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2014 MLB Tickets

2014 MLB Tickets

Major League Baseball - MLB Tickets

The first professional baseball league in the U.S. debuted in 1871. Teams belonged to either the American League or the National League and did not play against teams outside of their respective leagues. Today, the Major League Baseball (MLB) organization is comprised of 30 teams, including 29 US teams and one in Canada. Fourteen of these teams make up the American League, with the remaining 16 in the National League. In 1994, the two leagues were sub-divided into East, Central and West, remaining separate legal entities until they officially formed a single organization in 2000.

After spring training and a regular season that includes 162 games, the MLB postseason consists of two rounds of playoff games to determine the league champions, who then go on to face each other in the best-of-seven challenge known as the World Series. The first World Series took place in 1903, when the Boston Pilgrims upset the Pittsburgh Pirates. Since 1936, many extraordinary baseball players and managers have been inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame. The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY attracts fans from around the world.

Online retailers have made buying tickets to a baseball game easy and convenient. Fans can purchase not only single game tickets, but also multigame packages, season passes, spring training tickets, and ballpark tours. Gone are the days when the only snacks available at a game were peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Many people claim that nothing compares to a ballpark hot dog, and with vendors selling everything from the standard fare of pretzels and nachos to ice cream, pizza and complete meals, there are plenty of culinary options. Some ballparks have even gone gourmet, offering sushi and other novelties.

MLB ballparks are not covered, but the weather hardly matters. Die-hard fans will endure harsh conditions to cheer on their favorite teams. Heavy rains have been known to halt games and cause fans to wait as the tarps are rolled out in order to protect the playing fields. Despite the occasional rain delay, fans are treated to a unique experience when at a major league ballgame. Pregame activities might include games and contests, while several ballparks have added attractions such as outdoor plazas. Many parks also feature private party areas and VIP suites, where fans can watch the games in cushioned seats and enjoy personalized service. Shops and outdoor vendors always have plenty of team merchandise available.


2014 MLB Tickets

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