Acer Laptop Batteries for TravelMate

How to Find the Right Acer TravelMate Battery for You

With the right battery for your Acer TravelMate, you can stream movies with your family or listen to music while you work to your heart's content. These batteries can be used to add new life to a defunct computer or bolster your battery power for long road trips. To find a battery that's right for your setup, check out the options in this collection.

How do you find the right battery for your TravelMate?

Usually, the product listing of a laptop battery will clearly state the laptop models with which it's compatible. Otherwise, you might need to remove the laptop battery that's currently in your computer and look at the model number on the back of the power pack.

How long do TravelMate batteries last?

Laptop batteries for the Acer TravelMate have been known to last for up to eight hours. The battery life of your laptop is affected by the tasks that you initiate on your computer. For instance, streaming YouTube videos with your kids takes up a large amount of power but typing out your latest research paper in a word processor uses up a relatively small amount of laptop battery life.

How long do these batteries take to charge?

If your laptop is asleep or shut down, the power pack should fully charge within one or two hours. If you're actively using your laptop, however, your power pack might take up to four hours to reach full charge.

Can you keep multiple TravelMate batteries on hand?

Absolutely. If you're planning to take your TravelMate on a long flight where you won't have access to a power outlet, bringing an extra power pack along for the ride is an excellent idea. You can store your backup power pack in your computer case, and then you can switch out the power devices once the first laptop battery has run out of juice.

How do you install replacement batteries?

If you're planning to replace the power pack that's currently installed in your TravelMate, you'll need to brush up on the steps required to complete this process. Follow these instructions to put a new power pack in your Acer computer:

  • Step 1: Save your work, close out of any programs that you have open, and shut down your computer.
  • Step 2: Flip over your computer and locate the two switches that are on each side of the power pack. The power pack is installed at the edge where the screen meets the computer body.
  • Step 3: Using both hands, push both of these switches. The power pack should then pop out.
  • Step 4: Install the replacement power pack by sliding it into position and pressing down until you hear a click.
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