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American Hockey League Tickets

American Hockey League Tickets

American Hockey League - AHL Tickets

The organization known today as the American Hockey League (AHL) was formed by the merger of the Canadian-American Hockey League and the International Hockey League in 1936. It started with eight teams and was called the International-American Hockey League until 1940. The Syracuse Stars defeated the Philadelphia Ramblers in the 1936-37 season playoffs to win the first International-American Hockey League championship. However, the Calder Cup, the championship trophy named for the National Hockey League’s (NHL) first president, Frank Calder, was not awarded to a team until the following season, when the Providence Reds won the championship.

Currently, there are 30 teams (26 American and four Canadian) in the AHL, all of which are NHL affiliates. Historically, Calder Cup winners have often gone on to help their NHL parent teams win the Stanley Cup as well. More than 100 players and coaches can boast about winning both. Many other individual and team awards have been created throughout the history of the AHL such as Coach of the Year and various awards for Conference championships. Since 1984, the coveted Jack A. Butterfield Trophy has been awarded to the playoffs’ Most Valuable Player (MVP). The Eastern Conference of the AHL consists of the Atlantic, Northeast and East Divisions. The North, Midwest and West Divisions make up the Western Conference. A typical AHL season lasts from October to April, with teams playing 80 games each. The AHL All-Star Classic takes place each January. The AHL Hall of Fame was created in 2006, and its inductees are enshrined during the annual All-Star celebration.

The 2004-05 NHL lockout was advantageous for the AHL in that it expanded AHL team rosters and brought in record numbers of spectators. Since then, the AHL has continued to gain popularity and draw crowds. The New York State Fairgrounds was the site of the AHL’s first outdoor game during the 2009-10 season, attracting 21,508 fans, a league record. AHL teams generally play indoors at arenas and coliseums. The fan experience includes access to all types of food, merchandise, and related events. AHL tickets can easily be purchased online or in person. Teams often host special group nights and support charitable causes, demonstrating that they are involved with the community by participating in special events and making public appearances. Teams also reach out to kids with special events and promotions, making the games more family friendly than ever.


American Hockey League Tickets