A/C & Heater Controls for Honda Accord

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Honda Accord A/C and Heater Controls

The Honda Accord is a vehicle that came onto the market in 1976 as a compact car, but has since become a full-size model with plenty of space for a family. The heating and cooling system for the Honda Accord needs to be able to handle the temperature requirements of the vehicle. As the vehicle ages, Honda Accord A/C and heater controls may not work quite as well as they did in the past, so replacements might need to be considered.

What features are commonly seen on the Accord’s control panel?

The control panel scheme that you find in a Honda Accord has a simple layout with a knob on each side. These knobs control the temperature of the air coming from the vents as well as the amount of air blowing out of the climate control system. There are also button controls positioned between the knobs that allow you to control which vent blows out the air. Another button on the panel controls the defrosters on the back window of your Accord.

Can you control the heater from the Honda’s back seat?

In the Honda Accord, you can have the amount of heat blowing from the vents in the front of the vehicle set differently from the vents in the back. However, the heater control located at the front of the car needs to be turned on. Passengers can then adjust the vents in the back if they want to change the amount of air blowing directly on them.

Where is the heater core located in a Honda Accord?

The heater core in this Honda is located right behind the glove box on the passenger side of the vehicle. To access it, you need to start by ensuring that the engine is cool and that the battery does not have any power coming from it. You will need to then remove the glove box of the Accord and reach up behind the heater controls to access the heater core.

Why is the Honda Accord’s air conditioner blowing warm air?

If you are having problems with the air conditioning system in your Honda Accord, you could have a leak in the hoses. A leak causes moisture to build up in the hoses, and that warm moisture comes out of the vents when your A/C is turned on. Your air conditioner could also be releasing warm air because an expansion valve is clogged, which doesnt allow the coolant to reach its destination. Another possibility is that a blown fuse is stopping components of the air conditioner from functioning properly.