A/C Compressors & Clutches for Ford Focus

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Ford Focus A/C Compressors & Clutches

Purchasing a replacement AC compressor or electromagnetic clutch for your Ford car can help you stay cool when driving in the summer. With hundreds of parts available, you can find compatible parts with the right information. Here are some questions that may come up in your search for port parts.

What does an A/C compressor do in your Ford Focus?

An A/C compressor helps to cool the air that moves through the inside of your vehicle. The compressor is the main part of your A/C system, and without it, your car won’t get cool air. Luckily, there are OEM and aftermarket replacement options available that will be compatible with your Ford car.

What are some tips for purchasing the correct A/C compressor?

To buy the correct A/C compressor for your Ford, you need information about your car. At a minimum, you will need the make, model, and year of your car. If you can get the production date of your car, this can be helpful if the manufacturer switched to different parts in the middle of a production year. The production date can be retrieved from a label inside the driver’s side door. You can get the part number for your original A/C compressor from the part itself. In most instances, this will be inscribed on the compressor or there will be a label/sticker with the part number. With the VIN number, you can also look up the part number.

Once you know the part you need, consider the following points:

  • Make sure that you purchase the correct accessories for your compressor. When you decide on a replacement compressor, make sure that you purchase A/C oil that is compatible with the part.
  • Compare your options. Depending on the year of your Ford, new OEM and aftermarket replacements will be available. Often, you can also find compressors that have been salvaged from other cars, along with remanufactured parts as well.
  • Check to see whats included. If you need to purchase additional hardware, make sure that it is compatible with the new components that you purchased.
What does the electromagnetic clutch do in your Ford car?

A compressor clutch functions with the A/C compressor in your vehicle. The compressor clutch manages when the compressor should start and stop compressing the refrigerant. Some parts that are in the compressor clutch include the clutch pulley, and the compressor clutch coil that works together to create an electromagnet.

What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket A/C parts?

OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are manufactured by the factory that made the stock parts in your vehicle. In the case with your Focus, the manufacturer will be Ford. One advantage of OEM parts is that once you have the part number for your Ford, you will be able to find the compressor or compressor clutch that is 100% compatible with your car. Aftermarket parts will be produced by different companies. Aftermarket parts can be similar in style to the OEM, and some aftermarket parts are produced to function under different conditions.