A/C Compressors & Clutches for Ford Mustang

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Ford Mustang A/C Compressor and Clutch

Finding the right compressor clutch for your Ford Mustang can help with an AC repair. There are many components available depending on the model and year of your vehicle, so you are sure to find the right clutch. Here are some of the more common questions that may come up in your search for a compressor clutch.

What does an AC compressor clutch do?

The compressor clutch works to control the transfer of power from the engine to the compressor. Some of the parts that make up the clutch include the rotor, electromagnetic coil, armature, armature springs, and output hub. These parts work together to provide power to the compressor so that it can pump coolant through the AC system.

How do you find the correct Mustang compressor clutch?

Once you’ve diagnosed that you need to get a new AC compressor clutch, you can begin searching for a replacement. One easy way is to look at your current AC compressor clutch for a serial number and maker. You can also search aftermarket parts based on the make of your vehicle. Not all parts are compatible with all models.

What tools are used for removing an A/C compressor clutch?

A combination of an A/C clutch plate remover and installer tool can be used to remove the old clutch from your vehicle and install the replacement component. These tools allow the clutch plate to be removed without removing the retaining plate. You may need to check to see where your car was manufactured as the tools will vary for metric and standard vehicles.

What are some tips for purchasing a compressor clutch kit?

Finding the right clutch will make your AC repair simpler. Follow these tips to select the correct kit.

  • Determine if your compressor clutch is an integrated unit with the compressor or a separate unit. Most newer vehicles have an integrated compressor unit that combines the compressor, clutch, coil, and pulley. This often means that if a component of the unit fails, the whole unit has to be replaced.
  • Choose between OEM, aftermarket, or remanufactured clutches. Newer Mustang models will have the option of aftermarket or OEM. Remanufactured parts may be a good choice if you’re looking for a component that is in like-new condition. Remanufacturers will restore the components by replacing broken or worn-out components and testing them to certain standards. OEM components will be identical to the original that came with your Mustang. Aftermarket parts will be built similarly to OEM parts or have certain improvements to the design or materials used.