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Metal Gear Solid  (Sony PlayStation 1, 1...
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The struggling armed nation of Outer Heaven and the remaining members of Fox-Hound have captured a nuclear weapons facility on the coast of Alaska. They're demanding that the ...Read more
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Metal Gear Solid 1 2 3 4
Metal Gear Solid
This game is excellent Metal Gear Solid is set in 2005,where a genetically enhanced next-generation special forces unit commanded by FOXHOUND lead an ar...Read more
Metal Gear Solid
In the lightning fast world of technology this game is pretty much ancient.But gold is gold no matter how old it is. The only reason I didn't give it a perfect score is becaus...Read more

Product description

Product Information
The struggling armed nation of Outer Heaven and the remaining members of Fox-Hound have captured a nuclear weapons facility on the coast of Alaska. They're demanding that the American government hand over the remains of Big Boss, something/someone a special-forces agent destroyed twice. If their demands are not met within a 24 hour time period, the terrorists will launch a series of nuclear warheads.

Unfortunately, there is more to the story. Not only have they infiltrated the weapons facility, but they have also captured two key hostages -- the DARPA Chief Donald Anderson and the President of ArmsTech, Kenneth Baker. They are being interrogated for vital information regarding the government's plans and technology to construct a new destructive device.

Solid Snake is the special-forces agent that destroyed Big Boss twice and foiled Outer Heaven's plans. Hired on a mission to mission basis, he works alone; infiltrating compounds and practicing stealth to overcome his objectives. After destroying Big Boss a second time at the Zanzibar Riot of 1999, he retired in Alaska...or so he thought.

Because of the current crisis with stolen nuclear warheads, Roy Campbell, the commander of the operation, has contacted Solid Snake and asked him to help out. His mission description was brief and to the point: infiltrate the weapons storage facility; rescue the DARPA Chief and the President of ArmsTech; and destroy any special weapons being created by the terrorists. Reluctantly, Snake accepted the mission and infiltrated the base.

Thus is the premise of Konami's PlayStation update of Metal Gear Solid. Assuming the role of Solid Snake, players must overthrow the terrorist organization using a variety of weapons and stealth. The latter is very important as that he must remain unseen by any means necessary; if the guards or various members of Fox-Hound find him, the mission will be terminated and the warheads will be launched.

Remaining unseen will be a difficult task as guards patrol areas of the base and security cameras line the ceilings/halls. In order to succeed, Snake cannot run into the open; by doing so, he will activate security alarms and will be met with heavy resistance.

Because he's working alone, this is unacceptable. Instead, Snake must pick the perfect time to strike; as a guard's back is turned, run up to him and either throw him or break his neck. When dealing with security cameras, he must wait until the camera's line of vision is positioned in such a way that he can sneak past.

Fortunately, players are provided with a radar detector that picks up guard movements/field of visions, security camera positions, and a rough map of the general area. When unwanted contact occurs with either a security camera or guard, the radar goes into Alert mode. Snake must then either confront his attackers or find a hiding place. If he can avoid the guards, the radar switches to Evasion mode (the guards cannot find Snake) and will eventually give him use of the radar.

Though he's working alone, Snake does have a few eyes and ears watching over him via Codec, a transmission/communication device. By tuning it to different frequencies, players can converse with various members helping out on the mission. Roy Campbell and Naomi Hunter provide mission information, Mei Ling offers ancient proverbs and saves your game, Natasha Romanenko is a military/weapons expert, and Master Miller is one of Solid Snake's old friends and knows a lot about the environment. More become available throughout the duration of the game.

There are also a variety of weapons and helpful items laying around the weapons base. Players are provided with a wide range of weaponry including the SOCOM semi-automatic pistol, FA-MAS assault rifle, C4 explosives, a variety of specialty hand grenades, the NIKITA remote controlled missile launcher, and a few more.

