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Collectible Angel Figurines

Angels are a popular type of decor in antiques, vintage collectibles, and modern styles. The presence of an angel figurine may invoke feelings of love, prayer, or blessings. Popular as gifts for Christmas, angel figurines may also be found in a collection of antiques, vintage decor, and other collectible figurines such as those from Hummel, Lefton, or Precious Moments.

What are the features of angel figurine collectibles?
  • Vintage or antique design – A collectible angel figurine may have a vintage or antique design. Some popular vintage designs include kissing angels with hearts or other symbols of love.
  • Hand painted or gilt – An angel figurine may be hand painted or have an antiqued finish. A vintage angel figurine may be gilt on the tips of the wings or on the edges of its robes. With an antique angel figurine, the artists stamp or signature may be located on the bottom of the figurine.
  • Sentiments and themes – Many vintage angels have sentiments in inscribed messages such as those around love, an anniversary, or inspirational quotes. There are also guardian angels and angels with a Christmas theme as part of a nativity scene.
What materials are angel figurines made from?
  • Ceramic – Ceramic is a popular material for vintage angel-themed figurines and angel antiques. Ceramic angels are typically made from a mold, fired at a high temperature, glazed or hand painted, and fired again. The resulting ceramic figurine has a shiny finish.
  • Porcelain – Porcelain is a subtype of ceramic. Porcelain is used in making figurines with fine details. Typically bright white when fired, porcelain figurines are fired in high-temperature kilns, which enhances their strength. Many antiques and vintage guardian angels and other angel figurines are made of porcelain.
  • Glass – Glass angel figurines catch the light. These vintage or modern figurines may be cut from transparent glass and have other details such as crystals added for a pretty finish. Glass angels are often used as tree ornaments or Christmas gifts because the angel captures the light of the Christmas tree.
  • Resin and synthetic materials – Modern collectible angel figurines are often made of resin that is stamped and coated to look like sandstone or quartz. Other synthetic materials such as hard plastics formed to look like wood may also be used in angel figurines.
What are some ways to display an angel figurine?

A collection of angel antiques is often displayed in a curio cabinet or china cabinet where they will be protected from dust and the ultraviolet light of the sun. A gift of a vintage figurine could also be displayed on a shelf where it can be enjoyed by the receiver of the gift.

A figurine of an angel is often used as part of a nativity collection during the holiday season. With these collectibles, one figurine of the set is put out each day. On Christmas day, the last piece of the collection is put out.

An angel figurine that is made from resin could be placed outdoors because the material can withstand the elements. These kinds of plastic figurines of angels are a popular addition to gardens.


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