and navigate
  • Windows and Mac compatibility

CNET Editors' review


    The enhanced iPod has the same sleek design with improved video battery life and brighter screen; it brings gapless playback to the masses; up to 80GB; new features such as instant search and enhanced games; movies now available in iTunes 7; excellent overall value.


    The Apple iPod has added no major functions such as FM radio, wireless, recording; small screen not conducive to movie viewing; proprietary USB cable; narrow native video-format compatibility; body is still scratch prone.


    The amazingly low priced updated Apple iPod gets many under-the-hood improvements, but it's still not a true video player.

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Apple iPod classic 5th Generation White (60 GB)
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Store your life stories and more!

Created: 24/12/05
Apple's iPod Video has outstanding technologies: 30 GB or 60 GB (!!) storage, photo-quality display, the gret click-wheel interface. My favorite: the multimedia capability.

It literally is now possible to store your family's life stories _in your pocket_, to take with you or keep in a safe place. Pictures, voice recordings of grandma, old and new home videos (yes, up to 150 hours' worth), perhaps a favorite tv show, commercial, or movie you'll want to view later--or maybe pass around the family. Oh, and that ton of songs, maybe every family member's top ten (top hundred, etc.)? Living memories, time capsule, treasured family history; you can have all of these things, in one small, tough, easy-to-access package.

Music: Not much more needs to be said about the music capability; the iPod started the movement, and still leads the way.

Photos: Ditto; and the images are museum-sharp. IMMENSE storage capability; no need to carry tens of rolls of film on vacation, or a ton of memory cards either. Get the right cable, and download your camera on-the-go. Sort and view either on the iPod or on a larger laptop, desktop, or tv display easily.

Videos: While the availability of content grows by the week (we love LOST on it, the Pixar movies, the classic Hitchcok tv series!), the right software can transfer any video source to MP4 format for loading onto your iPod. Edit on your computer, format into MP4, and drag onto your iPod as you would a song. Use the optional cable and record directly from your camcorder. For playback, the $19.95 A/V cable lets you play on any tv. You might think you'd lose resolution moving from the 2.5 inch display to, at our house, a 53 inch rear-projection tb, but the image was terrific, at least for the Pixar products and the best show on tv, LOST. Imagine flying around the world several times, and having fresh, non-repeating movies and other shows to watch the whole time. In your pocket.

Cons: Wow; I'm going to have to get picky here. Sure, 20 hours of battery life for music, maybe 4-6 hours for video (I actually got around 8), could be kicked up. However, options such as in-car chargers or lightweight external battery packs probably add the kinds of flexibility you'd need to overcome any power concerns you might have. Display size: Sure, ARCHOS and EPSON have larger displays, and they look good; part of the trade-off there is the power consumption of these larger screens, their greater vulnerability to scratching. Solve a few problems, and we might want to ask Apple about those displays (or maybe a larger screen that clips onto the back of iPod, self-powered?). That's about it; but no one really has anything better, just different and not in as convenient a package. Reminds me of my wife---the best there is out there!

Buy and enjoy. This is not a daunting gadget. Bring it along as a trusted companion, one who can record and replay life's experiences for you and yours.
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A Real Entertainment In the Palm of My Hands.

Created: 18/02/11
When I first had an IPod it was the 2007 classic, I wasn't really getting adjusted to the product because it was too new and upgraded to a low standard. But when I gotten the Apple iPod 5th Generation version, this was what I had been waiting for in a long time. To have a real long lasting iPod that can charge very easy and keeps the battery in the right position and doesn't run out quickly was a real gift to me. Not only was I very happy to receive the product but I enjoyed the features it came with, I can now add my podcast audio and video files, I can store many music I want of my genre's even though I like all kinds of music, I can watch my favorite television shows and movies with no rush or imagination. The iPod 5h Generation is like a real entertainment in the palm of my hands. And I will enjoy every minute of it guaranteed.
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Rockin' everywhere with it!

