Air Bags for Toyota Corolla

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Airbags for Toyota Corolla

The airbags in your Toyota Corolla automatically inflate during collisions to protect you and your passengers. Those large bags of air keep you safe from glass and other flying hazards, and they could potentially save your life. After one or more bags inflate, you can select replacements to put back in your car.

Where do airbags fit in a Toyota Corolla?

In addition to the airbag on the drivers side, which is located in the steering wheel, you may need to replace the other airbags in your Toyota Corolla. Toyota makes several different types of airbags for their Corolla vehicle. Some of the different types available from this automaker include:

  • Side: Located on the inside of the doors of your Toyota Corolla, these work with an inflator during an accident. When an object hits one side of your car, the bag pops out to absorb the impact of that hit.
  • Knee: Toyota was the first company to introduce knee airbags. The automaker places these bags at a height right around the average height of the knee. When it inflates, it protects your lower body, while other bags protect your upper body.
  • Roof curtain: Vehicles often have a roof curtain bag as well. These bags are useful during a rollover that causes your Toyota Corolla to flip over or land on its roof. It deploys quickly to keep you from bouncing off the roof.
  • Inflatable seat belts: These have air pockets inside of them that inflate during a collision to cushion your body.
When do you need to replace your Toyota inflator?

The inflator is the part of the system that fills the bags with the air needed during a crash. Attached to the end of the bag, the inflator has a built-in system that detects pressure changes that indicate an accident. The inflator acts quickly to fill the necessary bags, and it deploys each one to absorb shocks. If you have experienced a severe collision in which your Toyotas airbags inflated, you may also need to replace your inflator.

What is a remanufactured airbag?

When looking for replacement airbags for your Corolla vehicle, youll find both never-used bags and remanufactured bags available. A remanufactured bag is one that came out of a Toyota. It goes through a refurbishment process in which the manufacturer tests it to ensure it meets all safety standards. The automaker offers these replacements for those driving the same make and model.