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Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF Web Cam
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Huge disappointment compared to Logitech's other cams
I've had numerous different Logtech Webcams from the "Communicate" series of
products (look like tennis balls) and the QuickCam Pro for Notebooks, and
ha...Read more
Great webcam!
I'd been looking to purchase an HD webcam for some time and the Orbit in particular had caught my eye mainly because of the motorized tracking feature. While tracking is not a...Read more
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Product description

Product Identifiers
ModelQuickCam Orbit AF

Key Features
Web Camera TypePersonal Web Camera
Interface TypeUSB, USB 2.0
Video Capture Resolution1600 x 1200
Digital Video Capture Speed30 frames per second

Image Quality
Color Depth24 Bit
Still Image Resolution1600 x 1200

Included Features
Included AccessoriesDrivers/Software, USB Cable
RotationAutomatic Pan, Automatic Tilt
VoIP FeaturesSkype Certified, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger
Special FeaturesBuilt-in Motion Detection, Video Instant Messaging

Built-in MicrophoneBuilt In Microphone
Platform SearchPC

eBay Product ID: EPID71594134
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Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF Web Cam
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Huge disappointment compared to Logitech's other cams

Created: 16/12/10
I've had numerous different Logtech Webcams from the "Communicate" series of
products (look like tennis balls) and the QuickCam Pro for Notebooks, and
have been VERY pleased with all of them. I use them for video conferencing
and Skype video calls, and really appreciate those non-moving cameras'
"follow me" feature that smoothly keeps the image centered on me as I move, even though the camera itself cannot move. But of course, that feature only works so far, because the camera has a limited field of view, and cannot move.

I thought the Orbit cam, with its motorized pan and tilt, would be a step up. I expected it would smoothly follow me throughout its potentially much wider field of view, enabling me to move around more and still stay in the picture. I also expected it to keep me in focus better, since it has an auto-focus feature, which the others all lacked.

I had to buy two of these units, because the first one I got was NOT an "AF" model. The seller had sold me a MUCH older model, claiming it was the latest AF model. But it obviously lacked the auto-focus (AF) parts so I had to return it and buy another item.

The item I finally bought on eBay seemed absolutely like brand new, in the original package with all the original materials, and not a hint of wear or
abuse. It setup easily, and the very latest Logitech Webcam software from their support site installed easily too. But the results were far inferior to any I've ever gotten with any Logitech cam in the past.

The follow-me motion is coarse and jerky, not fine and smooth. The camera is capable of fine smooth motion when it is operated manually, but when the automatic "follow me' feature is enabled, instead of smoothly and continuously following me, it moves in large "steps", of about 15 degrees each (6 steps to move 90 degrees). Often, when I move to the edge of the picture, it moves TWO steps, instead of one, shooting past me. It also has a tendency to tilt all the way down and look at my stomach instead of my face. There doesn't seem to be any way to coax it to come back to my face when it does that. I have no choice but to switch to manual positioning.

The one automatic piece that works fairly well is the auto focus. This really does improve the picture quality a lot, when it's working right. But even this feature occasionally requires manual intervention.

The best feature of this camera, for me, is the 9 inch long "neck" that holds the camera ball above the base. This positions the camera half way up the hight of my monitor, right in the middle from top to bottom. And I put it in front of the right edge of the monitor. The result is that when I'm looking at the monitor, the picture of me looks like I'm almost looking right at it, rather than it looking down on me from the top of the monitor, or over at me from the side. People tell me they like seeing me "straight on", rather than from above or below or the side.

I still use camera, but with completely manual positioning. I just get too frustrated with the follow me feature. I'm sure these positioning problems are software problems, since the camera is capable of fine smooth motions. I hope Logitech will produce another revision of their web cam software, that will still be compatible with the AF model, but I'm not holding my breath.

Even at a used eBay price, this is also easily the most expensive Logitech camera I've bought. I'd say it's not worth the extra money.
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Great webcam!

 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 06/05/11
I'd been looking to purchase an HD webcam for some time and the Orbit in particular had caught my eye mainly because of the motorized tracking feature. While tracking is not as smooth as I would've expected, it is nonetheless a handy feature. Picture quality is excellent when "Right Light" lighting correction is disabled but rather choppy when enabled. The microphone is excellent. This unit also come with a 9" stand which is a great option when sitting the cam on your desktop.
The software is typical Logitech fare - quite good overall.

While there are higher resolution webcams out there, some with even better audio, the Orbit, despite being a discontinued item, at 720p is one of the best options for your money.
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Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF Web Cam

Created: 19/02/11
I purchased a Logitech QuickCam. I received it on 2/18/2011. Installed it on my older laptop. It has a large View area as pictured on my screen and a sharp clear picture. I am very pleased with this purchase at this point. I have a very nice wide angle view/picture on my computer screen wherever the camera is aimed. I have not connected online with Logitech - Skype or Yahoo Messenger as of this writing, therefore I cannot comment further about this product at this time. After I purchased, and prior to receiving it, I have talked to other people that have also purchased this model quickcam new from Best Buy or other distributers. I was told that this model has a design flaw with the tracking feature. I will use it stationary for home use, family calls etc.. It will suffice for my needs. I am Pleased with it. If I were using it for Business Calls, The Tracking Design
Flaw would probably be frustrating and I would be angry. I cannot submit my review without giving this product a rating above - however it has some excellent features as wide view and crisp clear picture to below average and very poor features as tracking and design flaw. For my use it is excellent.
For someone else's use it might be very poor to worthless. All features and designs of a product should function properly when new as designed and intended.
If these features do not function when new, due to a design flaw the manufacturer will have some angry customers. I am not one of them.
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Voici mon avis sur cette cam logitech Orbit spère

Created: 03/11/10
Voici mon avis sur cette cam
C’est une Cam hd motorisée, elle couvre un champ de vision de 160°. Le rendu et la définition sont excellent, image nette, zoom rapide, mise au point convenable. Image très lumineuse même avec un faible éclairage.
Le plus de cette Cam
Elle peut être utilisée comme caméra de surveillance motorisée via logiciel spécialisé que ce soit
sur pc
Smartphone ( moi, j’ai un iphone et je me sert de My WebCam Broadcaster. EyeSpyFX ) En plus elle peut être dirigé via internet.
Le petit moins, avec le temps elle fait un peu plus de bruit quand elle tourne mais reste tout de même silencieuse

*Here's my view on this cam
Cam is a hd motorized, it covers a field of vision of 160 degrees. Rendering and definition are excellent, crisp, fast zoom, focus properly. Very bright picture even in low light.
Most of the Cam
It can be used as a surveillance camera motor via specialized software whatsoever
Smartphone (I have an iphone and I used the My WebCam Broadcaster. EyeSpyFX) Additionally, it can be conducted via the Internet.
The little less, over time it makes a little more noise when it spins but still remains silent
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Clear Cam!

Created: 11/01/10
The logitech quickcam, has one of the sharpest pictures i have seen, and the auto focus, works great. I would say the only thing that doesn't work great is the tracking, it can't track me at all, i will have to buy more memory just to be sure its not me, but other then that, its still a great cam, and the still pictures, works as well as a digital snap camera, great work Logitech. the software that comes with it still needs work, its not always online, when it should be. but yahoo messenger should push this cam because it works even better with yahoo messenger 10. still again, Great work logitech.
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