A/C Compressors & Clutches for Honda Civic

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Honda Civic AC Compressor Clutch

In the shimmering summer heat, its good to know that your car is keeping things frosty indoors—especially when its humid out. When your Honda Civics cabin cooling unit is on the fritz, Exedy and other auto parts manufacturers provide a selection of pulleys, cylinders, compressors, clutch discs, clutch kits, flywheels, pressure plates, and more to repair it and get cozy behind the wheel once more. Honda Civic AC compressor clutch parts are available for all years and varieties of the Honda.

What does the Honda Civic AC compressor clutch do?

This nifty component of your Civics air conditioning system is responsible for turning the compressor on when the air is warm and back off again when its sufficiently cold.

How can you keep the Honda’s compressor clutch healthy?

Its important to keep this part in the green—many components of your Honda Civic depend on its functionality, if you ever use the AC to begin with. After investing in a new compressor clutch, if you want to make it last, simply run your AC for 10 minutes a month to prevent stagnation in the servos and refrigerant lines.

What other parts depend on a healthy compressor clutch?

By keeping your Hondas clutch in top condition, youre sparing unnecessary pressure on the various parts that make the AC run. Just as importantly, it will improve the longevity of your flywheel, transmission, and engine as a whole. Keep the following parts in mind:

  • Compressor
  • Evaporative coil (also known as a condenser)
  • Bearing
  • Rotary band
  • Pulley assembly
  • Refrigerant lines
What indicates that the Honda’s compressor clutch is healthy?

Fortunately, theres no need to pop the hood when assessing where your vehicles AC assembly rests on the maintenance front. There are four simple signals to look out for when you turn the AC on:

  • Does the AC produce a calming hum? This is a good sign.
  • Is there a subtle clunk or click from the engine when you first turn the AC on? This is a positive sign.
  • After letting the AC run for a while, does the air feel that its "capped out" on chilliness? It shouldnt become frigid.
  • Does the clunk or click repeat itself every 5-15 minutes? This is indicative of a healthy clutch.
Can a clutch from another model be installed?

Yes, its possible and even recommended to install clutch kits that were originally designed for other cars, provided the clutch kit accommodates the correct part model for your Honda Civic. Many products that youll find here will display a list of the vehicles that they’re compatible with, making it easy to find what works for you.