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No stranger to walking corpses, Capcom unearths another zombie-themed franchise with Dead Rising on Xbox 360. Players take command of a forceful photographer named Frank West,...Read more
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a good 360 game
First off I would like to say that I did not expect a whole lot from this game, but it came through with flying colors. It goes a different path than other zombie games, defin...Read more
XBOX 360 Dead Rising-Great but not perfect
Do you like the idea of being able to grab any item imaginable (And yes literally just about any item imaginable) in a mall and using it as a weapon? Killing thousands upon t...Read more

Dead Rising (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2006) - European Version

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Dead Rising (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2006) - European VersionDead Rising (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2006) - European VersionDead Rising (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2006) - European VersionDead Rising (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2006) - European VersionDead Rising (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2006) - European VersionDead Rising (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2006) - European Version
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Product description

Product Information
No stranger to walking corpses, Capcom unearths another zombie-themed franchise with Dead Rising on Xbox 360. Players take command of a forceful photographer named Frank West, who believes he is on the verge of a breakthrough story at a remote suburban town called Willamette. Yet this is no ordinary visit. West soon learns that the unfriendly locals aren't just wary of the media -- they're hungry for flesh. Players must somehow find a way past hordes of zombies lining the aisles of the one place thought by West to be safe: a shopping mall. He was obviously wrong, but it's up to players to keep him from being dead wrong.

Unlike the carefully scripted games in the Resident Evil series, Dead Rising features a more open-ended, action-oriented design where players can freely explore the various mall stores to use whatever tools, weapons, or items they find, from frying pans and umbrellas to lawn mowers and bowling balls. Time keeps ticking away as players search for potential survivors as well as a way out, with the zombies growing stronger as the sun goes down and certain events only occurring at specific intervals. West will be able to replenish lost health by finding vending machines or the food court, and he can also snap pictures of the chaos and mayhem to unlock different bonuses.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameDead Rising

Key Features
PlatformMicrosoft Xbox 360
ESRB RatingM - Mature
GenreAction, Adventure

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorBlood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Partial Nudity, Use of Alcohol
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1
Release Year2006
Game Special Features
  • Battle hundreds of zombies that will try to swarm you

  • Use an assortment of weapons, including axes, chainsaws, baseball bats, garden shears, and more

  • Real-time clock influences the strength of zombies and the availability of certain events

  • Rescue any potential survivors while exploring the mall's indoor and outdoor areas

  • Take various pictures of the zombies to receive special rewards

  • Game SeriesDead Rising Series

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    Dead Rising (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2006) - European Version
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    a good 360 game

    Created: 24/08/06
    First off I would like to say that I did not expect a whole lot from this game, but it came through with flying colors. It goes a different path than other zombie games, definitely not survival horror, but it uniquely distinguishes itself as one of the best zombie games ever.

    Graphics 9/10
    All of the characters and environments look like what you would expect from a new generation system. The game is able to display hundreds of enemies on screen at once and have thousands in a single area without any slowdown.

    Sound 10/10
    The effects in the game and the soundtrack are both done very well. The sounds in the game give it very much a zombie-like atmosphere. Most of the bosses fought in the game have their own track, which were very well chosen for the mood of the game. There are a few points in the cut scenes in the game where the music makes everything more intense.

    Controls 9/10
    The attacks in the game are very fluid. You can quickly switch from attacking with a melee item to firearms and so on. My only complaint is the radio in the game. It is the worst aspect of the entire game. For one thing when you answer it you receive a text only message that is small print and sometimes difficult to read. On top of that when you answer it you cannot fight or interact with anything, and if you are attacked you must listen to the entire message again.

    Game play 10/10
    This is the funnest game I have played in years. It balances the perfect amount of combat, leveling, and most of all exploration. You get more powerful as you fight enemies, rescue people, and do missions, but the game will always throw new things at you and still seem challenging. What you really have to do is explore the game and find the locations of items that will help you. The bosses in the game always keep you on your toes. A few are simple, but for the most part they must be fought several times before their pattern is recognized and you find a way to beat them. Most bosses reward you with key items to progress through the game or powerful unique weapons. The game has a truly unique save system that allows you to either save your game normally as you progress, or to simply start a new game with all of your characters stats and abilities.

