Make Your Work Easier With 2-Post Lift Machines

A 2-Post hydraulic car lifter is used for commercial and home repair shops alike. With the ability to carefully raise several thousand pounds of vehicle, this lift allows mechanics to truly get under a car to determine potential issues. This makes for quicker diagnostics and repairs.

How does this car lift work?

Unlike other equipment you see at the repair shop, this automotive lift is installed above ground. The car is driven between the two posts to sit on a quartet of adjustable arms. These are attached to a carriage assembly with two hydraulic cylinders. When activated, the cylinders help to slowly raise the arms to the required height.

What is symmetric vs. asymmetric?

Because the arms are adjustable, 2-post lifts can raise the car in either a symmetric or asymmetric fashion. In a symmetric setup, the car lifts in the middle of the equipment with its weight evenly distributed. When moved to be asymmetrical, the car can sit slightly skewed. This is sometimes done for easier access in and out of the automobiles interior.

How much can it lift?

The model of the post car lift depends on how much weight it can hold. The average one can hold between 9,000 and 10,000 pounds. This is approximately the weight of a car or a small pickup. Those post car lifts which handle 12,000 pounds or more are useful for full-size pickup trucks.

How can you shop or purchase this item?

You can find 2-post lifts online on eBay. Not only does eBay provide images of the item youre considering purchasing, but you can also find reviews by others who have purchased a 2-post lift. Here is what to consider before completing your purchase:

  • Size - While many of these are standard automotive lifts, you want to be sure the above-ground piece of machinery will fit in your shop.
  • Delivery - Do the lifts come pre-assembled so that they can be moved right into the repair bay, or is some assembly required? Consider whether you can assemble the item on your own or need it pre-assembled.
  • Cost - Two vendors may sell the same lift for different prices. Before you purchase the least expensive one, check their ratings on delivery and customer service.