Dell PowerVault MD3000 SAS/SATA Controller Module DP/N: GY794

Dell Single Host EMM RAID controller module ND337 / GY794 / M999D / CN013 for Powervault  MD3000 storage arrays - New Pull

Each MD3000 will accept two of these RAID controller modules.

Hot swappable Single Host EMM / RAID controller module for Dell Powervault MD3000 Storage Arrays.  The Dell MD3000 will support up to 2 units of this RAID controller / EMM module.

Ports:  SFF8470 IN,  SFF8470 OUT, Ethernet Mgmt Port, 6pin maintenance port.

Alt DPN: 0ND337 GY794 0GY794 M999D 0M999D CN013 0CN013 59V6C 059V6C


Dell SAS SATA External EMM Interface Module for PowerVault MD3000 Storage Arrays. 

Dell Enclosure Managment Module with x1 SAS IN, x1 SAS OUT and x1 Ethernet Mgmt Port, 6pin console connection.

The Dell MD3000 storage enclosure contains two RAID controller modules. Both are hot-pluggable and can be removed and installed independently without shutting down the enclosure.

Supports Dell original SAS/SATA hard drives up to 2TB per disk