Created: 18/04/10
The iPod with video playback was introduced on October 13, 2005. However, one should not necessarily consider this player a video player, but a great iPod music player, with video capabilities as a fantastic bonus. Nevertheless, the iPod with video playback is the most capable and feature-rich iPod ever produced by Apple.

Video Playback - The iPod plays back H264 and MPEG4 encoded video. The iPod's new display is larger than ever at 2.5 inches, giving it a resolution of 320x240. What video content can you play on your iPod? This area is limited, at least currently. You can buy music videos on iTunes at $1.99 per song, which will play beautifully on the iPod. Furthermore, Apple has made available select television shows, for download on iTunes. They cost $1.99 per episode, for titles including ABC's hits Lost and Desperate Housewives. You can also watch the episodes you purchase on your computer. If you want to put some of your own video, onto your iPod, you will need to use an application such as QuickTime Pro to convert the video to the specific requirements to play on the iPod. You can also find video podcasts, which will play on the new iPod. Even if you do not plan to view video on the new iPod, its primary purpose is to be used as the world's best music player. You can still benefit from the beautiful new display, for it will help you find your favorite music faster, and you can view the album art that accompanies your music.

Size of new iPod - Does the picture of the new iPod make it appear larger to you? Well, it did to me. The iPod looked wider, in the photos I saw. However, it is not. The height and width of the iPod are identical to the previous generation iPod with click wheel. The only change in dimensions is the depth. The new iPod is actually thinner than what came before it! Yes, this 30 gig iPod is thinner than the previous 20 gig photo model by 30 percent. What does all this mean? The iPod continues get smaller, making it even easier to carry.

Capacity - This 30 gig iPod has room, for a lot of entertainment. With storage, for up to 7,500 songs, 12,000 photos, or 75 hours of video. The great thing I love about my iPod is that my music, photos, and video only take up about 15 gigabytes. However, I use the additional space to backup data, from my computer. This is incredibly helpful, and could be a real saver, if something happened to your computer. See, the iPod functions as an external hard drive, so you can backup all sorts of data. The 60 gig version is available, for $100 more, so if you want to use it for lots of video, or you have an enormous music collection, you may want to consider that larger version, which also sports longer battery life.

New Software Features - Apple has added features, to the new iPod besides video support. First, they have a clock feature, which quickly allows you to view the time, in up to four different time zones simultaneously. Furthermore, there is a stop watch, and a screen lock, which you can enable to keep people from snooping on your calendar and/or contacts.

Battery - The battery life is one of the most important specifications that you, as an iPod user, are going to care about. This 30 gigabyte iPod sports a battery that will last up to 14 hours, when playing only music.
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Apple's foray into the PMP market is a winner.

Created: 11/02/06
Sight unseen (in person anyway), I purchased the iPod from the Apple Store in December 2005. It arrived promptly, and the first day I put all my MP3's on it. I did not yet put any videos on it, because I hadn't found a conversion solution to my liking. Accordingly, I will first discuss my first experiences, which were with music and the interface.

Aesthetically speaking, the iPod, especially the black model, looks amazing. The sheen of the material, and the smoothness to the touch offer an extremely stunning appearance that makes the product that much more enjoyable to use. The screen is 2.5 inches diagonal, but has a much greater size in terms of perception. This illusion is caused by the stunning level of brightness on the screen.

The famous Apple click-wheel design is no longer a mechanical part like in previous generations, but rather a touchpad designed by Synaptics, a company world famous for laptop touchpads. The style is unchanged though. It is still operated by making circular motions, and instead of a mechanical click, the sound is supplied a small speaker in the iPod, and through the earbuds.

As far as sound quality is concerned, this is largely variable, depending on several factors. On the iPod end of things, sound processing is handled by the central ARM7 and ARM9 processors. However, the iPod is not solely responsible for sound quality. Another large factor is the quality level of the encoding on a given song. The songs I tested were 128kbps AAC (Apple format, equivalent to 192kbps MP3), and 300kbps MP3. Naturally, the 300kbps MP3's sounded noticably better, as one would expect. However AAC produced acceptable sound quality as well.

