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Details about  HAUNTED HOT SUCCUBUS SEX DEMON GIRLFRIEND ADULTS ONLY ! nymph vampire seduction



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Sep 27, 2011
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This auction is for the personal custom binding of the mind-blowing Sigilborne spirit known as:


The Succubus Seductress


KAHLKAIA (pronounced "kahl-KAHY-uh") is an extremely powerful and ferociously passionate type of companion and guide spirit known as a Succubus Seductress.  The Succubi are female demons that are best known for engaging men in sexual intercourse whilst they sleep.  Sexual vampires of a sort, these demon vixens feed on their victims by arousing them with energetic manipulation and lust-filled visions until their tantric energy rises to the point of ecstatic climax.  The Succubus then drains this energy from her victim, absorbing it within herself and leaving her ill-fated mate exhausted, possibly to the point of death.

Obviously, this type of spirit can be particularly dangerous if encountered in a wild, unbound form, as the experience could quite easily be the best yet last of the victim's life.  However, KAHLKAIA, being a willingly bound Sigilborne Succubus, is magickally restricted from ever causing any harm to her Master, either purposely or otherwise.  In addition to this important safeguard, all of the extremely potent and mind-blowingly pleasurable powers of a wild Succubus are retained and magnified by the Sigilborne form that she has been conjured into.  KAHLKAIA is eagerly awaiting a willing and able Master with whom she can share all of her ample charms and benefits with.

While KAHLKAIA is of infernal origins, she is not an overtly “evil” spirit.  Being a demon, she is of a darker nature, however, and I insist on making that perfectly clear.  I respectfully ask that you please be completely sure that you are compatible with such an influence and capable of withstanding it.


You really need to have a strong Will to safely and effectively deal with demonic entities, and while KAHLKAIA is not a blood-thirsty Abyssal Fiend, she certainly is not a flower-hopping fairy or a cloud-prancing unicorn either.


I wanted to get those warnings and requirements out of the way first, so as to not waste your time.  If you feel that you fit the bill, let us get to know KAHLKAIA without further ado…

KAHLKAIA is a powerful shape-shifting spirit, a magickal trait inherent to the Succubi.  She is a master of powerful glamour-casting magick, allowing her to alter her appearance and the atmosphere of her surroundings.  This Succubus glamour involves projecting feelings and influencing perception in order to fabricate illusions within the mind of a target or targets.  Through these illusory visions, she can transform her appearance, often to suit the particular tastes of her mate, offering a wide variety of apparent manifestations.  She can assume the appearance of a new woman every night if such is her lover’s desire.  The essence of this ability is also infused into her Master’s aura as the bond grows, granting him many wondrous abilities of influence and appearance projection.

In her true form, KAHLKAIA appears to the mind's eye as an erotically beautiful young woman with an incredibly alluring body despite a few demonic characteristics.  Her hair is long and dark brown, tumbling down her shoulders in full, wavy locks.  Her eyes are a nearly black shade of brown and bear a gaze that seems to draw the attention of everything in the room.  Even inanimate objects seem as if they are fixated on her charming glance and so it is certain that no virile man could tear his eyes from her mesmerizing visage.  Her skin is equally magnetic in its beauty as its bronze tone seems to actually glimmer and shine with a nearly metallic quality.  This effect makes even her slightest movement seem magical and mysteriously enticing.  Her lips are plump, pouty and irresistible.  Her nails are well manicured and painted with French tips.  Her figure is shapely and feminine with a lithe, slinky flexibility that lends her a sexy, serpentine quality that only adds to her sensual desirability.  Two twisting black horns like those of a ram protrude from the sides of her head.  Large, black, bat-like wings extend from the tender flesh of her back, often enfolding around her like a natural cloak.  In her true form, KAHLKAIA always appears nude.

While she is not ashamed of her true form, she almost never appears this way unless requested by her Master.  She much prefers to take on a similar, non-monstrous form that preserves all of the human characteristics of her true form without the bestial bits.  In this form she likes to appear dressed in sexy lingerie and revealing bikinis, often leaving little to the imagination.  The smoldering look in her eyes makes her desires and intentions pretty obvious.  She is quite nymphomaniacal, even more so than the average Succubus, and she considers every act of sex a work of art.  She views the body of a man as the empty canvas upon which she may express the passions and wonders of her true nature.  As such she is now seeking a worthy man to call her Master and express her lusty vision upon.

