A/C & Heater Controls for BMW X5

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BMW X5 A/C and Heater Controls

When you start noticing that your BMW X5 A/C and heater controls are not up to par, it is time to look for a replacement. There are OEM designs that you can purchase as a replacement as well as aftermarket displays that can upgrade the look of your interior.

What are the temperature control features on a BMW X5?

There are a number of different control options that you may find, depending on the year and style of the controls. This includes:

  • Buttons that allow you to choose the car vents that you want the air coming out of. You have the option of the air coming from the face vent, going down on your feet, or coming up from the floor. You also have an option for the front and the back defroster in the car as well as an option to recycle the air or bring fresh air in through the vents of your BMW.
  • Knobs that you can use to turn the fan speed up or down as well as adjust the temperature to your liking with. There are two temperature control functions on the unit so that you can adjust the left and the right side of the vehicle separately.
  • Digital temperature displays and touchscreen controls in the vehicle that makes it easy to see whether the temperature needs to be adjusted in the car.
Are there temperature controls in the rear of this BMW?

The BMW X5 offers standard rear heat controls that can be used by your passengers. As a childproofing extra, you can choose to have the controls enabled from the front of the vehicle. As with the front A/C and heater controls in this vehicle, you will be able to adjust the temperature of the back right and back left seating position separately. A digital display on the back center console displays the temperature in each area of the car in most models made after 2015.

In the back of the BMW, you will also be able to adjust the speed of the fan and heat each individual seat if you need some additional warmth. This feature is also in the front of the car, but this design makes it convenient to adjust your area of the car to your individual level of comfort.

Is the heater control unit replaceable in pieces?

The entire A/C and heater control unit may not need to be replaced if a single button is damaged. However, if you want the button wear in your BMW to be consistent, you may want to replace the entire unit.