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Mass Effect 3  (Xbox 360, 2012)
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Bioware's original space-opera trilogy concludes with Mass Effect 3, in the signature RPG-shooter style of its predecessors. Players resume the role of series protagonist Comm...Read more
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Don't buy it for anything more than $20.
I have played all three Mass Effect games and have loved them. The Mass Effect series is my second favorite series. However, this game is extremely disappointing. The game is ...Read more
A good game with a seriously flawed ending. 70/100 (-25 of 30 for ending)
Despite the 3/5 rating, I do recommend this game with one very important caveat I'll address shortly. To provide some context, readers should know I've played ME1, ME2 (inclu...Read more
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Mass Effect 3  (Xbox 360, 2012)Mass Effect 3  (Xbox 360, 2012)Mass Effect 3  (Xbox 360, 2012)Mass Effect 3  (Xbox 360, 2012)Mass Effect 3  (Xbox 360, 2012)Mass Effect 3  (Xbox 360, 2012)
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Product description

Product Information
Bioware's original space-opera trilogy concludes with Mass Effect 3, in the signature RPG-shooter style of its predecessors. Players resume the role of series protagonist Commander Shepard, once again customizable in appearance and character development. Combat is made more challenging by smarter computer-controlled opponents that adjust their tactics in the middle of a fight. An increased emphasis on melee and movement leads to closer, more furious battles. Players chart the course of the adventure, by traveling to remote planets and choosing which missions to attempt.

Decimated by a force of soulless invaders, known only as the Reapers, the human race is on the brink of extinction. It is left to the player to ply influence, make alliances, and discover the galactic secrets that are the last hope for human survival. Players have the option to import saved data from both previous Mass Effect games, in order to continue their own personalized narratives, or to start fresh with a new iteration of the hero. Shepard adventures along with a diverse crew of specialists, also customizable by the player. Weapons can be upgraded with scopes, grips, and other looted parts.

For the first time in the series a multiplayer mode is included. Up to four players can team up online to face off against the computer-controlled opponents and gain experience with which to upgrade their characters. Leveing up in the game's online mode also impacts the single-player game by increasing the user's "Galaxy at War Readiness" rating.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameMass Effect 3
UPC014633195859, 886162494204

Key Features
PlatformXbox 360

Tech Details
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1-4
Release Year2012
Game Special Features
  • Steer the fate of humankind in the conclusion of Bioware's sci-fi epic

  • Embark on a player-driven, intergalactic adventure, against all odds

  • Increased focus on melee and movement for intense close combat

  • Chart your destiny in the customized role of Commander Shepard

  • Game SeriesMass Effect Series

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    Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360, 2012)
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    Don't buy it for anything more than $20.

     | No, I would not recommend this product.
    Created: 18/03/12
    I have played all three Mass Effect games and have loved them. The Mass Effect series is my second favorite series. However, this game is extremely disappointing. The game is great up until the last hour when you "take back" Earth. It was nothing as expected or advertised. I expected to have an ending that was a blend of ME1 and ME2. This means that I expected to have epic space and land battles where I had to make ethical decisions that impacted the game. The ending was nothing like this. It was basically the same as any other mission, and you get to make a "choice" at the end. There are three options, and they are all bad options with the same video ending. The video makes no sense, answers no questions, provides no closure, and is an insult to all of the fans of Mass Effect. I basically have two big problems with the game. One, the ending is too ambiguous which doesn't provide any answers or satisfaction. Two, the ending is anti-climatic which means that it is boring and not fitting for a Mass Effect game and especially for the end of a trilogy.
    I have a third problem, but it is not with the game. The third problem is with the developer. Bioware has made some unethical, greedy business decisions lately. It started with their decision to make KOTOR into an MMO instead of a console release. They knew that they would make more money with it as an MMO. I won't get into why I hate MMOs and how they are destroying the RPG genre. Bioware has recently "dumbed down" other RPG games like Dragon Age II to appeal to the masses. This brings us to ME3. There are two issues with ME3. First, there is a code required to play the multiplayer. This is done to make more money from people who rent or buy used. Second, they are releasing a DLC with the "true" ending, and they will charge $10 for this DLC. They made this false ending that no one likes so they could force everyone to buy the DLC with the "true" ending. This is also done to make more money at the expense of loyal fans. I paid full price ($60) for what I thought was a finished product. I was wrong. It is not finished, and I have to pay more money to finish it. All of their business decisions are fueled by pure greed for money at this point.
    Do yourself a favor and don't waste your money on this game. If you are a fan of ME1 and ME2, then buy the game later. Wait for it to be $20 which won't be long. I bet that it will be $20 by this summer.
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    A good game with a seriously flawed ending. 70/100 (-25 of 30 for ending)

     | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
    Created: 07/06/12
    Despite the 3/5 rating, I do recommend this game with one very important caveat I'll address shortly. To provide some context, readers should know I've played ME1, ME2 (including all DLC missions), and ME3 many times over several years on the Xbox 360. I've played both Shepard genders (though I have a bias toward the FemShep) and all classes (soldier, adept, etc.). In short, I'm reasonably well versed on the ME series. To provide a more accurate rating, If I had 100 points to work with I'd give ME3 a score of 70 or 3.5 out of 5). I'll summarize the good and bad below with a necessary spoiler at the end:

    * Superb graphics and sound
    * Good levels in general and a few amazing ones (the battle on Palaven's moon and fight to the Shroud on Tuchanka come to mind).
    * On the subject of levels, I really liked the inclusion of height via stairs and terrain. Movement up or down was easy to traverse and made level navigation more interesting.
    * Movement mechanics are improved over ME2 (movement in and out of cover, combat rolls, etc. though some practice is required to leverage it most effectively.
    * ME3 is the best of the series in terms of balancing customization of weapons and armor.
    * I like the requirement to balance weapon choice versus power recharge speed.
    * At a fundamental level, ME3 has a solid story based on the events of ME1 and ME2.
    * The play was very emotional for me the first time I played ME3 given the fate of many of the characters from ME2 (not to mention entire races). Further, the game genuinely surprised me on multiple occasions with unexpected events.
    * I liked the return and participation all of all characters from ME1 and ME2 (assuming they survived these games of course).

    * With a couple of exceptions (Female Krogan Shaman and to a lesser extent, Samantha Treynor), the new characters in ME3 are weak. The reporter (aka "Slim Snookie"), and James Vega are little more than boy/girl toys respectively.
    * The game should have allowed more time via cut scenes to show the effect of allies you obtained during the final battle in Earth orbit and London. The game only hints at this for a few seconds. For example, if the Destiny Ascension participates Bioware should have shown it getting some payback (reference ME1) on a Reaper or two. In London, it would have been nice to see combinations of various races (say Krogan and Turians) take it to Reaper ground forces and perhaps show them in the background helping your squad from time to time.
    * Minor bugs (though not nearly as obtrusive as those in ME2) such as "invisible" characters (voice minus character image), and rare game freezes requiring a reboot.

    Simply put, the final 15-20 minutes of ME3 was awful. The ending is basically broken into two parts, a land battle (which was fine), and a vocal confrontation with a quasi-omnipotent "Star Child" on the Citadel. A lot of ink has been spilled on this subject so I'll summarize with two points:
    1: The Star Child's logic concerning organic-synthetic existence is seriously flawed, yet Shepard can't call the SC on it. As a result, Shepard is only presented with three false options that he/she would never choose given the events of ME1 and ME2.
    2: Shepard dies no matter what (if you only play single player), and I have a serious problem with this. A happy ending should have been an option given th
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    Emotionally riveting story and characters and intense action!

     | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
    Created: 26/03/12
    I found this title to be one of the most rewarding video game experiences I've ever had. I have played Mass Effect 1 and 2, so its difficult for me to separate my feelings about the game from the story as a whole and judge it as a stand alone title. So keep that in mind.

    In Mass Effect 3 we find a very dramatic conclusion to many of the subplots that have surfaced throughout the franchise. Most of this is done through returning characters that you'll enjoy seeing and largely depends upon a lot of your previous decisions from Mass Effect 1 and 2. After having some discussions with friends its been pretty amazing to me to hear about how their stories diverged from my own on many of the subplots. We see quite a bit of character evolution for some of our old friends, so that was very satisfying.

    The combat/action was a great deal of fun as well. It amazes me that BioWare has largely squeezed a very strong third person shooter with cover system into an RPG. They've done this since the beginning of the franchise but it has gotten cleaner and more enjoyable with each title in my opinion. As an RPG fan of old (and when I say of old, I mean back to the early Ultimas) its nice to see that they have maintained the tactical portion of RPG combat as well. Through cover, directing your squadmates, and the use of various biotics and powers to overcome diverse combat challenges you end up with a very fun but tactical combat system.

