13 Inch Macbook Case

Finding the Perfect 13-inch MacBook Case

Youve purchased a MacBook, now you need to protect that device. Finding the right 13-inch MacBook case can be a breeze with this handy guide. Whether you are looking for style or functionality, eBay has a case that will meet your needs.

What kinds of 13-inch MacBook cases are available?

There are several kinds of 13-inch MacBook cases to choose from, depending on your needs. Consider if you will be carrying your MacBook around a lot, using it in rough environments, taking it to work, or just working with it around the house. Here are some basic models that are available:

  • Shell - A shell is a hard casing that can be very durable, especially if there is a chance itll get banged around a bit.
  • Backpack - With a 13-inch MacBook backpack case, you can stow your MacBook quickly, throw the case on your back, and go.
  • Briefcase - A briefcase style 13-inch MacBook case can provide a professional look when you carry your computer to the office or other professional settings. Plus, it allows room for other peripherals that you might want to carry along with you.
  • Sleeve - If you need basic protection for your MacBook, a sleeve is an affordable option.
  • Shoulder bag - When you will be carrying your MacBook around and need to have your hands free, a shoulder bag would be an excellent and stylish choice.
What fashion options come with a 13-inch MacBook case?

13-inch MacBook cases come in many fashion and color options.

  • Colors: There are MacBook 13-inch cases in just about every color and shade you can imagine, from pastel to vibrant and everything in between.
  • Patterns: MacBook cases come in many fun and interesting designs, including tie-dye, stripes, flowers, chevron, marble, and more. You are sure to find one that resonates with your personality.
  • Themed: If you are looking for a case that is more expressive, consider a themed case. You can find patriotic themes, travel themes, animal themes, caricature themes, nature themes, Apple themes, and more.
  • Clear: With a clear case, you can keep the traditional MacBook look and still protect your computer.
What materials are 13-inch MacBook cases made from?

Below is a list of materials available for your MacBook 13-inch case:

  • Canvas - This is a sturdy material that is often used with messenger bag style cases.
  • Leather - Whether real or faux, leather cases are durable and attractive.
  • Rigid plastic - A hard plastic shell can provide excellent protection for your MacBook.
  • Silicone gel - A soft gel case can provide lots of padding for when you encounter bumps.
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