A/C Hoses & Fittings for Honda Civic

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Honda Civic A/C Hoses and Fittings

The hose of an air conditioning system is one of the essential parts that needs fitting on your Honda Civic. The hoses used on the Civic use a variety of fitting parts to ensure that your system runs smoothly. Fully understanding the right Honda Civic A/C hoses and fittings can ensure that the parts are correct and that your vehicle runs smoothly.

What is the fitting of a Honda Civic hose?

The cooling hose of a Civic typically fits around the outlet of the system. This hose is connected to the evaporator of the air conditioning system. When your Honda air runs, it will carefully cool down the freon gas in your vehicle. The hose will then take the cool air produced by this process and move it through the interior of the Honda Civic.

The hose fitting is typically a clamp that goes around the pipe and holds the hose in place. Parts like these require little maintenance because they have few moving parts. As a result, these cooling hoses can last the entire life of your Civic. However, a few parts around the fitting may occasionally wear out.

These parts include the nuts and the bolts holding the fitting on your air conditioning hose. These can also be easily replaced to keep the hose of your Honda snug on the fitting. In most cases, though, the hoses of a Honda Civic cooling unit should last for decades.

How do these elements differ between vehicles?

When you drive your Honda, the fitting of this item should be snug and tight to the unit. Because they are universal from one model to the next, there isnt much chance of it coming loose while you drive. However, minor changes in the cooling unit may necessitate some changes, such as a wider diameter or a longer overall length.

The model year is another element that may change the design. Usually, Honda cars built during a specific production run have the same cooling unit. As a result, the hose of a 2002 to 2005 model can be swapped between different years. However, slight changes in design between production runs make it necessary to inspect each type before purchasing.

What specific types are available?

The HVAC unit of your vehicle will dictate what kind of A/C hose you add to your models. For example, those with larger valves and blowers typically need a part like the 80341-TR6-A01. This model number is designed to fit on a broad variety of cars in this production style. They can be purchased at varying lengths and fitting styles, if necessary.

However, a standard type of A/C hose is the 80316-SNC-A02. It attaches to the condenser and discharges excess cold air from your conditioner. Standard forms will usually fit on the compressor and blower of the unit and keep air moving through your coupe. However, variable differences in some models such as the 80341TR6A01 may have a slightly different fitting than those standard types.