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Sonic Adventure 2 (Sega Dreamcast, 2001)
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Strapped into his snowboard he sky-surfs from a helicopter hovering high above, down to the city streets below. He grinds down a long rail with pro-skater skill. He zips down ...Read more
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A True Jump to 3D?
When I first played Sonic Adventure, Emerald Coast blew me away. It was the most visually stunning, dream-like, bright, happy, brilliant, inspiring, innovating, imaginative le...Read more
Probably the single best 3D Sonic game.
I liked the slight consolidation of genres from the previous entry in the series, that one tried to do too many things and did most of them quite poorly just to showcase the D...Read more

Sonic Adventure 2 (Sega Dreamcast, 2001)

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Sonic Adventure 2 (Sega Dreamcast, 2001)
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Product description

Product Information
Strapped into his snowboard he sky-surfs from a helicopter hovering high above, down to the city streets below. He grinds down a long rail with pro-skater skill. He zips down a steep hill at blinding speed, knocking opposing traffic left and right, with an enormous, free-wheeling semi truck right on his tail the whole way. And that's literally just the beginning. Sonic's back to collect more rings and rescue captured critters, all in full 3D and faster than ever.

While the first Sonic Adventure encouraged lots of role-playing and exploration, this sequel features a stronger focus on the high-speed action that is a cornerstone of the Sonic games. There are still important opportunities for character development and interaction, however. Sonic gets advice from little robot chaos found in different places around the levels. He gains bonus points for performing particularly impressive tricks and these can be used to unlock special secrets.

The hurried hedgehog is joined by some of his old friends in Sonic Adventure 2. Knuckles shows up to offer his spunky brand of action and attitude. The nefarious and enduring Dr. Robotnik makes an appearance too, but the real villain in this adventure may be its newest character; a dark, mysterious hedgehog whose speed and abilities might even rival those of Sonic himself.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
PublisherSega of America, Inc.
GameSonic Adventure 2

Key Features
PlatformSega Dreamcast

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorViolence
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1-2
Release Year2001

eBay Product ID: EPID5750
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Sonic Adventure 2 (Sega Dreamcast, 2001)
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A True Jump to 3D?

Created: 26/03/07
When I first played Sonic Adventure, Emerald Coast blew me away. It was the most visually stunning, dream-like, bright, happy, brilliant, inspiring, innovating, imaginative level I have seen in any video game. It wasn't hard to finish, but an extreme challenge to get all the rings, and beat the level in a competetive time. Who could forget that Killer Whale scene? It was brilliant. The music was perfect. This level screamed Sonic. The robots actually resembled animals. The other levels were fun too. I would give it a 4/5. Story sucked, voice acting sucked, and adventure fields sucked. Music kicked ass (except some places like Mystic Ruins).

Sonic Adventure 2 was absolutely horrible. The only good parts of the game, were playing as Sonic or Shadow, and even those levels were bland. The music was extremely bad. Sega didn't even make their own music. They just took some stupid skator music, and based the level on that. The first level was way too skator for me. I felt like a white skator playing that level. Not to say that skators are bad, but Sonic was never meant to be linked with a skator-type atmoshpere. Sonic had his own, magical, innovating, original atmosphere. The robots were hidious. They were humanoid. They were supposed to be animal-looking. The first level was cool, except for the music, and the skator-linked level design. The big truck part got really old if you played the level more than once. Graphics were excellent, but I am not watching a movie here, I am playing a game.

The story line is awful. Who the **** is Maria? I almost cried when useless characters, like Maria, Amy, Dr. Robotnik's (not Eggman. WTF is Eggman?) grandfather, Rouge, and a few other, ugly characters made their appearances. The rap music in the Knuckle's stages were absolutely horrible. The Tails/Eggman's levels were extremely boring and repetitive. The Rouge/Knuckles stages were boring, and pointless. I want to play as Sonic (or maybe Shadow), not Tail's stupid walking machine. Rouge should not exist. Knuckles should not exist. Dr. Robotnik should not have been a playable character. Tails should have followed Sonic as traditionally. Shadow is the only exception. He was cool. The boss battles were horrible. Why can't Dr. Robotnik be the bosses on each level?

They should have made the game more traditionally linked to the Genesis games. There is no magic in Sonic Adventure 2 as there was in Sonic Adventure, or the Genesis games.

There is only one level, and one level only, that blew me away, just like Emerald Coast in Sonic Adventure. It was Green Hill zone. This is what a true 3D Sonic level should have been. This = Sonic. Not Pumpkin Mountain, with the worst music, worst gameplay, with an ugly character such as Knuckles.

Emerald Coast and Green Hill zone got it 100% right with the 3D Sonic games. Everything else was an utmost dissapointment. It's giant mistakes like this that have ruined Sonic. Sonic used to be cool. He stood out from the rest. Sonic, Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong, ruled video games for the longest time. Mario and Zelda just got better. Donkey Kong stopped after Donkey Kong 64. And Sonic went down hill. Crash Bandicoot joined the mascot kings, until he plumited just like Sonic.

