20 HP Outboard Motor Complete Outboard Engines

Everything You Need to Know About 20 HP Outboard Motors

Adding or replacing an outboard motor to a small watercraft can improve performance. Many manufacturers craft 20-horsepower motors to fit a variety of boats. You can search through this variety of used complete outboard engines on eBay to find one that suits your needs.

What outboard motor brands are represented here?

Youll find motors from Evinrude, Honda, Johnson, Mercury, Suzuki, Tohatsu, and Yamaha. Generic, also known as unbranded, motors are available.

When would you replace an outboard motor?

Use these motors when you need to replace a 20-horsepower engine or purchase a first-time engine for a small watercraft. Some common situations in which you would use this product are described below:

  • You bought a boat with no motor and wish to add one.
  • The motor youre currently using is underperforming.
  • You find it has become difficult to find parts for the current motor.
  • Your existing motor stopped functioning completely.

The boats outboard motor is its propulsion system and contributes to its steering capabilities. It pivots over mountings and controls the thrust of the watercraft. It is a self-contained device housing an engine, gearbox, and jet drive or propeller attached to the outside of a transom. You can remove an outboard motor for storage or repair, an important difference from inboard motors.

What does HP stand for in the product name?

HP stands for horsepower. A motors horsepower defines its speed potential. The higher the number, the fastest the engine is capable of causing the vehicle to travel. A 20-horsepower engine, then, has more speed capability than a 10-horsepower motor but less than a 50-horsepower motor. The term stroke relates to power, too. You will generally see two, four and five stroke engines.

Using a motor with horsepower that is either too high or too low results in poor performance. Check your boat for a rating plate. All boats crafted in the US must include a Coast Guard Rating Plate with the maximum recommended horsepower motor. The rating is based on the hull design and materials. The motor should match with the hull in terms of shaft length.

What other considerations go into choosing an outboard motor?

Look for units that let you adjust trim automatically from the drivers seat. Trim refers to the angle of the motor related to the hull. Adjust the trim until the boat rides level to the water and then lock it in place. Some outboard motors require you to do this manually. Another helpful item is a kill cord that runs from the motor to the helmsman. If the helmsman falls overboard, the kill cord shuts off the engine automatically negating the danger of its moving blades.