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Diablo III (PC, 2012)
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Product description:Full product description
Set to be released 15 May, 2012, Diablo 3 computer game will be available for both PC and Mac users, an innovation in itself. No hard drive should have difficulty running Diab...Read more
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Diablo III - A love/hate relationship
Sadly, after over 200 hours of game play in single player, my love-hate relationship has become a pure hate relationship. But let me begin at the start.

Having been...Read more
Fun, but expected more. A lot more.
After waiting all these years for the release of Diablo 3, I'm left in two minds about it.

- Beautifully rendered
- Challenging with 4 levels of i...Read more

Diablo III (PC, 2012)(Australian version)

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Product description

Product Information
Set to be released 15 May, 2012, Diablo 3 computer game will be available for both PC and Mac users, an innovation in itself. No hard drive should have difficulty running Diablo 3 for Mac and PC, as it is specifically designed to be ultra-compatible. Diablo 3 for Mac and PC is a dark fantasy/horror style role playing game developed by Blizzard. The third installment in the Diablo franchise, Diablo 3 Mac, PC is sure to be the new gamer’s delight. Diablo 3 for Mac and PC is unique for each gamer because it carries an enhanced quest system, a random level generator, and a random encounter generator. Not only this, but Diablo 3 Mac, PC has even more character generator options, as the user can choose between male or female, then from the character classes of Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, and Demon Hunter. Diablo 3 challenges the user to be at the front line of heroes facing the forces of evil threatening the world of Sanctuary.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
PublisherBlizzard Entertainment
Region CodeRegion Free
GenreRole Playing
Release Year2012

Key Features
Operating SystemMac and PC
EditionStandard Edition
ModelDiablo III

Tech Details
Control ElementsKeyboard, Mouse
Online Gaming SupportOnline Gaming Support
Max. Number Of Players1
HDTV SupportHDTV Support
Game SeriesDiablo

eBay Product ID: EPID69500111
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Diablo III (PC, 2012)
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Diablo III - A love/hate relationship

 | No, I would not recommend this product.
Created: 11/08/12
Sadly, after over 200 hours of game play in single player, my love-hate relationship has become a pure hate relationship. But let me begin at the start.

Having been an avid Diablo II player, I naturally was looking forward to the release of Diablo III. I intended to wait for a while before buying the game, but couldn't contain myself once I knew it was available in stores.
The first shock was that you have to be online to play the game, even in single player mode. There were some server problems in the beginning, but these are no longer an issue.
The second shock was the predetermined leveling up of your character. No choice how you build your character. Every time you will play a witch doctor, your character will level up exactly the same. While you can still choose which of your preset skills you will actively use, it does castrate the RPG element of the game quite a bit. Another issue is the amount of times I wanted to play the game and couldn't, because of maintenance to the servers or updates to the game.
Being the father of a young child, I have precious little gaming time as it is and don't need this to be infringed on every two weeks.
Despite all that I prevailed and used every minute of the aforementioned precious gaming time to its fullest. After mucking around with all the classes, I settled for a Barbarian to take him all the way through the game.
I am now at the beginning of the Hell difficulty level and that is when things started to come apart.
Diablo was always about the loot. It was the jolt of excitement when you saw a unique item drop after a battle, the feeling of satisfaction when you found a nice piece of gear to equip, which kept me going for hours in Diablo II. Sadly this doesn't work in Diablo III. The drop rate of rare and legendary items are ridiculously low. And what could be more dissatisfying than getting a rare item, only to find it is a level 33 weapon which is useless to my level 51 barbarian?
But wait, there is the Real Money Auction House where you can buy the gear you need to make it through the higher difficulty levels for hard cold cash. And that is where my hatred started. It seems like the whole game is a front to make extra money from the Auction House (I believe they take 10%). There is also a Game Gold Auction House, but even there they take 10% Game Gold of every sold item.
Diablo used to be a slash and loot game and has now become a slash and shop game. I myself shall not succumb to any shopping, real money or game gold. There is also the obvious data security issue, as just recently Blizzard asked you to change your password since somebody got into their North American server. No details were taken, but just to be sure...

I did love playing my first 200 hours of Diablo III. Despite the fact that the normal difficulty level is fairly easy. Nightmare level cranks things up considerably and is still enjoyable. But once you reach Hell difficulty you either have to pay for your gear or have to be lucky with your item drops. If you can live with this you will have a nice time with Diablo III

As much as I want to like this game, I just can't. In my opinion it s not a game made for the enjoyment of the users, but for the capital gain of the producers. And this stinks.
I won't be buying another Blizzard product.
And please note that this review is based solely on a single player mode experience.
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Fun, but expected more. A lot more.

