Abdominal Exercisers

The right exercise equipment can help anyone get rock-hard abs. Abdominal muscle exercise equipment ranges from portable gliders to dual-purpose Roman chairs. Regardless of athletic needs and available space, people of all fitness levels can find the ab machine that's right for them.

What types of abdominal exercise equipment are available?

Common abdominal exercise equipment includes:

  • Ab Rollers: Rollers are relatively simple devices that consist of a wheel and two handles. To use this fitness device, people start by gripping the handles while in a plank position. Then they roll the wheel back and forth, which works the abs, the back, and shoulders, and the legs. These ab machines are effective and easy to store. That said, they're made for people who have fitness experience as they require proper alignment for optimal results.
  • Ab Gliders: Ab gliders are designed to simulate the movement of a crunch workout while providing users with additional control and support. It takes pressure off the neck, and it ensures that people are using the correct crunch form. With most gliders, users hold onto handles and kneel on a gliding seat. Then they use their core muscles to move the seat along the machine's track. This type of ab equipment is great for developing the lower ab muscles and obliques. These machines tend to weight about 100 pounds, which means that they take up a moderate amount of space in a home gym.
  • Ab Benches: This bench for abs is a staple of gyms everywhere. This type of ab equipment helps users perform enhanced sit-ups. A traditional ab bench consists of an angled bench and two leg apparati that give users a place to anchor their feet. The incline of the bench can be adjusted; the higher the incline, the greater the resistance during a core workout.
  • Roman Chairs: Roman chairs, also known as hyperextension machines, help users exercise their abs and lower back at the same time. With these fitness chairs, users rest their legs on an inclined bench, and hook their knees under a roller. The torso is not supported. To exercise the abs, people bend forward at the hips, and then use the core to realign the body. These chairs are great for toning the lower belly, but they can be hard to use for beginners.
  • Exercise Balls: Exercise balls are a great option for people who have limited space. These inflatable balls, also known as stability balls, increase the difficulty of standard ab exercises like sit-ups, leg presses, planks, and more. They're a simple and effective way to work the abdominal muscles.