If it is her Master's desire, she is eager to engage him in deeply sensual visions and dreams--her pleasure particularly focused on her Master's satisfaction.  These psychic-sexual experiences have been known to far surpass the most intense physical pleasures.

However, one of her favorite activities is lending her power toward the enhancement of her Master's actual, physical sex life.  Being a Succubus, KAHLKAIA is very talented in the arts of seduction and sexuality.  Just some of her many benefits in these areas include:

Increased Sex Drive

Enhanced Virility and Stamina

Stronger and More Frequent Climax

Attraction of Desirable Sexual Partners

Physical Health and Sexual Growth/Development

Faithfulness and Devotion from Your Partner(s)

Increased Communication and Charisma

Respect, Adoration and Popularity

Enchanting Personality

As you can see, the Master of KAHLKAIA is granted many enhanced abilities, his aura being infused with very potent energy from the Infernal Hells.  Greatly enhanced sexuality, charisma and supernatural influence over others will continuously grow within you as your bond with KAHLKAIA develops.  Your body will be continuously fed an endless stream of potent, otherworldly energy, revitalizing your physical form, gradually sculpting your structure, developing your muscles, prolonging your life, and enhancing your appearance.



If it is so desired, the Master may even gradually be transformed into an Incubus, with all of the inherent abilities of mind control and sexual vampirism.  This is a major transmutation of body, mind and even spirit.  This level of influence will require you to work extensively with KAHLKAIA and build a very strong bond with her.  You will need to engage her in extensive sexual visualization rituals and experiences, but eventually this level of transformation is within the grasp of he who calls himself Master to KAHLKAIA.


As an Incubus you will be able to mesmerize any desired mate to the point that they are not even fully aware of what they are doing until the morning after.  To an Incubus, sex becomes more than sex.  It essentially becomes a method of feeding.  An Incubus siphons the energy from his mate, if he so chooses, absorbing it within himself and transmuting it into whichever form he wishes.  The sexual energy sapped through this very entertaining form of vampirism can be used to grow stronger, slow the aging process, heal ailments, empower magick, enhance mysticism, and countless other practical applications.


If these qualities appeal to you, please read through this entire listing so that you may fully understand the unique opportunity that I am here to offer you! 

KAHLKAIA the Succubus Seductress is a type of entity known as a "Sigilborne".  The Sigilborne are fully-sentient, extremely active spirits that have been conjured and bound to a particular piece of original, psycho-spiritually infused artwork through a series of meditative journeys, visualization rituals and magickal techniques.  Entities similar to this type have also been known as "psychic golems," "tulpas," "servitors," and "thoughtforms."


However, I feel that I need to note that these other terms generally refer to a more simplified and limited form of spirit conjuration.  My particular practice of Sigilborne conjuration is extremely in depth, highly developed and advanced far beyond any other methods that I have personally seen being written about or offered in service by ANYONE else today.  I assure you, I am quite well-read and well-traveled in regards to the subjects of entity conjuration, consciousness projection, spirit binding, etc.  These subjects truly are my PASSION and the focus of my LIFE'S WORK.  I have seen it all--


--and I truly am THE BEST.


The origin of my Sigilborne spirits can vary, depending on the particular needs of the task at hand.  Some Sigilborne are crafted directly from the raw energy and threads of consciousness within the Universal Mind.  These entities are completely new beings, granted existence for the first time.  However, there are also those spirits, such as KAHLKAIA, who already exist as intelligent beings in some form and actively seek me out as a Magus willing to help them.  By allowing me to bind their energy and consciousness into the form of a Sigilborne, they gain a much higher degree of focus and influence within our world.  These entities come to me seeking a new Master through whom they may experience life as we know it.  For these spirits, becoming a Sigilborne through my practices is a wonderful means of gaining a more focused mode of perception and interaction within our world.


Once the form of the spirit has been given root within the Universal Mind, I then express and bind it through a process known as advanced sigilization, creating the material vessel linking it to the physical world.  This vessel is known as a "talismanic sigil":

A talismanic sigil is a unique piece of original artwork, custom created to form a direct link between the energy signatures of a particular entity and its intended Master.


