Choosing the ASUS G73SW Computer Laptop

The ASUS G73SW laptop comes with many useful features that can be used for work, home offices, and gaming. You'll be able to find an array of options on eBay. Moreover, the inexpensive ASUS G73SW price will come as a bargain considering everything you'll get with the laptop, so make sure that you read through the following answers to these important questions.

Can you connect Bluetooth speakers to the laptop?

No, the ASUS G73SW computer does not support Bluetooth on its own specs, so it will not support Bluetooth speakers. However, you may be able to find cards that support Bluetooth capabilities that can be installed in your computer by experienced technicians. If you can't find a way to connect your Bluetooth speakers, you can always opt for wireless speakers that use adapters that can connect to the laptop. Bluetooth also lets you connect the following:

  • Wireless headphones
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
Can you connect a monitor to the computer?

Because the ASUS G73SW is a laptop, you may want to increase the size of the laptop screen. However, the 17-inch screen that comes with the laptop is enough for everyday use. If you do want to connect an external monitor to the laptop, you will be able to do this install. Simply by using a VGA cable, you can connect any type of external monitor.

Can you make ASUS G73SW upgrades for optimal performance?

Yes, you are able to make upgrades on your laptop if you want to optimize it. One of the first things that you can do is update the ASUS G73SW drivers for optimal performance. You can also install extra memory RAM if the laptop has an extra RAM slot available. Software upgrades are other important alternatives that can improve your laptop's performance, which can include upgrading the operating system.

Can you connect the laptop to a wireless network?

Since the laptop already comes with a wireless adapter, you will be able to connect to a wireless network. You can also connect your laptop through a wired network if you want faster speeds. A wireless network can be convenient since it eliminates the need for wires. You can connect a variety of devices to your network through your laptop, such as a printer. Enabling smart components from a wireless network is another ideal feature that can come in handy when you're using your laptop. Moreover, you'll be able to control your smart features from the laptop itself.

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