Items include cardboard boxes for hiding purpo

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameMetal Gear Solid
UPC083717170310, 083717170631, 401292702006

Key Features
PlatformSony PlayStation 1

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorAnimated Blood and Gore, Animated Violence, Mature Sexual Themes
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1
Release Year1998
Game SeriesMetal Gear Series

eBay Product ID: EPID2926
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Metal Gear Solid (Sony PlayStation 1, 1998)
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Metal Gear Solid 1 2 3 4

Created: 17/01/09
Metal Gear Solid
This game is excellent Metal Gear Solid is set in 2005,where a genetically enhanced next-generation special forces unit commanded by FOXHOUND lead an armed uprising on a remote island in Alaska's Fox Archipelago. This island, codenamed Shadow Moses, is the site of a nuclear weapons disposal facility. The forces that seized this island have acquired the nuclear-capable mecha Metal Gear REX, and are threatening the US government with a nuclear reprisal if they do not receive the remains of the "legendary mercenary" Big Boss within 24 hours

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Sons of Liberty opens on the George Washington Bridge in New York City, in 2007, two years after the Shadow Moses incident, the events of the original Metal Gear Solid. Solid Snake and Otacon, now members of the non-governmental organization Philanthropy, are investigating the development of a new Metal Gear consistently described as being amphibious and having been designed as a counter-Metal Gear unit which have been built since Metal Gear REX's design was leaked. Shortly after Snake's arrival on the disguised oil tanker U.S.S. Discovery, a group of Russian terrorists under the command of Russian nationalist Sergei Gurlukovich attack the ship. After sneaking up to the bridge, Snake encounters Olga, Sergei's daughter, who has refused to leave the tanker despite being pregnant.
After he successfully tranquilizes her in combat, Snake sneaks down to the hold in order to record pictures of the new Metal Gear, RAY. Matters rapidly escalate as Revolver Ocelot betrays and murders Sergei Gurlukovich. It is revealed that Ocelot has received a new arm after Metal Gear Solid, that of the late Liquid Snake, which via unknown means causes a change in Revolver Ocelot's demeanor and behavior, with Liquid somehow 'possessing' him. Under Liquid's control he sinks the tanker, and escapes with RAY before regaining command of his body.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Metal Gear Solid 3 is set during the Cold War in 1964, where a CIA agent, codenamed "Naked Snake", is sent to the jungles of the Soviet Union. Aided over radio by Major Zero, Para-Medic, and his former mentor The Boss, his mission is to rescue a defecting Soviet scientist named Sokolov who is secretly developing an advanced nuclear-equipped tank called the "Shagohod." The mission goes smoothly until The Boss defects and provides her new benefactor Colonel Volgin with two Davy Crockett miniature nuclear shells. Sokolov is captured by the Cobra Unit and Snake is heavily injured in combat by The Boss, allowing Volgin and his cohorts to escape with Sokolov. Volgin detonates one of the nuclear shells to cover up its theft, which is subsequently blamed on The Boss.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Set in 2014, five years after the "Big Shell Incident" (the events of the Plant Chapter from Metal Gear Solid 2), Metal Gear Solid 4 portrays a world where PMCs have effectively replaced the world's standing armies, fighting proxy wars for business purposes. Nanotechnology has become prominent, both to enhance the capabilities and enforce the loyalty of mercenaries. The nanomachine system that PMCs use is called "Sons of the Patriots" or "SOP." The five largest of these PMCs are owned by a single mother company named Outer Heaven, operated by Liquid Ocelot. Amassing an army whose manpower rivals that of the United States, Liquid prepares to launch an armed insurrection by taking control of SOP
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Metal Gear Solid