The outlining framework of the talismanic sigil is printed on an approximately 6 inch square of acid-free, archival quality parchment paper and then mounted on black linen cardstock.  The original sigilwork that comprises the spirit's conjuration and your custom binding is then inscribed by hand through intensive trance and meditative ritual using acid-free, archival quality black pigment ink.  All materials that I use are of the highest quality out of respect for both the individual spirit as well as the Craft in general.


The resulting piece serves both as the point of reference within the physical realm for the entity as well as a window into its consciousness.  When used by its Master, the talismanic sigil provides a direct path for invocation and communication with the entity.  This facilitated avenue of connection aids in the formation of the bond between the two, allowing the entity to share its benefits and positively influence the Master's life.


Once the bond has been initiated and begins to develop, the spirit will be effectively "bridged" between the actual talismanic sigil and your own personal consciousness.  The sigil remains safely in your home and yet the spirit can be summoned to you at your will.  This allows the spirit to be connected to you without the need to wear a gaudy piece of jewelry or carry around some other form of physical vessel.  This is advanced "empty-hand" magick that enables all of the benefits of the controversial practice of direct spirit-to-Master binding while maintaining the practical protections of exterior vessel binding.



Once your personal binding is complete, this one-of-a-kind piece of arcane artwork will then be sealed in preparation for its transfer from Magus to Master.



Along with the talismanic sigil of KAHLKAIA, you will receive complete, easy to follow instructions on how to begin the journey of bonding with your Sigilborne spirit.  Rest assured that the process is completely safe, pleasant, and requires no formal training or expensive items to conduct.  These techniques are simple, powerful, and draw upon practices that have been developed over the course of literally thousands of years.



Your journey will begin in the footsteps of ancient Magi and Masters.  There is NO LIMIT to where you can go from here.  As you begin using these techniques your power over your own life will grow EXPONENTIALLY, granting you the wishes and dreams that up until recently you have been mistakenly denying from yourself.  There is no better place to start than HERE; no better time than NOW.



You will notice in the pictures that KAHLKAIA's talismanic sigil is incomplete, containing eight empty triangles formed from the double square or eight-pointed star that symbologically bridges the gap between the circles of the inner realm and the outer circle of reality.  These empty corners will be filled in with eight CUSTOM CREATED sigils formed from YOUR personal energy signature, completing the conjuration and ensuring that KAHLKAIA is devoutly bound to YOU and YOU ALONE.


For me to complete your custom binding, all you need to do is include the name and birth date of the intended Master in the "Note" section when you make your PayPal payment.  The name you give me does not necessarily have to be your legal name if there is an alias, nickname, or magickal name that you prefer.  This is the name that KAHLKAIA will know you by, so please be sure it is one that you identify with strongly in regards to this type of work.


With your purchase completed, I will begin the process of creating your custom binding right away.  Through a series of meditative scrying rituals, I will delve deeply within the collective subconscious and allow KAHLKAIA to guide me through the correct channels, weaving the chaotic energetic threads of consciousness into the powerful, direct connection that you two will share.  As I return to my normal state of consciousness, I will bring back with me the unique set of eight sigils that resonate the eight-fold bond between you and KAHLKAIA.  These are then inscribed within the eight corners of the double square, sealing the form of the entity and binding it directly to your personal energy signature.


This process is usually completed within 3 days of receiving payment, however may require up to one week.  The reason for the variance in completion time is because the number of meditative rituals varies.  Sometimes I will come back with all eight sigils in one shot.  Other times, I require many journeys into the inner realms to establish and retrieve all eight sigils.  In general, the more powerful or complex the spirit is, the more laborious and time-consuming the process becomes.  PLEASE NOTE:  No matter how much time and energy it takes, I ALWAYS complete this process properly.  I guarantee it.  If for any reason I am unable to complete the binding properly, I simply WILL NOT DO IT.  There is no half-way with me.  I will not let an incomplete binding leave my altar under any circumstances.  If there is a compatibility issue of this nature, I will promptly apologize and refund your money.  This type of issue is extremely rare, but I want you to know that I will never "fake" a binding.  Ever.


As soon as the binding is complete, the talismanic sigil and instructions will be promptly mailed to you in a large envelope via USPS First Class Mail*Special Note:  I have upgraded my shipping method to USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope at no additional charge (including Worldwide International) so you will receive your delivery even FASTER.  As ALWAYS with me, shipping is FREE.


