Finding AWG Car Audio and Video Connectors and Terminals for Your Car

AWG, or American wire gauge terminals and connectors are the standard for use in pretty much anything that requires electrical work in America. When it comes to car audio and video connectors and terminals, your choices are pretty much limited to the fittings that you have on both your audio/video device and your vehicle. Having the right parts and understanding how to use them is essential, so consider the following: 

How Do I Know What AWG Parts to Order? 

If you don't know what wire connectors to order to help you install your new audio or video system, then you need to either to some research or speak to a car audio expert. If you don't get the right crimps and other electrical parts, you won't be able to get your new device installed, it's as simple as that. Think about the following to help you choose the right parts: 

  • What sort of parts do you need? Are you looking for crimps, wire connectors, ring connectors, battery terminals, or something else altogether? If you don't know the answer to this, then talk to someone who does. 
  • What size AWG parts to you need? When it comes to joining wires and connecting electrics, you need to know what size the wires are. You should be able to figure this out by getting a view of the cross section of the wire, measuring it, and then comparing it to an AWG size chart. 
  • Do you need insulated wire connectors? If so, then make sure that you find insulated connectors. If you can't find ready insulated wire connectors, then use some electrical tape and wrap that tightly around any exposed wires. 

What Should I Be Careful of When Choosing Car Audio and Video Connectors and Terminals? 

Basically, you need to make sure that you are getting the parts that you need, and that these parts are high enough quality for your needs.

  • Make sure that you view the country of manufacture when finding things like crimps and wire connectors. 
  • If you want parts like crimps, make sure that you have the right tools to allow you to use them. When it comes to crimps, you will need a crimping tool. 
  • Don't waste your money if you aren't sure. Instead, ask someone for advice on the right parts. Get on the internet and teach yourself about electrical connectors and wiring systems. Whatever you do, don't just take a gamble and hope that you get the right parts.