    Story 9/10
    Another thing I was not expecting much from. At the beginning it really is not complex at all, but in the end it really keeps you on edge and dying to know what will happen. The story is expanded further throughout extra unlock-able modes of play, and separate endings.

    Replay Value 10/10
    Apart from the fact that this game is simply fun to play through multiple times, there are also two unlock-able modes. One is a continuation of the games story, and the other is a free roam mission where you must search for food while your health slowly depletes and fight enemies at the same time, trying to stay alive as long as possible. You can also play through the regular game again without doing the missions and simply exploring on your own.

    Overall 9/10
    A few technical flaws keep this game from being flawless, but nonetheless is one of the best games released in years. It is indeed a challenge, if you like your games easy and simple this one is not for you. But if you are looking for a complex game that is an ultimately rewarding challenge, this one is a sure thing.
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    XBOX 360 Dead Rising-Great but not perfect

    Created: 19/03/07
    Do you like the idea of being able to grab any item imaginable (And yes literally just about any item imaginable) in a mall and using it as a weapon? Killing thousands upon thousands of zombies sound like a good way to kill some time? If you answered yes to these questions, then this game is for you!

    This game does have difficult (VERY difficult without the right weapons) bosses, tight deadlines, and the annoying ringing telling you of additional maniacs, trapped people & general information. Personally if you aren't one that likes to be rushed, I'd recommend just running around and not necessarily worrying about the main quest the first time through. You can do many others, get familiar with the various locations and bountiful selection of weapons, and really get to know where items are and how to get to places fastest in a really well thought out mall environment. The game is all about time-sensitive quests and missions and it is literally impossible to do all of them in one setting. The great thing is, you can restart the game with your same character with the current level you've achieved. Sounds great, right? Well....mostly.

    Bad news is you only have one save on your profile. So if you start a new game and decide you want to play the one you had been playing....sadly it is gone. But this is only really a problem for those that want to blow through the game. It takes many hours to cover every single location and to experiment with every single weapon and I highly recommend an experiment in your first run or two just to get use to everything the game has to offer. Also, you can only save your game in a few physical locations in the mall. It can be a pain, because sometimes you'll lose important time running to a save point just so that you can keep your game to continue later. When you are ready to go for the main storyline, my suggestion is DO NOTHING ELSE. If you miss one of those time-sensitive deadlines I mentioned earlier you will have to restart the ENTIRE game as you locked out of future events within the storyline. However the game doesn't just end, you can still play, you just can't complete the main storyline.

    Dead Rising is a fantastic concept, but the time constraints do hamper the enjoyablility of the game at times. It is the EXACT opposite of a game like Elder Scrolls (which rocks!), where you can get a quest and come back months later in gameplay time on what sounds like a time sensitive event, and still do it as if there were no time missed at all. It would be nice to have more time to get through the main quest (I still haven't, but I still enjoy the game). I know some will find the game to be difficult and also unnerving in the boss difficulty, the time constraints, and the annoyance at times to be much farther from your next save location or far from a weapon you want/need. Still, while not the deepest game, it does offer some variety, and a very solid challenge for the hardcore gamer. If you are a game completest and want to do everything a game has to offer, this will put you to the test, but can be done with several playthroughs. The game isn't for everyone but even the casual gamer will have many hours of enjoyability just roaming the mall and finding zombies that need that extra special attention that only you and your chainsaw, katana, sledgehammer, scythe, (or other weapon of choice) can provide.

