14 Inch Laptop Backpacks

Rugged and Versatile 14-Inch Laptop Backpacks

These laptop backpacks allow you to safely carry a 14-inch laptop in a backpack. These products are designed to secure the laptop in place to prevent damage.

Which brands offer laptop backpacks?

There are a number of brands that offer laptop backpacks for 14-inch laptops. These companies may offer the same model in different colors and materials. In addition to branded laptop backpacks, there are also unbranded models available. Additionally, some of the models may offer different features, such as more pockets, access points, and security locks.

  • Knomo
  • Samsonite
  • Thule
What styles, materials, and colors are available?

These products are available in black, silver and a number of solid colors. There are also models available with patterns and pictorial artwork. Materials available for the backpack include nylon, polyester, and leather. Brands will tend to have the same model in a variety of colors, styles, and materials.

What features are available?

All backpack laptops will allow storage of a 14-inch laptop. That includes Chromebooks, notebooks, MacBooks, and any other laptop within the specified size. These laptops are typically secured in their dedicated pouch or pocket. Also, all backpack models will have additional pockets to secure accessories, such as batteries, wireless mouse, cables, USB ports, and other items associated with a laptop. These products will also come with a strap, padded strap, or set of shoulder straps to allow for backpack transport by hand or over the shoulder. Below are some of the optional features that may be found on select backpacks.

  • Suspended laptop compartment: This will allow the laptop to be suspended in a net-like pocket to prevent damage in case the backpack is dropped on a hard surface.
  • Liquid pouches and pockets: This allows for easier security screening.
  • Charge port openings: This allows you to charge your phone or music player from your laptop or battery pack through a secure opening in the backpack.
  • Security flaps: Prevents easy access to the laptop with a more secure zipper configuration.
What is the capacity of the product?

Some backpack models may have a minimalist design, which will allow you to carry a laptop, its accessories, and a limited amount of other items. These products are designed to be lightweight. Some models are designed for travel and, therefore, have room for more items and have security features and storage compartments. And then there are some heavy-duty models that will allow you to carry all of your computing equipment plus other items such as clothes, hiking equipment, and other items.