If one is not satisfied with the sound quality, one of the approximately 20 different equalizer presets in the iPod can be useful. Be advised however, that equalizers require the iPod to process and change song attributes in real-time, which significantly decreases charge life on the battery.

The aforementioned iPod battery is an in-built lithium ion battery, not removable or serviceable by the end user. It is stated by Apple to last about 15 hours on music playback, and 3 hours on video. Both estimates are on the proviso that one is not using any equalizer.

Next I will discuss the video capability. The iPod can play videos that are encoded in the QuickTime H.264 codec, with the suggested quality profile of 320x240 resolution, with 128kbps stereo audio. The most prominent place to acquire iPod compatible videos is the iTunes Music Store, which offers TV shows, music videos, and other videos available for download, preformatted for iPod. If one wishes to convert their own videos, this is possible via QuickTime Pro, or a smattering of other applications.

Video on the iPod is extremely good quality, with good brightness and overall clarity. The LCD screen leaves some more contrast to be desired (as do all LCDs), but the backlighting seems to be perfectly even, which is a relief. Given the 4:3 (standard television) aspect ratio, and low resolution of the 2.5 inch screen, this is not a device that would make for a cinematic experience. However, such material isn't intended for this use anyway. The core material for iPod video is music videos and television, both of which are a pleasure to view on the iPod.

Overall, Apple's video-enabled iPod makes a superb portable media device which will provide endless enjoyment for the mobile music and video lover.
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An Ipod: The Guide

Created: 25/08/06
Ah, the Ipod. A marvel in it's own right. It can play music and videos, read text documents, and it even has a few games on there too. Better yet, you can acsessorize it! The Ipod 30 gig Video seems like the perfect gift to just about anyone, including yourself, right? Well, in my own opinion, I think it is. It's pretty user-friendly, certainly not too many buttons, and it works on both windows and macs. All you really need is the usb plug and you're ready to go. Apple has a website that covers just about everything you need to know about it, how to use it, what different symbols mean, etc. A couple of the only bad things I can think of about it would firstly be the battery life for videos. It's only about 2.5 hours (for only music, it's more like 14). Depending on what movie you watch, that may not be enough juice to get by, but luckily, there's an accessory for that! One of the other down falls, but really only a minor one, is that the bodys scratches and shows dirt and fingerprints easily. An easy way to this is to just buy a case for it for no more than $30, usually less.
Now that all that's covered, how well does it work? The sound quality i have found to be excellent. I'm not too partial to the little white earphones Apple gives you with the Ipod, but that's only because they hurt my ears. The video quality is stunning. The first time I saw a movie on my Ipod, I was awestruck. In fact, the quality is so good that you can buy a cable that lets you play movies/music from your Ipod through your TV (radioshack, $15). Yes, your TV. Granted, it will be a little pixelated, but I watched V for Vendetta from my ipod that i burnt from a dvd, and on the TV, the quality was about that of VHS. I think I'd rather carry around my Ipod and a cable than my VHS player and all my videos. In summary, a high quality machine. And it doesn't take long at all to charge. Something like 2 hours for 80% (from it being completely empty) and an extra 2-3 for the full 100%.
And what's more, there tons of stuff online that works nicely with the 30 gig Ipod video, such as Handbrakelite, which lets you save and play dvds (in proper format) on your Ipod. wow. There are various programs out there that let you boost the max volume of your ipod to your liking. And one of my personal favorites, Yamipod let's you take music OFF your ipod, which apple generally doesn't let you do. For example, you go over to your friend's house, and after asking to check out your new, totally cool sleek black (or white) Ipod video, your friend notices a song or video that he likes and doesn't have. All you have to do is plug your ipod up to his computer, open yamipod and copy the song over to his computer. bam. oh, podcasts, there are also podcasts.
In conclusion, I love the apple ipod video. It has become an obsession for me, and I hope it does for all of you potential ipoders. Good luck doing whatever your ipod related activity maybe, and happy biddings!
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