    Overall, not a perfect game, but still pretty solid.
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    Dead Rising Official Review

    Created: 20/11/08
    So with Dead Rising, the first thing I noticed is on the cover there is a little legal-esque notice on the bottom stating that this game has no affiliation with George Romero or his "Dead" movies. As if anyone familiar with George's movies (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead) will tell you that Dawn of the Dead takes place in a shopping mall and this game takes place in a shopping mall. Well, with the exception of a mall, zombies and some humans that are bad too, that's where the similarities end (even thought that is an awful lot of similarities). No, Dead Rising start with you riding in a helicopter on your way to a city somewhere in Colorado. You are an photojournalist named Frank West (Re-animator fans take note) who has gotten a tip that something odd is happening in this town. Well that tip sure was correct, no sooner do you fly over the town that you see public unrest, what appears to be rioting and of course murder, only something doesn't "feel" right. Your ride drops you off on the only helipad in town on top of the local "super" mall and tells you he will be back in exactly 72 hours before some military choppers run him off. Well it doesn't take long for you to understand why things didn't feel right, those people out there are zombies and they are hungry. They never talked about this kind of pressure in journalism class.

    Now the game is setup in a unusual way. From the get-go, you will notice that there is an underlying explanation for these people becoming zombies, and as a journalist you must uncover this conspiracy by running around the mall and helping the other human survivors by going out into the various stores and escorting them back to the safety of the security room (kind of your base of operations). Adding to the mix is Otis, an elderly mall employee who gives you a radio and calls you whenever he finds survivors or anything strange on the monitors (as if thousands of zombies shopping isn't strange). Plus, you are dealing with two government agent types that agree to give you information as long as you help them as well.

    Dead Rising almost has an RPG type feel to it, as Frank begins to level up for completing tasks, he begins to gain new skills and his character stats begin to improve. In the beginning of the game, all Frank can do is swing away with weapons and throw a punch while carrying a few items. By the meat and potatoes part of the game, he is performing judo moves on the undead while his health meter is significantly increased and ability to carry more weapons is evident. Good thing too, since the zombies seem to get tougher as night falls, anything to help you and Frank out is a blessing.

    Now some people have complained that the game is lacking in the save function dept., and initially I would have agreed (you can only save in a bathroom or at the security room). But as I played through the game, I thought that this only added to the reckless tension that is being placed on you. Think about it; you're wounded, escorting a survivor, and being chased by zombies, the nearest save station is quite a ways away. Do you make a run for it, or do you take a different path that takes you by the food court and some much needed nutrition to increase your health? These are the kinds of things that happen on the fly all the time in Dead Rising, it's great, the desperation and helplessness is exactly what this game needs and has.
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    Secretly praying for the Zombie Apocalypse? THIS IS IT!

    Created: 12/02/08
    Capcom has done an amazing job showing exactly what the Zombie Apocalypse would be like. Some people panic and die, some people fight back, and some just try to stay safe. Others are still looking to reunite with their loved ones. This is the quintessential zombie apocalypse simulator.

    Significant Traits About Dead Rising:
    Humor -
    The game takes very few steps to be deliberately funny. It does a fantastic job of portraying the game's events as horrifying. However, the game gives you, the player, the opportunity to make the situation funny. It's up to you to put novelty masks on zombies, run them over with lawnmowers and "crowd surf" by stepping on their heads, all the while, wearing under-sized little-boy's clothing that you found in a kids' clothing store.
    The game is a hardcore experience... when you want it to be. But when you're looking to just have a good time, Dead Rising delivers. You could say that this is a lot like the GTA series in that regard.

    Options -
    The game has a staggering amount of features that allow you to dispatch, avoid or simply toy with zombies however strikes you at the moment. With all the options, each of them is (more or less) viable to a (more or less) realistic degree. Play how you want, the game doesn't punish you for choosing the "wrong" weapon or wearing the "wrong" outfit.

    While your character can "level up", there don't appear to be any ways to influence how your character develops. The game, instead, places focus on allowing you to choose your own methods for how you play, rather than giving you skill paths, which lock you into a play style.

