Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

Upgrade Your Gaming Experience with Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

Nintendo's beloved Animal Crossing series has gained online capabilities in its most recent iterations. New multiplayer and interactive online functions have unlocked new options for gameplay and increased the ability to customize. The game's open-ended, interactive play with other villagers, called dreamies, can be upgraded through the purchase of an amiibo card.

What does an amiibo card do?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can customize your own island and invite a number of new villagers to live there. Gaining rare dreamies can help you upgrade your island to five stars and unlock new functionality along the way. An Animal Crossing amiibo card allows you to download the villagers that are included in pack via the internet to achieve the following main functions:

  • Conduct photo shoots on Harv's Island with amiibo dreamies.
  • Invite amiibo characters to your island's campsite, the first step to asking them to move to your village.
Why purchase an amiibo card?

Animal Crossing fans should consider purchasing amiibo cards for several reasons. First, amiibo cards allow you to call rare dreamies to your island at your leisure. Many rare dreamies, like Digby and Isabelle, won't turn up at the campsite. An amiibo will allow you to call them to your island and improve the customization of your own little paradise. There are more than 400 amiibo cards that you can choose from, which will ensure that you are able to invite your favorite villager to your town.

Second, amiibo cards take up minimal space for the number of gameplay combinations that they allow. Since amiibo cards are shaped like playing cards, they can be easily organized in a binder or folder for safekeeping. Other game upgrade options, like amiibo figurines, can be more expensive and require more space for organization.

Third, Animal Crossing amiibo cards are reusable for as long as you wish. There is the option to ask villagers to leave your town in-game, and it may be hard to invite that particular villager back in the future without the help of an amiibo card. Amiibo cards are also compatible across Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, doubling their functionality.

How do you use an amiibo card?

Animal Crossing amiibo cards leverage the internet to bring characters to your island, but there are a few specific steps you need to follow to ensure that your invited friend makes it to your island.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you will need to gain Wisp's lamp on a random occasion to unlock the amiibo functionality. This will allow you to invite amiibo characters through Wisp once a day. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, simply access amiibo functionality through the Resident Services portal.

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