    It wouldn't be a Mass Effect 3 review without mentioning the ending I suppose. I was aware of the outcry about the ending before I actually got to the ending. And I'm a pretty forgiving person when it comes to stuff like this so I honestly expected to get to it and come away feeling like the reaction was exaggerated. Well, I have to say I was a little let down. I was by no means outraged by it though. A lot of folks didn't like the subject matter of the ending and felt there were plot holes. I fall less into that crowd. I found the subject to be largely thought provoking and the more I've dwelled upon it the more it has grown on me. I was disappointed that there wasn't a nice big epilogue to send the series out on though. What we end up with is an ending that throws some interesting decision making at you and then trails off with about a minute worth of epilogue. I felt that could have been much stronger, but overall it was an okay ending.

    A quick note on multiplayer. I don't play multiplayer so didn't even look at it and can't comment on it. I will say this one negative thing about it though. It appears that there is a cut scene in the ending that cannot be achieved by playing singleplayer alone. I found this to be unfortunate, knowing that I wouldn't be playing multiplayer. BioWare had stated that all endings would be possible through single player alone but it appears that either there's a bug in the way your final score is calculated or they overlooked this detail when making that statement. So, a bummer, but not too major.

    I considered docking a star for the multiplayer/singleplayer issue I mentioned and for the ending because I do think it could have been expanded upon with more epilogue. But I can't do it, simply because its such a small portion of the game and the remainder may quite possibly have been the best gaming I've ever had. I view the entire game as a wrapup to the series, with many subplots getting some phenomenally well crafted attention. So overall I found it to be a strong conclusion to the trilogy.
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    Ties the series in a nice bow, with lens flare.

     | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
    Created: 04/10/13
    I loved the first two, so I had to buy the third. I've heard alot of awful things about this game (particularly the ending), but decided to trust that it would be good anyway. I was pleasantly surprised at how amazingly enjoyable this game was. The graphics are breathtaking, the dialogue is intriguing, and the cinematography is just as good as, if not better than, anything playing in multiplexes right now. Bioware seemed to take the best from both games and smack them together into this one. Many elements that made the first game good are seen in this one, as with the second. There are even new features such as playing Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit with the Reapers. The only thing I'm not too fond of is the "Theater of War" concept, because I feel it wasn't explained very well in the game and ended up confusing me more than providing entertainment, which is what a game is for in the first place. That being said, many other things are streamlined and make for an easier and more enjoyable overall game experience. The secondary missions have just as much work put into them as the priority ones, which is good considering the dull repetition of planet landings from the first game. ALL of the missions, regardless of relation to the primary storyline, are done in a highly-stylized cinematic format, so there's not alot of wandering around or scanning planets. However, you can always get an in-depth look at the planets within each system and read their facts and figures if you want to, but it's not as important in this game as it is with the others. The focus here is action and dialogue, two of the things that made this game so entertaining and playable in a world that had either one of the two, but never both.
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    It's An Heart-Wrenching Game....Loved It!!

     | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
    Created: 08/11/13
    To start off, there will be a lot of people who are upset about the ending, but if you download Extended Cut--which is free--it will wrap everything up nicely. So to dock this amazing game off a few points due to the ending is silly.

    Combat and Weapons: The combat is similar to ME2. But you can't go and buy a bunch of weapons unless if you have money to shill out at the Spectre Office. You need to find them. Which means having a careful eye.

    Medi-Gels: You can heal Shepard this time!!! Yay!!

    Sprinting: You can sprint too! And you don't get tired like you do in ME2.

    Redundancy: There really isn't any. Perhaps the planets, but since there is no mining in this game, then you don't really notice it.

    Mining: I did say there was no mining, right? BEST part of the game. There is a bunch of scanning for War Assets but it's relatively simple. The best part is having to try and escape the Reapers when the bar gets too full.

    Kind of like a fun mini-game.

    Forced Main-Quests: There are none. You go at your own pace. I'd recommend doing everything before the final assault though.

    Crew-Mates:...This is really hard to talk about because I teared up a few times. Some will be with you and some won't. If you romanced one, then be in for a tough time. It's even tougher if you didn't romance anyone until the 3rd game (i.e. me).

    DLC: I would recommend getting all of them. If anything, I would get Leviathan (because it's interesting and part of the story) as well as Citadel (a break-off from the story and a great DLC to play before the end-game). Omega was boring to me.

    Load Times: Not bad. Tolerable.

    Story-Line: Well, you know the Reapers have begun their assault. And if you've played Arrival in ME2, you would know that it would have been sooner.

    But the main plot of this game is to see if Shepard is able to bring the galaxy together and what to do with the reapers.

    Basically, it's a game that brought out raw emotions in me. I have always been emotionally attached to Shepard since I played ME1 and watched him grow into the Paragon that he is. I hope there's a DLC in ME4 that has something to do with Shepard...and that's all I'll say.
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