ABS System Parts for Toyota Tundra

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Toyota Tundra ABS System Parts

The Tundra, a truck manufactured by Toyota, is designed to handle tough loads. Knowing that you can trust your brake system whether driving through snow, rain, or ice can be a big comfort. Understanding how the ABS braking system works and the role of each component within the system gives you an advantage in selecting the proper replacement parts when the need arises.

What is the purpose of the ABS system? [arts parts truck parts toyota tundra

The ABS system installed in a Tundra works with the automobiles braking system. The ABS system has the ability to monitor the braking pressure at each wheel point. Data is sent to a microprocessor when the wheels attempt to lock up when the brake is applied. When this occurs, the pressure is decreased within the brake system to prevent the vehicle from skidding or hydroplaning. The driver also gains more control over the steering capabilities in these events.

What is the ABS control module?

The control module is the heart of an ABS braking system. This unit is a microprocessor that performs diagnostic services within the system. Information is sent from speed sensors located at each wheel to the control module. This information is processed, and when it is determined that the wheels are attempting to lock up, a hydraulic unit releases the pressure within the braking system at the wheel to prevent this from happening.

What is the function of the ABS actuator?

The ABS actuator is a hydraulic component that houses the control solenoids used to monitor the brake circuits within an anti-lock braking system. The actuator also holds the hydraulic pump that maintains adequate pressure within the ABS braking system. The control relay for the ABS braking system is mounted within close proximity of the actuator on a Toyota Tundra.

How do you reset the Tundra ABS system?

When the ABS light is flashing on your dash, this may be signaling the need to reset the ABS system. This usually occurs when you have the ABS braking system serviced or perform maintenance on the components of the system. The following steps will help you perform a reset in your Toyota Tundra:

  • Stop the vehicle.
  • Turn off the ignition of your vehicle.
  • Wait 30 seconds.
  • Turn the ignition back on.

If both of your ABS lights flash together, your ABS system reset is complete. If the lights flash in an alternating pattern, you need to perform the reset again.

Where are the wheel speed sensors located?

The wheel speed sensors are located directly on the wheels of the vehicle. This allows these components to send necessary data to the microprocessor when the wheels are trying to lock up when the automobiles brakes are applied. The wheel speed sensors are designed specifically for installation on the front or rear wheels. It is important to ensure that proper selection of these speed sensors is made when replacing them in the ABS system.