How to Choose a Replacement Dell Laptop Computer Screen

Dell has been developing and selling Windows and Linux computers and related technologies for decades. If you own one of their Inspiron laptop models, you may wish to seek a replacement for the 15.6-inch display. You may be able to replace a broken or cracked Dell monitor instead of the whole device.

What display technologies can you choose?

Most laptops utilize two forms of LCD technology to show text, video, or images on the screen for you in clear HD. Because the monitor is the primary way that you view content, it is important that it is functional and that it shows you everything correctly no matter what type of operating system you have. Two of the most common screens and their specifications include the following:

  • LED LCD - LED backlights use a series of diodes arranged in a particular pattern to produce images on your laptop. They are usually arranged around the edges of the monitor.
  • CCFL LCD - These backlights utilize fluorescent cathode tubes or lamps lined with mercury to create the illumination that allows you to view images on the screen.
What aspect ratios can you choose?

Most Dell monitors will utilize one of two aspect ratios. The aspect ratio determines the format of the images or videos and how they appear when you see them on-screen. The most common aspect ratios you might find during your search for a replacement monitor include the following:

  • 16:9 - This aspect ratio has an overall width of 16 units and a height of nine units. You may wish to use this ratio if you plan to view DVDs from your Inspiron. 16:9 is a native widescreen image format for most DVDs.
  • 16:10 - Some 16:10 monitors are still compatible with Inspiron laptops. The images for this aspect ratio have widths that are 1.6 times larger than their overall heights
What types of replacement screens are there?

The type of monitor you choose may depend partially on the model that you are using. Two of the most common monitor types you might find include the following:

  • Standard - A standard monitor will make use of peripheral devices in order to send and receive commands from the laptop.
  • Touch - A touchscreen may work for you depending on the specific model of computer you own. This may allow you to use your fingers to perform various functions.
How do you replace a laptop screen?

Each screen model may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to owner's instructions. The general guidelines for replacing your monitor are:

  1. Make sure your device is powered down and not just in safe mode. Remove its battery.
  2. Take off the stickers on the front of the case surrounding the monitor and remove the screws. Remove the bezel.
  3. With the bezel removed, unscrew or remove the tape from the LCD and lift the screen away from the device.
  4. Install the new LCD and attach the video cables to it, hen follow these steps in reverse order to replace the screen.
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