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Preserving knowledge of the past creates a firm foundation on which to build a brighter future. Good or bad, the history of a culture offers lessons to learn from and achievements to be proud of. Ethnographic artefacts from around the globe offer poignant reminders of vital heritage and are available on eBay for you to collect. Whether your heritage or interests pledge loyalty to Africa, North America, Latin America, the Pacific Islands, or elsewhere, authentic, engaging pieces are available to you now.

African artists are truly gifted in rendering culturally important customs and beliefs from wood, ebony, hide and other naturally available materials. Find tribal masks from Congo, headdresses from Cameroon, swords from Rwanda, and currency weights from Nigeria. These ethnographic items represent specific tribes from many African nations, including perhaps your own.

Native American history spans through Canada and the United States. Preserve these vital roots by acquiring authentic Mohawk pottery and Eskimo sculptures, for example. Collect stunning Iroquois beadwork fashioned into delicate purses, vintage Native American snow shoes, leather moccasins, sweet grass baskets, and stone tools. These items serve as decorative pieces in the history lover's home or honour the memory of ancestors.

Be sure to browse the fine collection of Pacific Island and Oceania artefacts as well. Woven cloths depicting culturally significant scenes or beautiful patterns make stunning wall displays. Functional items such as butter churns from Nepal, spoons made of conch shells, and Fijian bowls and vases spark interest in heritage as well as make beautiful mantel displays.

Other ethnographic antiques include jewellery from Uzbekistan, Japanese figurines, Roman rings and necklaces, and clothing from the Ottoman Empire among many other items. Delight yourself with the period pieces you are uncovering in these fine collections and make an important piece of history your own to treasure.