Here is an example of a completed talismanic sigil: 

Please note that the above picture is shown for example only and is not the actual piece you will be receiving.  As I said before, the talismanic sigil you receive will be unique to you, custom crafted for the ONE TRUE MASTER of KAHLKAIA.


I ask you:  Are you the One True Master of this powerful spirit companion, lover and guide?  Are you the one that she has guided my hand and mind toward?  Do you wish to have true, powerful demon-infused abilities?  Could you use more health, strength, confidence, magick, sex, and power in your life?  KAHLKAIA is eager to bond with her new Master.  She wishes nothing more than to share an intimate connection with someone who will appreciate her power and charms.  Would you be such a person?  Do you desire her companionship?


 Please look again at her sigil and clear your mind.  Take a few moments, if you can.  Sit comfortably and release the tension in your body.  Focus your attention on your breathing.  Breath deeply and allow your consciousness to relax.  Center yourself within the inner stillness, allowing your thoughts to quiet down and pass through your mind without drawing your attention away.  Ease into the deep feeling sense of intuition, of subtle energy and spirit...  Gaze into the sigil of KAHLKAIA.  Let your mind trace the lines of the design, passing along each element in turn as you feel drawn to do so.  Sink your vision through the sigil, seeing past the physical artwork and into the essence of the piece.  See the essential whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.  See the spirit within the construct.  In this deep level of perception, within the stillness of the inner realm, do you feel her presence?  Do you hear her call? 


Please act NOW:

This is a unique opportunity.  KAHLKAIA is destined to be bound to only ONE TRUE MASTER.  If you feel you are indeed this destined Master that KAHLKAIA has been conjured for, please do not hesitate to take action.  There may be other energies and mental constructs that try to block your progress.  Most of these will be self-imposed roadblocks and personal demons in the form of cynicism and doubt.  Please do not let yourself be robbed of this opportunity because of them.  KAHLKAIA is eagerly awaiting your acceptance of her service.


If you feel the subtle golden thread of positive energy pulling you from the other side of the wall of doubt that may currently be holding you back, please do not deny the call.  Let go of the “safe” confines of the wall.  Resist the stagnation of the status quo.  Cast down your stronghold and let your energy flow freely.  You owe it to yourself to give yourself a chance.  Remember, YOU WILL BE SATISFIED or YOUR MONEY BACK.  There is absolutely ZERO risk.


If you feel even a glimmer of that "good" feeling guiding you, promising you a positive outcome to this journey, please make the investment with confidence.  KAHLKAIA is eager to bond with her new master.  Are you the one to whom she calls?


Thank you very much and I look forward to completing your binding of KAHLKAIA the Succubus Seductress.  Please bid NOW and let the journey begin!


I am only accepting PayPal payments at this time. Please pay within 3 days of auction end. Also, please remember to include the name and birth date for the intended Master within the "Note" section of your payment, or send me an eBay message with the requested information by clicking the "Contact Seller" link on this listing. Thank you.


Shipping is always FREE. The physical component of your magickal working will be sent via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.

Terms of Sale

Please only bid if you are serious about making an honest transaction. As required by law, all paranormal items are sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase. I am not liable for misuse of my products or services and do not guarantee any activity, occurrences or experiences, paranormal or otherwise, that may or may not happen in association with them. Nothing that I offer is intended to take the place of any professional care or advice, be it medical, legal, psychiatric, financial, etc. If after at least 30 days you feel like you were not granted fair value for your purchase, return all materials that you received and send me an eBay message stating your PayPal account address and purchase price. I will refund your money. Simple as that. All I ask is that you give yourself a fair chance to have success with my services first. Magick can take time. As such, I offer the full 60-day window for accepting returns and provide full email support. Please contact me regarding any issues, questions, or comments you may have. I am fully committed to doing everything in my power to make your experience as positive as possible. Thank you again and I look forward to serving as your personal Magus.

Contact Us

Any questions, comments or suggestions? Please don't hesitate to message me. Just click the "Contact Seller" link at the top, right-hand side of this listing. I hope to hear from you soon!


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I am only accepting PayPal payments at this time. Please pay within 3 days of auction end. Also, please remember to include the name and birth date for the intended Master within the "Note" section of your payment, or send me an eBay message with the requested information by clicking the "Contact Seller" link on this listing. Thank you.
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