2-Way Paging Car Alarms

Add Security to Your Vehicle with a Car Alarm System

A two-way car alarm can act as an additional security system for your vehicle. This type of alarm can send important information to you by using wireless technology if you have a compatible device. If you are searching for a car alarm to add to your vehicle, understanding what types are available, the brands that carry them, what features they have, and how to install them may help you find the product that meets your needs.

What brands offer two-way alarm systems?

Several brands that produce security products may carry car alarms that fit your needs. Each brand may offer different models with varying features. Some common brands that you may discover during your search for an alarm include:

  • Viper: Viper alarms are produced under the umbrella of Directed Electronics.
  • Python: This company produces remote start systems, security systems, and combination systems.
  • Scytek: Scytek produces sensors and accessories that may help you keep your car secure or track it if necessary.
  • Avital: Avital has been producing car alarms and related security products for over 20 years.
What are some features of two-way car alarms?

The exact features you will receive with your alarm system depend on the product you choose. However, many alarms share some common elements you may wish to look for during your search. Some of these features include:

  • Instant alerts: Many alarms can send a signal to a device of your choosing to notify you of any security problems with your vehicle. If you have a device with an LCD screen, the car alarm may be able to send an alert to you directly.
  • Keyless entry: Some alarms may contain a key fob that allows for a keyless entry system. These items will include buttons for locking and unlocking the car doors.
  • Remote start: If your alarm has a remote start system in place, you may be able to use it to turn your vehicles ignition off when necessary.
How do you install a car security system?

The precise steps for installing your car alarm system may vary depending on the model you choose. However, the steps below provide a basic outline that you might be able to use when installing the model of your choice:

  • Check your doors: You may wish to check your car doors first. If opening the door does not activate the "door ajar" signal, your car alarm may include optional pins that will trigger a warning.
  • Remove panels: You will usually need to remove some panels, such as those on the dashboard, to install the unit.
  • Install the siren: Choose a place in the firewall or one that has enough room to mount the siren
  • Connect the device: Youll now need to connect the siren and the sensors.
  • Power it: Connect the power wire to your cars battery.