1939 Ford Cars and Trucks

What You Need to Know When Buying a 1939 Ford

Ford has been manufacturing vehicles for commercial and personal use since 1903. The automakers range of models caters to a broad category of consumers, from off-road enthusiasts to those seeking family transportation. For classic car lovers, eBay offers a selection of preowned 1939 cars and trucks.

What were the design improvements in 1939 Fords?

The American car manufacturer upgraded some design elements in its 1939 line to give the body a more modern look. The Ford Deluxe was the most popular car of this era. It was built with a low, pointed grille, and the vertical slats were heavier than in previous-year versions. A higher grille was included in the Standard Ford. Bulbs and reflector lamps were part of the design, and this is the last year that the automaker used them. Another feature that distinguishes 1939 Ford cars from previous versions is the inclusion of some engine revisions such as the downdraft carburetor.

How do you care for a restored classic Ford?

Whether you have acquired a two-door sedan or a pickup truck, you need information on its care. Classic cars like a 1939 Ford can easily sustain damage when not given a certain standard of maintenance. Tips include:

  • Storage - A proper storage facility for a classic vehicle is dry to prevent humidity from interacting with the different metals. A car owner can get special packaging equipment like a storage bubble to reduce moisture exposure.
  • Working the engine - Start the car at least every two weeks and let it attain normal temperatures. Driving it a short distance can help to keep components in good condition.
  • Supplying fresh fluids - Changing the fluids is a must if your original 1939 Ford is to stay functional. Old-model cars are sensitive, and dirty oil or low-level coolant can cause irreparable damage. Schedule fluid changes every six months or less, especially if you drive the vehicle.
Should you ask for service records for your 1939 Ford?

The condition of a used vehicle is only as good as the care it has received over its lifetime. Regular servicing shows that the previous owner(s) provided the necessary attention, and that includes any replacement components such as the transmission, engine, or body. A buyer should request service records for a used Ford Deluxe to gauge the suitability of the car. In the absence of service records, a buyer can ask for receipts to verify any work carried out.

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