When you grow up with certain video game characters, and see them fall so low, that I would rather play Jak 2 or Jak 3 (horrible, horrible games, that insulted Jak 1), rather than the newer Sonic games, than that is just simply devestating.
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Probably the single best 3D Sonic game.

Created: 15/04/10
I liked the slight consolidation of genres from the previous entry in the series, that one tried to do too many things and did most of them quite poorly just to showcase the Dreamcast's then awe-inducing processing power and many of the system's features (like the Chao characters introduced in order to support the Visual Memory Unit by slapping a Tamagotchi knock-off into a 3D platformer). It's much tighter, speedier, less buggy, runs much more smoothly and generally has better collision detection and camera work (save for some punctual sections in some stages, like the narrow corridors in Aquatic Mine), and in some aspects it's also more challenging than the first Adventure.

I disliked the lack of enemy variety between stages; the "recycling" of multiple stage assets (Eggman's Weapons Bed is a retooling of Sonic's Metal Harbor, Shadow's Sky Rail is Knuckles' Pumpkin Hill, you get the idea) probably because of storage constraints due to the Dreamcast's GD-ROM format; the control setup could have used some work, like separating actions such as somersault/spin dash and the light dash and assign them to different buttons; the horrible and completely out of place Chao gardens are still there, now in the form of the "Chao World"; and in general this is one of the less "sonicy" games in the series, it gets pretty bleak and lacks the aesthetic creativity of previous titles, like the original Mega Drive/Genesis game, Sonic CD and even Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

Overall it is a better game than its direct predecessor, but there are many good reasons for old school fans to despise it because of how many of the series' defining features it lacked, how many of Adventure's failings it carries, and how many of the series' current vices it introduced. In any case, at this point these are just quibbles over an undeniably polished, unique, mostly fun game.

The last Sonic game for a Sega system is, somewhat fittingly, also probably one of the last really good Sonic games.
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Sonic Adventure 2 Review

 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 01/07/12
Sonic Adventure 2 is the sequel to the hit game Sonic Adventure. This time around, Sonic and friends must defeat not only Dr. Robotnik but two newcomer foes by the names of Rouge the Bat, and perhaps the more dangerous of the two, Shadow the Hedgehog. While it doesn't offer an open world experience like the first installment in the Adventure series, it does offer an upgrade on the Chao garden system which now almost serves as the open world experience. In addition, players can now choose to play as either the heroes (Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna) or the villains (Shadow the Hedgehog, Dr. Robotnik, Rouge the Bat) and play the story from either perspective. Many fans regard this game as the greatest 3D Sonic game of all time, and considering just how fantastically it's held up, that's no surprise. I would give this game 9.9/10 stars.
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Above Average,

Created: 30/07/10
This game is above average. The Sonic and Shadow stages are the best in the entire game. These stages are the most creative and can offer multiple routes at times to help you reach the goal. Usually they are very fast paced and look amazing. Tails and Eggman stages can get repetitive and are very straightforward. Knuckles and Rouge stages are kind of open areas that you treasure hunt in. Some are kind of small and others are kind of vast. They are generally not too exciting and can be tedious. The Chao World is not too bad. It is slow and it takes a lot of chaos drives for Chao to have decent abilities. Raising Chao to win races can take quite awhile. The controls are mostly accurate. Sometimes the game can mess up at times and ignore or misread your controller inputs. Example, when playing as Sonic or Shadow you will homing attack at an enemy and will not hit them; even though you pointed your control stick in their direction. Camera angles are the major annoyance that grinds my gears the most. It seems kind of fixed and resists being moved by the triggers. This is very annoying when trying to find certain upgrades or secrets in the game. The story is not really that great and far out there, along with depressing and to serious for a Sonic game. Overall it’s an above average game that makes a good addition to a Dreamcast library.
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A must own for all sonic fans.

 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 22/08/11
With an IGN rating of 9.2 you know this game is going to be good. Although not really an "adventure" like the first game its definitely one to check out, especially if you are a big sonic fan. Even if you are not, the high speeds, interesting obstacles, and creative environments will put you into awe.

The only thing that might grind your gears is there voice acting, which surprisingly, never bothered me. If you are purchasing this game for a young fan I am positive they wont care, as for me, I liked the voice acting, but than again when you get all wrapped up in how awesome a game is you tend to forget a few things.

The levels are fun and sometimes challenging and the music will stay ingrained in your mind into your later years (in a good way).

There are three different parts to this game, racing, shooting, and treasure hunting.
while my favorite is of course steering sonic/shadow through levels as fast as I could a close second was navigating these large levels trying to find the next clue to the whereabouts of the master emerald shard, chaos emerald, or key. If you have a little bit of sense you can easily understand the riddles.
With Eggman/Tails you have to shoot things, and with there lock-on laser this does get a bit boring, but once you get to the later levels that definitely wont be so. and lastly,

These bosses are some you will remember for the rest of you life. period.

I still remember raising my controller up in glory when I defeated the final boss, I loved this game and I am certain you will too.
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