Arctic Cat Snowmobile Motor Parts

Arctic Cat has been a major American producer of snowmobiles and ATVs since 1960. This company offers vehicles for leisure, racing, and work. To keep these vehicles running in top condition, Arctic Cat markets its own brand of replacement and upgrade parts, including fluids and lubricants.

What kinds of accessories are available for your Cat?

Genuine Arctic Cat accessories are available for vintage snowmobiles as well as modern Arctic Cat snowmobiles and off-road vehicles. Some optional snowmobile accessories are model-specific, such as engine and drivetrain components, gas tanks and accessories, and engine appearance kits. Other parts and accessories, such as fluids, gears, and some suspension components, are universal.

Here are a few Cat accessories to consider:

  • Clutch upgrade kits.
  • Performance engine oil.
  • Idler pulley covers.
  • Gas cap accessories.
  • Air intake components.
Where are Arctic Cat vehicles made?

This Minnesota company has its headquarters in Minneapolis and its main manufacturing plant in Thief River Falls, where the company was founded. Most of the engines are made at the companys facility in St. Cloud.

What is the maximum speed of an Arctic Cat?

There are quite a few different variables at play when determining the maximum speed at which you can drive your snowmobile. First, the type of terrain must be taken into account: Are you making tracks through fresh powder covering a trail or attempting to drive your way cross-country through a forest? Is your snowmobile vintage or brand new? All things considered, the Wildcat Trail snowmobile is said to attain speeds nearing 70 mph on a cleared trail.

What oil is used in vintage Arctic Cat snow vehicles?

Arctic Cat brand engine oil provides a brand-direct oil for all models, though Arctic Cat vehicles can accept engine oil from a variety of manufacturers. Different weights of oil are recommended for different models. Just as vintage snowmobiles require different parts than contemporary ones do, vintage two-stroke engines require different oil than contemporary four-stroke models. Because there are so many variables, consult your snowmobile manual.

What are some replacement snowmobile parts for your Arctic Cat?

Snowmobiles require regular maintenance and repair just like any other machine. When your go-power is put to the test, you will need to find the right parts to get you back in the snow. Here are some examples of the replacement parts you may need:

  • Cylinder head.
  • Gas tank grommet.
  • Throttle cable.
  • Speedometer cable.
  • Piston rings.
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