Add Some Class With 20-Inch Wheels For a Silverado Vehicle

Placing 20-inch rims on your Chevrolet Silverado or Tahoe truck is a great way to incorporate style and better driving benefits to your vehicle. Stylish, functional, and easy to handle, these tires are available new and used on eBay.

How do wheel sizes impact perforfmance?

These sizes are expressed as inches for the diameter of the wheel. When you increase the size for your Chevy vehicle, you will need to match the new wheel with tires that have a lower sidewall height. This is so you can maintain enough clearance between the rim and the body frame when going over bumps in the road.

What are the advantages of 20-inch wheels for a Silverado?

Having affordable 20-inch rims from eBay offers many advantages. They have less sidewall and more rim area, which is visually appealing. There is more room for cut and styled accents. The smaller sidewalls can also improve road handling. Because of the smaller sidewall, the tires weigh less and offer improved steering responsiveness to a Chevrolet truck or a Tahoe.

What types of 20-inch aluminum alloy rims are available?

Aluminum alloy is light, delivers an agile performance, and can provide great acceleration. It can also be formed and worked in various finishes and designs:

  • Milled - A milled rim has an angled cut with a 3-D appearance. The milled sections are usually accents on the main cut.
  • Machined - Machining involves removing a painted section which imparts a raw metallic look. Machined rims will typically have a clear coat finish.
  • Polished - Polished wheel finishes are similar to chrome but are not as bright. The wheels are polished by machine or by hand buffing, with a layer of high gloss clear coat added afterwards.
  • Painted - One popular color is silver because it is similar in appearance to a polished or chrome finish but costs less.
  • Chrome - Chrome offers the brightest rims on the market. Chrome plating involves adding electro-chemically deposited chromium onto the surface.

What is the difference between aluminum alloy and steel alloys?

Aluminum alloys are a mixture of aluminum and nickel. Most wheels manufactured today are cast aluminum alloy that is made by pouring melted aluminum into a mold. It is light but strong and can often withstand the effects of heat from your Chevy brakes.

Steel alloys are made with a mixture of iron and carbon. They are heavy and durable, but do not offer as many design options because they are usually manufactured on cuttings from a press. These cuttings are then glued together. Steel wheels are less agile and have less responsive acceleration, which can be an advantage in the winter because of a better grip in icy conditions.

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