150HP Outboard Motors

Hit the Water With a 150-Horsepower Outboard Complete Engine

When it comes time to head out on the water, you can grab your gear, hop in your boat, and quickly power out of the harbor or off the shoreline with a 150-horsepower outboard engine. These engines can fit a number of boat models, and due to design variations, they could achieve varying levels of RPM. Be sure to check that 150 horsepower is within the range of the capacity of your vehicle.

Whats the difference between two-stroke and four-stroke engines?

There are both two-stroke and four-stroke complete engines available on eBay. You can find these new and pre-owned and at affordable prices. Engines with more strokes are relatively larger and heavier. They do offer some advantages, as described below. To determine whether which kind of engine you want, you can weigh the importance of:

  • Noise: Four strokes generally run quietly. This means you can enjoy the peace out on the water and not scare fish away. You can also carry on conversations more easily.
  • Gas consumption: Many four-strokes are more fuel-efficient than their counterparts, but there are some two-stroke models that offer the same efficiency due to advancements in their construction.
  • Maintenance: Because there are more moving parts in a four-stroke engine, they require a lot of lubrication. You can expect to be tasked with a little more maintenance on a four-stroke, which would include regular oil changes.
How do you determine what length of shaft to get?

Outboards typically come with 15-inch, 20-inch, or 25-inch shafts, but there may be a few motors on eBay that have non-standard shaft lengths. What size you need can be determined by the length of your transom. The shaft length should be at least the same measurement as your transom so that the propeller can be in the right position relative to your boat.

How many cylinders can these engines have?

The cylinder compartment is where the gasoline is actually burned, beginning the process of getting converted into power. More cylinders can translate into greater capacity for power. You can find engines with anywhere from two to eight cylinders.

What are some outboard motor brands?

You can find a variety of outboards in new and used condition on eBay. Some of their manufacturers include:

  • Honda Marine Group
  • Mercury Marine
  • Suzuki
  • Tohatsu Outboards
  • Yamaha