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Dodge Ram 1500 AC Hoses and Fittings

The Dodge Ram 1500 has a complex air conditioning system that provides cool and comfortable conditions inside of the vehicle when temperatures are at their highest. A series of hoses make these complicated processes possible by carrying the refrigerant and cold air from one component within the system to another. You can find a variety of replacement Dodge Ram 1500 hoses and fittings that are suitable for your pickup.

How does the Dodge Ram 1500 air conditioning system circulate?

Air from a compressor that is connected to the Dodge Ram 1500 engine compresses and transfers cooled gas through the air-conditioning system. The air conditioning system is split into two sections which consist of a high-pressure side and a low-pressure side. These sections of the system are commonly referred to as the discharge and suction sections. The compressor has both an intake and discharge side. The intake side pulls in the refrigerant gas from the system evaporator through the use of an accumulator. This gas is compressed and sent to a condenser. This allows the heat within the air to be absorbed from inside of the vehicle. The air is sent through a receiver drier where the humidity in the air is absorbed and returns the cooled air to the inside of the vehicle. All of these functions are made possible through the use of hoses that attach the various components of the air conditioning system to each other.

What is the purpose of an AC Schrader valve?

The AC Schrader valve is used primarily for filling the air conditioning system inside your Dodge Ram with Freon. This valve is also an important component used during servicing to purse the circuits within the air conditioning system so they can be refilled. There are three main components of a Schrader valve which include the valve stem, valve core, and a plastic cap for sealing. Schrader valves are made from a variety of material options including steel, aluminum, saddle, and bore. You can also find these components made from several types of rubber as well.

What is the function of an AC receiver drier?

An AC system receiver drier is a holding vessel located within the air conditioning system that has the purpose of receiving the cooling liquid sent through the system from the condenser. The primary function of this component is to ensure that only the liquid coolant within the system reaches the expansion valve. The AC receiver drier also contains a desiccant, which is a moisture-absorbing element for drying out the cooling gases.

How does the Dodge Ram 1500 AC suction line work?

The suction line in the air conditioning system of the Dodge Ram 1500 is responsible for carrying cooling gases between the systems evaporator and condensing unit coils. It also carries coolant through the compressor of the system and the expansion device. Most suction lines are made of copper to give them the strong, durable construction needed for handling these functions in your Ram 1500 Dodge truck. The suction line is often insulated to protect the cool gas running through the system. This part is also known as the return line or vapor line of the AC system.

Why are O-rings necessary within an air conditioning system?

O-rings connect to the ends of the hoses found within the air conditioning system of your ST or Laramie Dodge. These rubberized parts ensure that a tight seal is achieved when the hoses are connected to the various components that function within these operations.