About €iPad Cases, Covers and Keyboard Folios€

There are plenty of ways to shield an iPad's screen and body from cracks and blemishes, though not all of them are as interactive as an iPad Mini smart cover. Your iPad Mini is as valuable as it is handy, so it makes sense not only to protect it, but to do so in a clever and functional way. Smart covers are unique in that their protective flaps automatically put the device to sleep as they close and awaken them as they open. Sturdy magnets hold the Apple iPad Mini smart cover securely closed, and most variants of cases also fold and flip into different stand formations for users to operate the tablet or watch streaming content without having to hold it. Some flex into multiple positions for convenient hands-free viewing from a variety of angles. Extensive colour options transform the device into a fashion accessory for any occasion. Playful pink or green, sophisticated leather, or naturalistic wood-grain patterns match different moods, outfits, and sensibilities, while a dark grey iPad Mini smart cover is ideal for a sleek, professional appearance. Select the iPad Mini smart cover to suit your needs from the vast selection available on eBay.