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3M Automotive Spray Guns

3M makes innovative automotive products, including high-quality spray guns. The brand's spray technology gives you the ability to achieve professional-caliber paint applications. This technology comes bundled in kits which simplifies the painting process, whether it's for collision-repair after an accident or just to update you car's look.

How do 3M HVLP spray gun systems work?

These systems work thanks to HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) technology. A process called atomization is used to convert liquid paint into a sprayable stream. Each gun uses two air sources which simultaneously break the fluid stream into small particles and prepare the fluid pattern for the car surface.

What is a gravity feed spray gun?

3M makes gravity feed guns which use gravitational force to direct the paint out of the gun's nozzle. This type of feed requires less atomization and minimizes unwanted splatter.

What is included in a 3M HVLP spray gun kit?

HVLP kits generally include:

  • Accuspray HVLP spray gun
  • Air control valve
  • Multiple atomizing heads
  • Generic mix ratio insert film
  • Lids, liners, and strainers
  • Mixing cups and collar
  • Instructional manual
What are the benefits of the 3M system?
  • 1-Piece composite spray gun: The gun body is all one piece which means that you don't have to spend time installing and cleaning tiny parts and pieces. This minimizes cleanup and maintenance, making them an ideal choice for users looking for convenience.
  • Replaceable atomizing heads: Replaceable heads are easy to install, take off, and replace. The heads that come with the system can be used five to 10 times.
  • Multiple control options: These paint sprayers come with multiple control options, allowing you to adjust air pressure, fluid pressure, and fan diameter. This gives you maximum control, and it ensures that you can use these systems for everything from minor auto detailing to full coverage.
  • PPS paint preparation system: Mixing paints for use with a spray gun can be messy and inefficient. 3M's preparation system streamlines this process; mixing and spraying occur in the same liner which has a lid and built-in filter. This improves material usage and minimizes preparation time.
What liquids can be used with these HVLP paint sprayers?

Different nozzles can be used to spray different liquids. The size options that come with the kits can accommodate a variety of materials, including:

  • 1.4 mm: This size can be used for topcoats, basecoats, sealers, and primer surfaces.
  • 1.8 mm: This size is designed for spraying high-viscosity liquids, including gel coats and primers.
  • 2.0 mm: The large size is made for heavy-duty liquids like undercoats and adhesives.