Created: 01/12/10
In the lightning fast world of technology this game is pretty much ancient.But gold is gold no matter how old it is. The only reason I didn't give it a perfect score is because graphically it cannot compete with the cutting edge games of today. Everything about this game is on par with games being released today. Don't expect an absolute rambo style experience via counter strike or other first person "twitch" shooters. MGS is all about tactical combat. Don't expect to fight 500 enemies at once. Expect to use stealth and precise killing techniques to over come your adversaries.Also don't expect to just be fighting other soldiers either. Evading detection and using sly technology blend together with just enough heavy firepower and cqb action. The first time you play thru you'll be on the edge of your seat desperatly trying to complete your mission, but the second time around hours of fun can be had for the operator who wants to explore the game more deeply and have some fun figuring out devious ways to disable your opponents other than the ever popular "headshot". The A.I. in this game is probably the grandfather of A.I. as we know it. Other games before it may have had A.I. but none that I can think of contained the depth and feel that you are actually up against an army of well trained soldiers. Of course even the most well trained soldiers are only human and subject to certain vices which is part of the fun when figuring out ways to take them out. If you are coming into playing this without having any of the gameplay challenges spoiled expect to have to think out side of the box to surpass some of the games more unique "puzzles". All in all this is the game that put the MGS series on the map, despite having other previous titles that were also cutting edge in their time on older systems and having a very succesful line of games for multiple platforms. If you are still reading this and you have never played MGS go get it right now you won't regret it. 9/10
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Metal Gear Solid

Created: 29/01/08
I hadn't got into the MGS series until right at the begging of 2008. My friend bought a copy and absolutely loved it. He invited me to play it and I was blown away. Despite its age, MGS has an innovative was of presenting itself that is unique to the series. (ie. when a boss named "Psycho Mantis" reads your mind. It tells you a summary of how you have been playing and tells you other games you have played by Konami) All the items you get while playing the game also give it a realism. Plus you can't help but laugh at Hideo Kojima's perverted sense of humor. On top of everything, The storyline is very detailed and in depth right from the start.
There are some downsides to the game though: One word, cutscenes. They may be interesting but they are too long for many peoples' attention spans. The overhead camera system is hard to get used to and makes the game frustrating on harder difficulties (when you have no radar). The AI, while great for a PSX game, have some serious flaws. The biggest one I see is even when you are hiding behind cover (that isn't a wall) the enemy can still see you.
At first, this game may be pretty frustrating, even on easy, but once you get used to the gameplay and camera angle, it is an awesome experience I would recommend to anyone who enjoys games with unique, but fun, playing styles, innovative puzzles with items that you wouldn't normally expect to use to solve a situation, and quirky yet humorous events. This is definitely a love it or hate it game.
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Metal Gear Solid

Created: 07/06/06
This game is a gem amongst the sea of good to decent Playstation games. It surges out in a new direction of sneaking, and stealth missions, making the game one long, intense mission. With an captivating and always surprising storyline, you never know where you will find Snake next, and it is sure to make anyone who plays it through a fan.

I bought it a while back, and lost it in a move. I still follow the storylines and games till today, and bought this one off ebay for like $4 I believe. Any game store around my house charged 10 TIMES THAT. $40 for it!?!

Must be pretty good. There is a huge fanbase, ranging from people that strictly play sports games, moving to break someone's neck in the game, to your average non-gamer that just likes the plot. Even your RPGer will drop his controller at a chance for this game. I am happy I saw this in time, and it was a great buy, at a definite steal of a price.

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Super duper awesome game

Created: 11/12/10
Great Game.

Metal Gear Solid follows Solid Snake, a soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from FOXHOUND, a renegade special forces unit.[7] Snake must liberate two hostages, the head of DARPA and the president of a major arms manufacturer, confront the terrorists, and stop them from launching a nuclear strike.[8]

Metal Gear Solid was very well-received, shipping more than six million copies,[9] and scoring an average of 94 out of 100 on the aggregate website Metacritic.[10] It is recognized by many critics as one of the best and most important games of all time,[11][12] heralded as the game which made the stealth genre popular. The commercial success of the title prompted the release of an expanded version for the PlayStation and PC, titled Metal Gear Solid: Integral;[13] and a remake, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes was later released for the Nintendo GameCube.[14][15] The game has also spawned numerous sequels, prequels and spin-offs, including several games, a radio drama, comics, and novels.
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