Anti-Roll & Sway Bars for Honda Accord

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Honda Accord Sway Bars

A Honda Accord sway bar is essential for keeping your Accord flat while turning. The sway bar links both tires to ensure they experience the same force so that your car doesnt lose control. Finding the right parts for your Honda Accord is simple once you know what to look for.

What is the difference between hollow and solid sway bars?

In general, larger sway bar parts will give you more control over your suspension than smaller ones for your Honda Accord. At the same time, there are two different sway bars to choose from: solid and hollow. Solid parts will have more resistance on your Hondas suspension since there is more material stopping the bending motion, which results in higher control. Hollow parts are lighter, which can be beneficial depending on how heavy your Accord is, and also deliver a fair amount of resistance.

Be sure to consider length and whether or not the sway bar is hollow if you want a high level of resistance.

Do you need to balance the sway bar links?

When choosing front or rear sway bar links, be sure that they are balanced with your Honda Accord. For example, getting overly stiff sway bar links in the rear when you have front-wheel drive can cause oversteering while overly stiff front sway bar links can lead to understeering in a rear-wheel drive. Its important that both the front and rear are balanced so that the car drives properly and doesnt experience sudden shifts in force or steering. Improper balancing can cause sudden jolts in the front while driving.

How are adjustable sway bar links beneficial?

Most sway bars are fixed, but there are some for Honda Accords that are adjustable. If you are driving on even surfaces or arent interested in changing the stiffness of your sway bar links, then fixed bars are adequate. The benefit of adjustable parts is that you can change the stiffness in a matter of moments. The works well if you are driving on uneven or difficult surfaces or if you are an enthusiast and wish to play around with the tension.

Does your Accords year matter when choosing sway bars?

Even though one years Accord may be similar to anothers, there are often small differences here and there that may affect your choices. For example, a certain Honda might be somewhat smaller than another, which could impact the sway bar links performance. Years are important. Be sure to consider your Hondas specific year to ensure that you pick the right parts for your car.