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Eminem Tickets

Eminem Tickets - Breaking Boundaries

Few names in the music business spark as visceral reaction as that of Eminem. A product of Detroit's thriving rap scene, Marshall Mathers broke through racial barriers to become one of rap's first legitimate white superstars. Previous acts such as Vanilla Ice had sold millions of tickets in the past, but it was soon clear that Eminem was no pretender to the throne. He came by his success honestly, bringing the best of the traditional rap world together with a unique voice and a complete lack of fear when it came to courting controversy.

Eminem Tickets - A Decade of Dominance

For those old enough to remember Eminem's smash debut, The Slim Shady LP, it scarcely seems believable that he has been on the scene for more than a decade. He has stayed near the top of the charts while hundreds of other acts have risen and fallen in his wake. One of the last true pioneers of the music video art form, both his lyrics and visual images have inspired and enraged both his detractors and his fans.

Eminem Tickets - A Master of Many Trades

Eminem's solo career, which has led to the sale of countless albums and tickets worldwide, is far from his only endeavor. He has dabbled in acting with films such as 8 Mile, writing, as shown in his autobiography, The Way I Am, and producing, with his side project D-12 and superstar rapper 50 Cent. If you want to see this juggernaut of hip hop yourself, make sure you buy your Eminem tickets today.


Eminem Tickets

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