1/32 Scale Slot Cars

1/32 Scale Slot Cars

Slot cars are both classic collectibles and fun toys to play with. Whatever the model or style, buying cars and tracks, assembling the set, and racing them is a fun activity. Some of them are display pieces, while others are meant to be raced.

What kind of slot cars are available?

The biggest divide in slot cars is between the early pre-1970 models and the post-1970 models. Before 1970, slot cars were primarily toys for children. Eventually, manufacturers caught on to the growing usage among hobbyists and began marketing them to adults as well.

Some models are based on real cars, some are based on fictional models, and others are original designs by the creators of the set. Most are sold alone, but a few come with an entire themed kit. It is also possible to find a basic car and then add decals and paint, redesigning it to your specifications. Rare editions can be highly collectible because production has ended. Some hobbyists seek out specific models because they want to have a collection built of slot cars that are rare in addition to having other characteristics that fit their tastes.

What is 1/32 scale?

For any kind of toy or model, the scale indicates the ratio of size between the original and the model. For example, 1/32 means that the original is 32 times bigger than the toy. That illustrates why all slot cars are about the same size; they are based on the same ratio. Not all toy cars are 1/32 scale. A smaller scale like 1/48 would be tiny, while a larger scale like 1/16 would indicate a model that is much larger. Moreover, the larger the scale is, the bigger the difference will be between cars of different sizes, such as sports cars and vans.

How do you build a 1/32 slot car track?

There are a few different types of slot car tracks. The simplest is a plastic kit that can simply be fitted together. You can purchase all the track elements to make a complete circuit. You can mix and match pieces from the same manufacturer to make new, original circuits as well. With more experience, it is possible to build tracks out of wood. This requires care, because the slots and the circuitry have to be precisely arranged for the cars to proceed. However, it allows for greater creativity and customization.