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NCAA Football Tickets

NCAA Football Tickets

In 1869, Rutgers and Princeton (then called the College of New Jersey) met in the first known college football game in the United States. Although it seemed more like rugby and had completely different rules than current football games, its popularity quickly spread from New England to the rest of the country, especially given the influence of Walter Camp, a Yale player who later helped to change the game from rugby into what it has become today.

The organization that would later be named the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was formed in 1906, in response to concerns about excessive injuries. The NCAA created rules for the game and set policies regarding issues such as recruitment and scholarships. Some of the NCAA’s game rules differ from Southeastern, Big Ten, and Ivy League conferences. The NCAA consists of four divisions. Some names have changed; for example, the former Division I-A is now Division I FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision). The champion is determined by bowl games (and not regular playoffs) in a tradition that dates back to the 1902 Rose Bowl, named after the bowl shape of the stadium. Today, Division I FBS teams participate in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), which was created in 1998. Currently, there are four bowl games (Rose, Orange, Sugar, and Fiesta) plus a National Championship Game; a predetermined selection process chooses the teams that play in this game. Each year, before the bowl games, the most outstanding player is awarded the Heisman Trophy. Unlike the BCS selection process, the Division I FCS (formerly Division I-AA), Division II, and Division III championships are all determined by NCAA-sanctioned games.

The popularity of NCAA football continues to grow. College stadiums typically have benches rather than individual seats so that they can accommodate more fans. Several Division I stadiums have seating capacities greater than 100,000. The College Football Hall of Fame opened in 1951 in South Bend, Indiana. There is usually a two-day Enshrinement Festival attracting thousands of fans with activities for all ages.


NCAA Football Tickets

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