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Key Points to Consider When Replacing an IBM Lenovo ThinkPad LCD Display

No matter how well made a laptop or portable computer may be, they are always going to be more susceptible to issues that desktop computers don't face. If you find that you need to replace the LCD display on your Lenovo ThinkPad, here are some considerations before making a selection and taking on the replacement process.

How do you choose the right IBM Lenovo ThinkPad LCD screen?

In some cases, you may be able to choose a replacement part based on the model number of your ThinkPad. In other cases, certain screens are designed to fit a variety of Lenovo models and may be listed by the part number instead. You can find the serial number and model information on a label found one the bottom of the laptop and use that information to match it to the part number of the replacement screen. If the label is missing from the laptop or the numbers are illegible, here are some other ways to find the model and serial number for your ThinkPad:

  1. Check under BIOS
  2. Use the Windows OS command prompt
  3. Use the Lenovo Solution Center
  4. Use the Lenovo Companion app
  5. Use the Lenovo Vantage app
Does the ThinkPad screen need to be professionally installed?

Many LCD displays are actually comprised of two different parts: the LCD itself and a glass cover. There are a wide range of tutorials available online that can help you determine whether or not you have the technical skills or tools to accomplish the task. This also depends, however, on exactly what needs to be replaced. In some cases, the LCD itself is just fine, and it is just the glass cover that needs to be replaced. In other cases, the entire display needs to be replaced. You can usually replace the glass cover on your ThinkPad yourself with a few simple tools. Be sure to refer to owner's instructions for specific steps for doing so.

When selecting a replacement screen, make sure you are getting what you need as sometimes the available selection only includes the glass cover by itself while some are for the entire top half of the laptop, including the LCD, glass, and outer case. In some cases, replacing the entire top half of the ThinkPad can be simpler and less time-consuming or labor intensive as replacing the LCD or glass.

Does this part come with any tools?

Generally, when you purchase a replacement screen for a ThinkPad, all you are getting is the part, not any tools you might need to install it. In some cases, however, such as when all you are purchasing is the glass cover for the laptop screen, the part might come with a few of the tools necessary to remove the old screen like a spudger or lifting tool. In general, you will need to provide your own tools.

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