 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 04/06/12
After waiting all these years for the release of Diablo 3, I'm left in two minds about it.

- Beautifully rendered
- Challenging with 4 levels of increasing difficulty
- Multiplayer component

- Blizzard servers and connectivity issues, lag and regular disconnections
- Online only - no offline single-player option
- Concerns regarding a large number of players being hacked
- Item drops not balanced, difficult to find equipment, feel forced into using Auction House

While I have enjoyed it, I don't feel as though it lives up to the hype, or that it has gone through years of development. While the gameplay is fun and the graphics are good, it doesn't have that finished game feel. In all honesty, it feels more like a beta test.

To top that, Blizzard's constant server issues and 8+ hours of patching and maintenance every Tuesday (North American Server) detract from the gameplay (or lack thereof during the downtime). And while I find the multiplayer enjoyable, it would have been preferable to include a single-player offline mode - after all, I like to play on Tuesdays too! Being in Australia, sadly, means that our peaktime gaming falls right in the middle of server downtime. And while there is the option of playing on the European or Asian servers, there isn't a way of transferring your characters between servers.

Some gameplay improvements have been made since D2 (no more having to physically click on every 1 gold, for example), however some aspects require balancing and are being addressed by Blizzard at present.

Of most concern is the hacking of accounts. Sadly, we have had one hacking in our house, resulting in a naked character stripped of all gold and equipment. While this isn't necessarily a game defect, Blizzard has not inspired confidence regarding safety. And while I am now able to continue playing, my gaming partner is still waiting for his account to be rolled back three days later, without any response yet for Blizzard Customer Service.

Overall, I really expected a more complete game, not a very pretty, but for all intents and purposes, beta test. I'll continue playing, but in all likelihood this is the last Blizzard product I'll ever buy.
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A quick fix but still a sinking ship.

 | No, I would not recommend this product.
Created: 08/07/12
Diablo 3 offers a whole new range of experience for the avid gamer , especially if you haven't played any of the previous Diablo Games; the hack and slash , constant grind and repetition is where this ends though.

Diablo 3 is a short term fix for the needs of a gamer and only offers limited fun , it is however online and new content is being updated through a patch system. The patch system however is lacking, as the new content and updates have been sluggish as well as problems being abundant for many players , this includes server issues, glitches , bugs and security related problems.

I probably wouldnt purchase a copy of Diablo 3 if i had the chance again as it only provided limited enjoyment, others may disagree but i dont think this game will stand the test of time like the other diablo games. With Blizzards monumental presence on the gaming scene many expected more , maybe a dynamic, adaptable gaming interface but it seems they came up short only offering a concrete skeleton of a game decorated with bells and whistles.
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Good Game - Invasive Site

 | No, I would not recommend this product.
Created: 09/07/12
A good involving RPG with an interesting gem & item forging system but the whole experience was somewhat soured for me by the Big Brother attitude of Blizzard & their BattleNet.
I'm forced to log-on to their site to play my single player game.
I have to accept their updates, one of which was corrupted & locked me out of the game for weeks.
An email to support went unanswered - though I did mention my displeasure with BattleNet at the time.
I lament the passing of the time you could buy a game & just play it without being compulsorily attached to the promotors tit.
I find it easier & less invasive to log on to my bank account than some of these games.
Electronic Arts is even worse.
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Buy it if you DARE!

 | No, I would not recommend this product.
Created: 05/07/12
I was excited when this game was going to be released and waited well over 10 yrs for this game to come out!

But after awhile of playing the game.. i realized that its no longer fun like D2 LOD version .. this new version which has been taken over by WoW makers have ruined my D3 experience.

Theres no more trade with players in game and games are Maxed at 4 players each time in a game.

There isnt a games list anymore so you cannot just look for specific games to join.

Trading has taken a new twist and is now called Auction House, Which youll need to exit the game and then proceed to "Auction House"

Theyve also added a new Level to those who are strong, So D2 LOD was Normal - Nightmare - Hell and in D3 now has Inferno which is ultimately hard! or shall i say insanely HARD!!

Many things have changed.. the story line etc and is very short.

Game play is somewhat fun but some Charcs will find it alil difficult in Hell mode.

Ive given up on D3 it is no longer fun like how it used to be..
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