    Countdown Timer -
    It's worth noting that this non-linear game is on a clock. You have to be at a certain location at the end of 72 game hours (not equal to real-time hours) or you will be lost in the mall forever. If you want to make any progress in the story, you have to focus on it, as you may lose your chance as the timer runs down.

    Save System and Death -
    It's been said before, and I'll say it again. The save system is intimidating. You can't create a backup save (without an alternate storage device), and you can only save at certain locations. It can be very difficult to make your way to a save spot, and as a consequence, HUGE sections of game progress can be lost if you die.
    To make things trickier, it's often unpredictable how you'll meet your fate. Sometimes traversing the zombie horde seems like a cakewalk, while at other times you find yourself cornered with no way out and no good weapons. This can make it hard to gauge your "risk vs reward" when playing around the mall.

    On the other hand, half the fun of this game isn't even about progressing through the story. It's about bashing your way through the mall. Since the game is on a countdown timer every minute you're playing, you can sometimes think of death as an opportunity to turn back time and have a little more fun.
    While this view is a "Silver Lining", there's still the frustrating "Cloud" that is lost progress.
    Some things you just don't want to have to do over.

    I believe that Dead Rising is a true achievement in modern gaming. It is as fun as it is atypical and innovative. It is worth playing for anyone who wants to see the art of game development progress, and it is a must-play for anyone who secretly hopes for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.
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    Dead Rising

    Created: 06/04/11
    When it comes to zombies, few publishers have more experience with them than Capcom. The company has made a mint in recent years off various iterations of the Resident Evil series, and that franchise shows no signs of slowing any time soon. So, it is with some curiosity that we now find ourselves with Dead Rising, an Xbox 360 zombie game produced by Capcom that has exactly zero to do with anything Resident Evil. Where Resident Evil was a series all about horror, tension, and frequent jump scares, Dead Rising goes in the other direction, creating a pure action experience with zombies that are much easier to kill but travel in higher numbers--much higher numbers, actually, with groupings numbering in the hundreds. As a departure from the zombie games of old, Dead Rising is a great success, wonderfully blending campy undertones and visceral, zombie-killing action into something highly playable. It suffers from structural faults, and the game does find itself leaning heavier on repetition than you'd probably like, but Dead Rising overcomes these shortcomings by being a lot of fun to play. The main protagonist of this zombie nightmare is Frank West, a freelance photojournalist that has made his career covering wars and atrocities. In the sleepy little town of Willamette, Colorado, things seem to have gone terribly wrong. Military convoys block off all roads leading into the town, and all communication devices have been jammed. After being tipped off about the events unfolding, Frank charters a helicopter and flies into town to get what potentially could be the story of his career. What he finds is a whole mess of zombies laying waste to the town and its citizens. After snapping away a number of pictures of the carnage, Frank instructs the pilot to drop him off on the roof of the local shopping mall--a huge, decadent shopping emporium that almost seems bigger than the town itself. Frank tells the pilot to return in three days to pick him up, and from there, Frank is seemingly on his own.

    Frank's journey through the Willamette Park View Mall is a fairly complicated one. The basic premise of the game is that Frank has 72 game hours to get his story and get the heck out, and how you go about doing so is laid out in a rigid, linear fashion, though also, at least somewhat, left up to you to decide for yourself. Essentially, from the moment Frank first hooks up with some of the key survivor characters in the game, he finds himself on a path to the truth. This path is laid out in a series of case files, which are the game's equivalent of story missions. Each case file takes place at a certain time on a specific day, and it's up to you to get to where those missions take place in at the specific time designated. However, there are also a number of side missions that pop up during the course of the game. These missions are entirely optional but doing them nets you more information about what's going on, as well as some point bonuses for Frank. The real-time structuring of Dead Rising has its unique qualities, but it doesn't always work particularly well. Specifically, the mission structure and the game's rather punishing save system simply don't get along with one another. Save points are scattered in a few specific spots throughout the mall, and you only get one save per storage device on the Xbox 360. Considering most people probably only have one storage device, that means one save for the whole game.
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