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Action Figures from All Eras

Since Hasbro Toys introduced G.I. Joe toys in the 1960s, the action figure has been a favourite both for kids adding to their toy brigade, and kids at heart collecting rare and unique pieces for display. From Star Wars toys to Spider-Man figurines and everything in between, eBay is the place to buy  or sell -- an amazing selection of action figures from all eras.

Comic Book Heroes Galore

Everyone has their favourite comic book hero, and eBay sells action figures to represent them all. Whether youre partial to DC Comics or Marvel, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Captain America or Superman, youll find what you need when you search eBays expansive collection of superhero figures. Team up with eBay to assemble your Avengers, reunite the Justice League, or find that rare Batman figurine from the classic TV series.

Robots in Disguise

Maybe you played with Transformers toys in the 1980s. Or maybe youre just a fan of the blockbuster movies. Whatever the case may be, these robots in disguise continue to be some of the most popular action figures on the market. And if you have action figures or action toys for sale -- in order to make room for new ones, of course - -eBay is the right place to find collectors searching for your collectibles.

Get Collecting Today

If youre building onto your own collection or shopping for an action figure fan, eBay is the perfect place to browse for favourite brands like Mattel and Marvel, as well as independent, specialty toy makers. And dont think the selection is limited to the classics like Darth Vader, or new faves like Kylo Ren there are all manner of Anime toys and the increasingly popular Minecraft toys to go along with the traditional collectors items. Whether youre a fan of the WWE or the Star Wars Black Series, eBay has the action figures and action toys that will complete your collection.€

How to Shop for Action Figures and Toys

One of the best gift ideas for children and collectors alike is the gift of an action figure. For fans, there's nothing better than having a real-life figurine from your favourite movie, comic book, or even television show. There are many different types of figures out there - some are great for smaller children, while others are specially made to grace a shelf or mantle as a true collection piece. From Iron Man to Paw Patrol, there are a wealth of popular characters to choose from.

What Are Some Popular Figures and Characters?

Whether you're into superheroes or WWE wrestlers, the selection when it comes to poseable and 3D action figures is astounding. Some of the most popular characters and genres are listed below:

  • Batman. With humble beginnings as a comic book, Batman and related action figures are some of the more popular choices when it comes to posable figures. From figurines from The Dark Knight, to older Batman figurines, there are many possible options.
  • Spider-Man. Another comic book hero-turned-megastar, Spider-Man remains a top choice for all ages. Other popular comic figure is Captain America.
  • Black Panther. After a recent 2018 film blockbuster, the Black Panther and related items are more popular than ever.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Around for decades, parents are well familiar with the same lovable characters that they grew up watching.
  • Star Wars. Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and the many other Jedi action figures remain as interesting and well-loved as they were in the 1970s.

What Are Good Ideas for Younger Children?

Younger children may not be as familiar with action figures from Star Wars and comics, but there still are many options to choose from when it comes to action figures and related toys.€

  • LEGO playsets. Playsets are a great toy for young and old alike. Separated by age groups so that little hands are still able to build, the action figures included with the playsets are quite collectible.
  • Fisher-Price toys. Long known for age-appropriate and fun kids' toys, Fisher-Price action figures are well-suited for younger girls and boys.
  • Popular kids' shows. Look for action figures from shows such as Paw Patrol or Thomas and Friends.

What Are Popular Action Figure Brands?

There are several companies that make different types of action figures, and all are highly sought after. Look for choices from:

  • Funko. With a definitive look, Funko pop toys have figures from everyone from Marvel superstars to Twin Peaks characters.
  • Hot Toys. Based in Hong Kong, this company is known for its dedication to quality and detail.
  • McFarlane Toys. Around for several decades, McFarlane Toys was one of the first companies in the 1980s to make quality action figures. Today, they concentrate more on figures from video games.
  • Bandai. One of the biggest toy manufacturers in the world, Bandai is famously known for their Power Rangers line.
  • Sideshow Collectibles. This newer company offers everything from comic figures to pop culture icons in 3D.

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