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2014 NFL Tickets

2014 NFL Tickets

National Football League - NFL Tickets

In 1918, Jim Thorpe and Leo Lyons had an idea to create an American sport that rivaled Major League Baseball. By 1920, the duo spawned the American Professional Football Association, which featured only 21 teams by 1921. Today, only the Arizona Cardinals and the Chicago Bears still exist from the original league; however, the Green Bay Packers are the oldest team in the league to play in the same location. After the 1921 season, the league office relocated to Columbus, Ohio, and adopted the National Football League as its new title.

The NFL expanded due to the 1966 merger with the American Football League; this merger helped to create the Super Bowl that many fans enjoy in the NFL today. The National Football League consists of 32 teams, all of which are dedicated to specific divisions within a conference. The league is split into the National and American Football Conferences; within these conferences, 32 teams are divided into four divisions: north, south, east and west. All four teams within the division meet twice in the regular season, and the team with the most wins represents the division in the playoffs. Overall, 53 players are allowed on a team at one time; however, only 45 players can dress in uniform during the regular season. Players are drafted from college via the NFL Draft each April, and players who have excelled in the league are inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Purchasing tickets to an NFL game is much easier online than at the ticket booth; waiting until arriving at the stadium may result in seats that are far from the action. Buying tickets online often results in acquiring seats at a reduced price or extra benefits that a stadium ticket would not provide. Once at the game, fans tailgate in the parking lot or wait until inside to purchase refreshments at the concession stands. Some NFL tickets even offer discounts on food and beverages and other memorabilia from the stadium.


2014 NFL Tickets

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