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Honda Civic Air Filters

Air filters are an essential part of your Honda Civic. Because there are several different types of filters, knowing more about what your car needs will make it easy for you to find replacement parts.

What are the different types of Honda Civic air filters?

There are two types of Honda Civic air filters used in your car. One is for performance while the other is for comfort.

  • Intake filter: Used to filter the air before it goes into the engine.
  • Cabin air filter: Removes particles from the air before they can blow through the air conditioning system.
How often should you replace your filters?

The filter replacement schedule is part of your routine vehicle maintenance. The schedule is found in your owners manual and may vary based on the model year of your Civic as well as your driving conditions. Honda recommends changing the engine filter every 30,000 miles and the cabin air filter once a year.

How do you install a filter?

If you want to install Honda air filters on your own, you can follow the instructions in your owners manual, but be sure you have all of the needed parts before you attempt the installation. First, you will need to open the hood. A plastic box near the engine holds the part. You can remove the existing one and replace it with the fresh one. As for the one in your cabin, it involves going in through the hood or behind the glove box, depending on the model year of your Honda.

What is an OEM part?

OEM is a common term that means it is a genuine manufacturer part. This means that some manufacturers make parts specifically for Honda. The alternative to OEM is aftermarket, which encompasses some brands that make parts that can be used to fit a Honda Civic.

How do you choose an air filter?

There are a few details to review to ensure you get the right air filter for your Honda Civic.

  • Model year: The year of your Honda Civic will determine the size of the air filter you need.
  • Purpose: Determine if you are looking for a Honda air filter for your engine or air conditioner.
  • OEM or aftermarket: Decide if you want a Honda branded part or an aftermarket one.
  • Quantity: You can buy one air filter or a case to have on hand.