115 HP Outboard Motor Complete Outboard Engines

Upgrade Your Boat With Your New 115 HP Outboard Engine

Perhaps your sports or fishing boat is in ship-shape condition but your motor has seen better days. Dont stay grounded if this is the case. eBay has a wide variety of complete 115-horsepower outboard engines, including gently used ones as well as refurbished models to help you get your sea legs back.

For what kinds of boats are these motors built?

Most of these 115-horsepower engines are used in sports watercraft such as those used for pleasure outings. However, these engines can also be used for fishing trawlers. Since some are smaller than larger-horsepower engines, it is possible to double up and use them in tandem on pontoons and small trawlers. Newer models of outboard engines may allow you to connect with smart wiring systems.

What brands of 115-horsepower outboard motors can you buy?

The following list is not totally inclusive, but it does indicate the most common models that you can find on eBay. Some are two-stroke and some are four-stroke.

  • Mercury - Mercury is now owned by Brunswick Corporation, but early designs were actually at one time marketed through Montgomery Ward.
  • Johnson - These were originally manufactured by Johnson Brothers Motor Company and once owned by Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) before their bankruptcy. It is now owned by Canadian firm Bombardier Recreational Products.
  • Evinrude - This company was originally founded by Ole Evinrude and then later owned by OMC. It is now a subsidiary of North American Bombardier Recreational Products.
  • Yamaha - Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has been making marine engines since 1960.

What features can you find in a 115-horsepower outboard motor?

The right motor for your boat will depend on a number of different features. Some of the things that you can use to narrow down the options include the following:

  • Whether you will be using the boat on freshwater or saltwater
  • The recommended weight load of motor for the boat
  • Whether the boat is designed for one or two outboard motors
  • The maintenance schedule for the brand of outboard
  • The wiring scheme in your boat
  • The brand you want to replace