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Anything Goes Tickets

Anything Goes Tickets - A Book, Two Movies and Numerous Revivals

There's only one way to hear Reno Sweeney sing "I Get a Kick Out of You" to Billy Crocker. You have to get tickets to see "Anything Goes." The beloved musical is a mash-up of a book co-authored by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse with lyrics and music by Cole Porter. The show is a ship-based romantic comedy with songs that are familiar to most Americans. Porter debuted "You're the Top," "It's De-Lovely," "Let's Misbehave" and many others during this show. The original book was revised and rewritten a few times. It was named "Crazy Week" and "Hard to Get" before the producers chose "Anything Goes." The story wasn't the real attraction--Porter's music sold the tickets.

Anything Goes Tickets - Ethel Ether

Cole Porter loved Ethel Merman and wrote frequently for her voice. She debuted the part of Reno Sweeney on Broadway in 1934 for over 400 shows--selling tickets despite the bleak economy of the Great Depression. Merman starred in the 1936 movie version with Bing Crosby. She reprised her role for the 1954 television adaptation with Frank Sinatra.

Anything Goes Tickets - Tickets to the S.S. American Available Here

If you want to see Public Enemy #13 Moonface Martin sing about "Friendship," you need tickets to the show. We have tickets to "Anything Goes" and any other shows you'd like to see. Don't say "Bon Voyage" to your chance to see this great Cole Porter musical. Buy your tickets for "Anything Goes" right here and have a great time at the show.


Anything Goes Tickets